Who's done already?

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Who's done already?
Wed, 05-31-2006 - 4:19pm
My school goes until 6-26! It's so late this year due to snow day make-ups. My own children get out on June 21. I envy all of you done already. I wish if we had to go so late we would start after Labor Day, but we start the last week of Aug.
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Wed, 05-31-2006 - 5:05pm

Wow! How many days of attendance are required? Here we do 180 with kids



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Wed, 05-31-2006 - 9:19pm
We are done this Friday, June 2nd! Yea! I'm going to teach for a few hours a day (summer enrichment - extra $$), just for the next two weeks. Teachers go back August 14, and kids arrive August 21st.
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Thu, 06-01-2006 - 4:02pm
It's a little over 180 but we get lots of days off during the year and they tack on snow days when we close in the winter. We are closed: Labor Day, the Jewish holidays in the fall which can be 1-3 days depending on how they fall, Columbus day, Veterans day, 2 days for Thanksgiving, 2 professional development days, a week for Christmas, MLK Day in Jan., a week for mid-winter break in Feb, spring break in April, Good Friday, and finally Memorial day.
I used to work with a someone from Michigan and she said they don't get nearly the days we get here.
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Thu, 06-01-2006 - 4:48pm

We finished as planned on May 19. However, we did NOT have to make up hurricane days this year. Our district gets 2 "bad weather" days that we would not have to make up. But we missed 7 days for Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. The state ended up "forgiving" those days (or letting the districts choose, or something), so we only had 175 days. We start in early August.

I'm sorry, we still missed 7 days, so we only had 173 days of instruction (well, I use that lightly since we had absolutely NO instruction the last 2 weeks of school).


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Thu, 06-01-2006 - 8:32pm

What a lot of breaks! Most school get Labor Day, a day or two for a fall break in October, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and 10 days to two weeks at Christmas. Here we don't get a mid-winter break



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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 2:10pm

Last day is June 23. We started the day after Labor Day and had two full weeks at Christmas, one week in February (including President's day), one week in April, MLK Jr, Veteran's day, Memorial Day, end of semester day in January and two state inservice days - one in October and one in March. No half days anymore - the district learned that you save a lot of money in classified staff (bus, cafeteria, para, secretarial) if you take half as many full days instead of more early release days.

We used to start the Wednesday before Labor Day - I liked that, you could kind of ease into the year - 3 days the first week, 4 days the second week, then full weeks until Veteran's Day.

Right now we are having a problem with Labor day being too early in the month - we cannot do any paid staff training in August due to our contract, so we only have one day next fall to meet, and then the next year we won't have ANY. That is a disaster waiting to happen, especially if we have many new staff members....

Only 15 more days!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tue, 06-06-2006 - 2:01pm
Our last day was May 25. We started around the 7th of August. The year leangth is 180 days. We also have built in hurricane days now. Last school year we had to lose our planning days due to missing school from a hurricane. I can't even remember the name of it. ;)

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Tue, 06-06-2006 - 2:13pm

Done on May 31, and back from my first vacation! We start in early to mid August, and have a day off for Labor Day, 5 days off for Thanksgiving, about 10 days for Christmas, 1 for MLK, 3 for Mardi Gras, and 6 for Easter. We missed one day for Katrina (I think) and 2 days for Rita (I think).

Memorial Day, Veteran's, Columbus, etc, are never holidays here. And I don't ever remember having a snow day.



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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 4:30am

We don't!! At least for Veterans day and Columbus day. We get Labor Day, 2 days for Thanksgiving, 10 days for Xmas, MLK Day, winter break in Feb, nothing in March, Easter break in April and Memorial Day in May, that's it baby!! Ya know...

I am tired of all the bragging ladies *joking* You are just rubbing your good fortunes in my face. That's it. So what YOU are done and I still have 12 more days. *sending hate vibes to all the people who are at home chilling right now, HAAATTTEEE!!!*

Oh man I can't wait. These last days are getting harder and harder. The kids sucks, they aren't coming to school, the little girls are trying to wear the wrong things and the little boys SMELL BAD!! Wooohooo!! Summer's here!!

Seriously though, got much plans for the summer, can't wait to get started!!

GT35 who is so jealous!!

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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 10:43am

Hey, GT! I go back for five weeks on Monday and then have another week of Super Summer doing a half day of computer classes with 4-6 grades in late July.

I am celebrating though. I get to move into a new office with a window and a beautiful view.