What a Week!

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What a Week!
Fri, 09-03-2004 - 11:24am
Well, LAST Monday started badly when I found out I was on the "list" at work. We weren't making the 11 day count. So, I was #3 on the cut. The projection was that were were going to lose 2-5 teachers. HOWEVER, according to yearly projections and outcomes we should NEVER cut teachers. The last few years we have been low on the 11 day count....excessed a few teachers...and between Labor Day and Christmas we, on average, grew by 150-200 STUDENTS!! WOW. Our principal has never seen a school with so much growth..and it happens year after year. Each day passed with "we should know by tomorrow if you are excessed or not". FINALLY, Tuesday of this week we found out I was SAFE!! Yee Haw! :)

BUT, yesterday and today school has been cancelled because of another hurricane. THis one looks like a doozy! It is projected to hit West Palm pretty hard. AND...there is another hurricane a few days out there behind Francis.

I heard somebody say that this is our price for living in paradise.

Good luck to everybody living in Florida.


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Sat, 09-04-2004 - 12:36pm

Glad the job news was good and I hope your weather problems are not as bad as they are predicting.