Labor/delivery bag???

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Labor/delivery bag???
Thu, 09-24-2009 - 12:19pm
ok, so now that im 35 weeks, im really starting to stress over all the stuff that has to be done before baby comes. one of the things on the top of my list is to pack my bags for the hospital. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should pack? Like what kinds of things did you guys forget and wish you would have had, or what kind of things did u find were just a waste of space? any advice would be much appreciated :D

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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 12:46pm

I think the best things I brought for myself were:
-Chap stick!!!!
-hand sanitizer for myself but mostly visitors. I am wierd, I made everyone wash & sanitize lol
-a couple pillows & blankets
-I bought brand new jammies which was soo nice, I felt like a princess...a very sore princess :]
-socks with grippy bottoms!
-baby name book because i did not know the sex or have any names really set in stone lol
-&of course my camera

For baby all I brought was:
-one gown/hat outfit to go home in, otherwise I used the hospital clothes
-two pairs of socks(it was really cold here)
-three blankets, one recieving blanket & two regular. when he was in his car seat I bundled him in the recieving blanket, covered him with another & then put one over the whole car seat to keep the heat in!

I wish I had brought:
-Lansinoh for breastfeeding
-my boppy!!!!
-a magazine or puzzle book...something to keep my brain busy :]

I didn't really have time to labor so I have no clue what you might need during labor! But I am pretty sure that's all I brought. I am a procrastinator & did not pack until like, two nights before I had Benjamin so way to go on being prepared!! :] If you do end up having a vaginal delivery I would have Curtis soak like ten breastpads in witch hazel & freeze them in a ziplock baggie! They are really, really, really nice for a sore...area :] Also make sure Curtis has time to go home

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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 1:28pm

Scrunchies and headbands. My L&D floor let us bring Life Savers to suck on - they don't do food while laboring.

I was also able to find this little plush rabbit that had a lavender insert that you could warm in a microwave and I found it to be very soothing.

Camera, video camera, cell phones and chargers for all.

Snacks for everyone else in the delivery room (SO, mom, sisters, friends, etc)

And your boyfriend should have a surprise push present for you, lol!!!

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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 4:14pm

I brought:

*MP3 Player
*lots of underwear that I didn't care about (I bleed a lot after delivery and so lets just say my underwear didn't fare too well and I was glad I brought some I didn't car about)
I just wore the socks the hospital provided, again for bleeding reasons. Some times making to to the bathroom to change the pad just didn't work and, sorry tmi, gushes would occur)
*I brought clothes to wear home plus some over night pads because I wasn't too fond of the hospitals.
*Toothbrush, hairbrush, etc bathroom accessories.
*cell phone plus charger
*compact mirror as moving was difficult right after wards and it was nice not to have to go to the bathroom to makes sure I didn't look too terrible before my visitors came in.
*going home clothes for Kayleigh (mittens, hat, socks, and her dress with her little bloomers), plus a neutral outfit just in case she ended up being a boy, lol.
*baby blankets as we couldn't bring the hospitals home with us
*diaper bag with all of the usual baby things in it.
*ds and some games
*a pillow with a purple pillow case so there was no confusing it with the hospitals pillows
*camera and camera charger just in case
*some spearmint and peppermint hard candies
*some snacks and my water bottle
*lots of burp clothes

I think that's about it. I didn't bring any blankets or anything as it was a warm time of year and after having Kayleigh I had a lot hot flashes and almost never used any blankets the whole time I was in the hospital.






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Sat, 09-26-2009 - 10:19pm




*patience :)

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Fri, 10-02-2009 - 2:39pm

I didnt take a whole lot to the hospital when i had colden i really didnt even think about a bag to the last minute lol...But here are things i did take and things i am taking this time....

*i took a robe (which i never used it was too bulky and got on my nerves)

*I brought under wear (but the ones that the hospital had were much better they were just a very light weight net material and they were very loose fitting so they were awesome for me)

*Sweats and t-shirts or pajamas

*Laptop (so i could get on facebook and post pics :) )

*Camera, Cell Phone and chargers

*Lots of Socks

*I had those preggy pops for the labor room (which the anesthesiologist (sp) got mad at me for)

*Head bands and hair twisties bobby pins and or clips (for those whispy hairs)

* I brought cole's coming home outfit

*blankets for him to come home with

*diaper ointment

*if you are having your little boy circumsized BRING VASELINE!!! I didnt know what all circumcision intailed. But needless to say you have to cake there little