What website features do teachers want?

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What website features do teachers want?
Sun, 01-04-2009 - 10:16pm

I am new to this board, but thought it might be a great chance to get some ideas. An opportunity came up in my district where I am one of 5 people meeting to discuss what we want our websites to look like. We want to

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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 5:15am

This is just a simple thing, but I would make sure that there is EASY access to district email. When I was teaching in AZ, we had to do something very complicated to access our email at home, and quite frankly I never learned to do it. On top of that, our email service was always going down, and then we would be without communication for weeks at a time because my district did everything with email.

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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 11:18am

I teach educational technology and this is a big topic. Wikis and blogs are becoming popular but many have failed because there were insufficient guidelines for use. This