16 & Pregnant. Need support & friends.

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16 & Pregnant. Need support & friends.
Mon, 01-03-2011 - 9:37am

Hey, I'm Kinzey. I'm 16. I'm pregnant with my first. the dad is still in the picture & very supportive. My parents know & are also supportive but very hurt. I'm looking for girls like me who understand.. Who can help with little things like just listening & being there & i'll return the favor. Its stressful so far, & im only about 13 weels (we think) I just need friends. Please reply.

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Hello. Welcome to the board and congrats on your little one. Sounds like your not to far behind me. I'm a little over 14 weeks today.

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Welcome to the board, Kinzey. How are you feeling so far? What grade are you in?

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i understand my names jasmine and im 17 with a 21 month old and a 2 week old baby it was reallllyy stressful for me too but just take things day by day and try not to stress it things will turn out for the good , write to me if you have any questions or jus need someone to talk to
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Hey. Im 15. Expecting a baby girl on sept.28. Id like to talk. My email is rileysmommy45@yahoo.com
i hope to hear from you.
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Hello Kenzi. I am 18 and I am 10 weeks pregnant, this wasnt planned and my family is also supportive but hurt a first. My boyfriend didnt want it at first but hes warming up. I would love to be your friend and talk to you. Id love to know your expieriences. Its nice sometimes to talk to girls who are going through the same thing. :)

if you want you can email me: