Which is more important?

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Which is more important?
Tue, 10-21-2008 - 7:52pm

Yesterday, our guidance counselor called down to my room while I was on my planning time. He wanted to know if I could take a day for the sophomores to fill out the demographic and name information in the PLAN test booklet for the PLAN test on Wednesday. I managed to keep my temper and asked him how long it would take (even though I know how long it takes because I've been forced to do it in the past: It takes an entire class period). He said he didn't know and I told him straight-out that if I did this, I would be forced to be behind in my plans. He then said he would ask the biology teacher if she could.

I felt quite pleased with myself because I finally stood up and said no. I don't understand why he felt it necessary for me to lose yet another day of instruction time do something that isn't even related to my content area or my teaching. The biology teacher should not have to take a day out of her instruction to do this for him. They already pulled my students for one day of testing last quarter. Tomorrow, I'll lose a day of instruction with half my classes because of the test, which, by the way, none of us knew about until yesterday. I'll also lose another day of instruction with half of my classes next week because of in-service. I have no trouble losing a day of teaching because of in-service or for the tests our students took, but I'm fed up with my students being pulled for things that have nothing to do with my content area. He knows fully well that my content area is necessary to make AYP and that I already lose too much time as it is.

I'm tempted to broach the subject with my principal, but I don't know if I should, and if I should, I don't know how to approach it without seeming like a big complainer. Any suggestions?

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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 9:43pm
You might come off as a complainer but at the same time if you get it out there, when the AYP scores are bad in your area you can say "well, I told you........" "That's why the scores are bad."

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Wed, 10-22-2008 - 9:00pm

I think you have to pick your battles. While I understand your frustration I might save my complaint reserve



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Sun, 10-26-2008 - 9:28pm

how funny you bring this up, because it happens in our building, too.