I need someone who is going through this too!

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I need someone who is going through this too!
Tue, 03-15-2011 - 7:37pm

Hi. My name is Harmony and I am a 16 year old that is pregnant. I walk the halls at school every day with this bump, that I love, but everyone keeps staring at me. My friends, they don't understand anything I am going through, because they haven't been through it. I just need advice and support from people who know what I am going through, and I know all of you are.

Good luck to all, and wish me luck.

-- pregnant and needs understanding

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Wed, 03-16-2011 - 3:40pm

Welcome Harmony...congrats on your little one...I'm sory you're having such a hard time....

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Fri, 03-18-2011 - 12:05am
im sorry you are having such a hard time but dont let it get to you, just keep your head held high.
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Fri, 03-18-2011 - 8:58am
Hey :)
My name is Autumn im 17 and i have a beautiful baby. When i was in school the same thing happned to me but trust me it will soon stop. After i had the baby and came back everyone wanted to see the baby & the talking still continues till this day but when u look back on it u know that it does not matter and it never will. The only one that matters is that baby :)
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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 3:50pm
Hey. My name is Autumn also. Im 15 and pregnant. i learned to ignore other ppl. i try not to look at them so that way i wont notice when they stare. Good luck.