Vindication!!!!...(sort of)

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Vindication!!!!...(sort of)
Sat, 06-19-2004 - 5:03pm
Okay, so it's the end of the year and we all had our exit interviews with the head of our charter school to learn salary increases, benefit changes and classroom placements. Well, some of the teachers are highly pissed, but I am happy.

I get to keep my room and grade that I want. I will be the 4th grade team leader and I am getting a 2 step increase (4.000 more dollars) when others are only getting one (2,000) more dollars. I am also doing tutoring and starting a drama club next year.

My 4th grade team members are being moved down to 3rd and the 3rd grade teachers are being moved up to 4th. They don't want to move, but the head of the school said that they want "the strongest teachers in 4th and 5th to improve the test scores".

I am happy for myself but others who didn't get what they want, are highly pissed at me.

I didn't make the decisions, I just did a good job this year and the BOSS recognized it.

I have no control over who makes the decisions and I am sorry everyone is so pissed.

However, the people who didn't get what they wanted, are going around making snide remarks and cutting there eyes at the rest of us who did get what we asked for.

I had my exit interiew after everyone else, so there was no way I could have gone in and asked for something before anyone else did. They don't understand. The pressure is on the 4th and 5th grade team to improve the schools tests scores or the school may close.

My job is going to be even more challenging than ever and they are mad at me???

Man oh Man!! Well, I guess I can't worry about it. I earned it!! I just feel bad for the others.

GT33 who can be too nice sometimes,

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Mon, 06-21-2004 - 12:26am
Congrats for you. It's nice getting what you want. I don't know about your situation, but I never before thought of education as a place for office politics, but you know IT IS! I too have gotten things that others haven't, but honestly sometimes you have to play the game. Nice does win out sometimes. In the administration circle, sometimes they observe the people that work hard and reward them accordingly. Some people just won't take that extra step and if you do...great! Why should others be pissed at you because you got what you want...if they were real friends they wouldn't be angry if that tells you something. Unfortunately, in my old age (a middle thirty something as of Wednesday) I've truly come to realize - EVERYONE WON'T LIKE YOU IN LIFE and you know what IT IS OKAY. WOMEN need to wake up to this and not be obsessed about it. Yeah easier said then done. So, that's my wisdom....good luck to you!


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Mon, 06-21-2004 - 10:19am
Hey babe!! I know that for sure. It's just that we all asked to remain in the grade we were teaching. Some of us got that request honored and some didn't. The principal made the statement that "They wanted the strongest team" in 4th grade next year. So my colleague looks at the other team member/boyfriend (yep my team members are a couple) and says: "I guess we were the weakest links" and then she cuts her eyes at me like she could hit me or something.

The 3rd grade teachers who got moved have also been walking around with turned up noses and angry faces complaining that "we had senority, why do others who don't get what they ask for and we get moved."

So needless to say, this is making for a somewhat hostile work environment.

I am just so happy for once someone acknowledging that I did a great job. Now I have to live up to that, but it shouldn't be too hard. I believe in giving my best.


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Mon, 06-21-2004 - 7:03pm

Hey, GT, you can prove to them that the move won't be so bad.



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Mon, 06-21-2004 - 10:06pm
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I do have some ideas and I am going to make sure I get my team members phone numbers and email addresses. I am sure things will settle down, but you never know what could happen. I am just so excited about being team leader. Now, I can plan the trips and schedule grade level meetings. Woohoo. I am definitely ready for the challenge. Take care Sherry and I am so gonna be buggin' ya for ideas.


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Tue, 06-22-2004 - 5:02pm
Wow - that's great that they feel you've done a good job and given that vote of confidence! Congrats...

I am amazed at some of the lack of foresight on that administrations part.

Have they not thought - -

A teacher teaching what they want might be a great teacher. A teacher forced to make a change against their will might turn out to be something quite different. Sure, they'll still act professionally and do all the things they should. But, if morale is destroyed by heavy handed administrative uproars - - those little extra touches that make a good teacher great often disappear.

Surely they don't believe that success on test scores relies only on good teaching that particular year? What an insult to anyone teaching in a lower grade. I sure want good teachers at all grade levels, probably especially the formative ones BEFORE the test happens. Every time our test scores come out, the improvement is credited to the WHOLE staff, kindergarten up. That is, I think the true reality.

You certainly have reason to be proud, and not take personally any of the grudging behavior you see around you right now.

But, frankly - - I can see where the other teachers at this school have some room for anger. Not at YOU, of course. But at the situation, and administrative attitudes....


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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 9:20am
I am so totally there with you. However, it was also based on their lack of classroom management. These were first year teachers and they did try their best. They had a tough bunch of kids. Also, there were things that they admitted they didn't teach cause "these kids wouldn't get it." Things that I didn't get around to teaching, it's because I ran out of time, not because I felt my students didn't have the capacity. The principal and superintendent are fully aware of all this things.

I did believe that they deserved a second chance to prove themselves in this grade, but when you are certified k-5 all subjects, they feel they can move you around whether you like it or not.