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i think you ladies deserve a well needed update of whats up lol!
Alysha's almost 13 months old now! holllly crap. lmao!
Ryan and i are semi talking..still like we've always been for the past year when i used to complain about him.
i have a "new" boyfriend now, we've been dating for a month and a week or so. he's really cool with Alysha, and his parent are okay with it too. they weren't at first but they are now.
Right now i'm REALLY confused since one minute ryan says he wants to be with me, then the next he doesn't want anything to do with me.
i know that i should just stop talking to him but i don't want to be the reason why Alysha doesn't get to see her dad kwim?
I'm in full time regular highschool. This semester i have food and nutrition, fashion, psychology+anthropology+sociology, and then i have english. next semester i'll have math, science, philosophy and careers+civics.
i think instead of philosophy next semester i'll just switch into auto so i don't have so many 'BIG' courses.
they're all university level too and i think i might switch my math to college since i'm horrible at it.

hmm what else is there?
for all you that live in WARM states,like california and such i hate you.
it's been FREEZING here the last few days.
yesterday we were blessed with 17 degree weather lmao!
i was very happy.
i need boots really bad too since its been raining and soon it'll be snowing but my moms still unemployed and shes low on the cellphone pills so i had to help her out with the money i get for alysha so i can't really get any for a while. i want uggs bad but they're around 200 dollars. not so cool.
oh speaking of money ryan pays absolutely nothing for alysha. not one penny.
he got her a cut tea set for her birthday(he dropped it at the door unwrapped on her birthday and left).
anyways i don't know what else there is to say lol!
welcome to all the newbies, and lurkers seriously, stop lurking lol!

to you guys that are new and don't know me i'm shea(16) mommy to 13 month old Alysha.
OH i'm still nursing! in the morning and then for bed! i plan on going till shes 18 months, i didnt want to before but i don't feel like shes ready to stop yet.

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Mon, 10-12-2009 - 12:23am
Hi! nice to hear from you =] I'm glad everything is going great for you and that you guys are doing good. goodluck with the new boyfriend and yea ryan needs to stop messing with your head. keep your head up girl and take care=]

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