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Tue, 04-04-2006 - 7:15pm

I just found out today the English Department chair does not know my name. I was pretty surprised. Granted it is a big school with about 150 staff members but I am only one of two librarians. The other librarian that I work with and she really dislike each other and she never brings her classes to the library but she is in the library every week for dept head meetings.

We send out memos several times a year that are signed and I publish and distribute a newsletter to all the staff members every month and my name is on that too. I know all of the people in her dept and most of them use the library fairly frequently.

I found out she didn't know my name because she called to me from behind when I was in the hallway. She kept saying "Excuse me. Excuse me." I didn't know if someone was talking to me or not but, I turned around and then she asked me something. As she walked into the library with me I said to her "Do you not know my name?" and she said "No" not "I'm sorry, I don't your name." Just, no. So I told her and she said "Oh,(and repeated my name)

Am I wrong to be a little miffed? Is this woman oblivious?

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Tue, 04-04-2006 - 10:00pm

It sure sounds like she's proving the truth to Murphy's Law. How can you be a department head and not know the people you work with??



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Wed, 04-19-2006 - 12:11pm

Sounds oblivious to me!

We also have a large staff, and I try & make a point of putting names to all the faces - some of the large departments with several new members I don't necessarily know (we're also a two-building campus, and I don't often have a reason to go to the "other" building).

You'd think that with 2 librarians, she would know both your names, whether she likes the other librarian or not.