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Sun, 07-26-2009 - 6:39pm

This board makes me sad lately. :(
Like NO ONE is posting lately, especially "old"/"regular" members, which is even sadder. I know I havent posted a ton or anything so you guys may not consider me and "old" or "regular" poster, but I had been lurking this board since I found out I was pregnant, which was well over a year ago, and I started posting shortly after Sailor was born, which is over 7 months ago now. I remember when I cam on here Tarynn didnt even know if Kaelyn was a boy or girl yet! Haha. TARYNN? SARAH? KRYSTAL? SHEA? CHRISTIE? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!? And Jamie you are included too but you still post somewhat regularly. :) But yeah it makes me sad that I never hear how you guys are doing anymore. PLEASE everyone try to atleast pop by and update us every so often, we miss you, and this board is a depressing place lately without your posts. :(

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Sun, 07-26-2009 - 8:45pm
I agree, this board has been rather depressing :(. I miss everyone too. I have only been on here since february, but i plan on being a long time member. Come back everyone! i found a bunch of games in hope of bringing the board back to life. come play! haha i check this board like at least 5 times a day hopeing someone has posted.. maybe playing one of the games? No preggo gals have even done the toilet paper game that i