Whew blood was boiling...

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Whew blood was boiling...
Mon, 09-22-2008 - 9:28pm

Had my first bad sub experience today. It was bound to happen. Freshman. Are you surprised? Didn't think so. What a different a year can make huh? I think I'll be avoiding freshman from now on. They were in a group so couldn't do much(the refused to sit in assinged seats so couldn't tell who was who, but did count them absent). They finally did calm down when they realized they couldn't get a reaction out of me (although on the inside I was shaking mad and a little scared). Darn boys. AT least they will get in big trouble about being absent from class. OFfice called to verify it w/ me. Told them I warned the boys twice and they refused so I counted them all absent. Admin does back teachers up on this and it will count toward their grade and graduation points.

Ugh. Well, won't be returning to that room. Saw the teacher twice last week in person AND she had my email and phone number and she never gave me ANY kind of heads up about their behavior. I told her I thought she did me and them a disservice too b/c I would have set the tone differently if I'd have known #1 they were freshman and #2 they were not the same subj as the other two I taught for her earlier in the day (honors physics). Geesh. Her own aid even told me they treat her like this all the time. Said at least they quieted down for me. I won't be going back there and I told her so! She had no reason when I asked her why she didn't warn me either. Crazy woman. I pity her b/c she can't be teaching them anything if she is putting up w/ thsi abuse from them.

One thing though, one of the boys did behave although in the group b/c i used to babysit him. hehehe

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Tue, 09-23-2008 - 6:06am

In my years subbing, if I ever had a difficult class, I never had any notice of it. Sometimes, I didn't even have a lesson plan.

HS can be OK, but I won't be doing inner city again anytime soon:0!

Beth "Petrouchka"