Update on difficult admin

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Update on difficult admin
Mon, 02-01-2010 - 7:37pm
I know I posted a while about about our head admin deciding I needed to account for every minute of my classroom in my lesson plans. I learned today that I am not the only target of the admin's unprofessionalism. The admin has reamed me more times than I've posted about and it seems it's been taken much further on another teacher. I am a member of our teacher association and spoke to one of our building reps about the situation. She enlightened me on some things that are going on and I'm pretty close to filing a grievance with the help of the teacher's association. I suspect that I am going on a job hunt soon even though there is some inkling going around that the admin may be in jeopardy with the superintendent and the board of ed. Even with tenure, I'm not sure I can hold on to my position if the admin is released and definitely won't if the admin isn't. No wonder people leave this profession in droves.
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