"We won't back down" (possible sic)

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"We won't back down" (possible sic)
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 2:35pm

Anyone see this movie?  I'd like to see it to see if the vileness I've heard about it is true.  In my limited experience, Rhee's support can't be a good thing.

But, on to the "parent trigger law."  Apparently, the parents in this movie use this law to take over the school from us piss-poor teachers.  In a lot of ways, I like that idea.  Parents too often send their kids to school unprepared to learn.  Perhaps it's a good idea for them to see what it is like to try to teach 30 at once in those conditions, the conditions that often exist in underperforming schools.  But if the inevitable happens in a case like that, I don't think it would be portrayed in some heroic Hollywood movie.


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I saw the trailer last time I went to the movies. I definitely wouldn't pay to see it in a movie theater. I heard at least one teacher is a "good guy" but, I have no desire to see a movie where teachers are portrayed as incompetent and uncaring. Too many people already think that is the case for the majority of teachers, especially politicians!
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Guili speaks for me too. I believe the parent trigger law is the next step on the conservative agenda to vilify educators and ignore parental responsibility. I too agree with Beth. Lets require parents to take over the classes, for more than a day, and see what it is really like to deal with 30 kids at once and try to address everyone's needs and behaviors effectively.