17 And pregnant

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17 And pregnant
Sun, 02-12-2012 - 1:07pm

Well I'm new to this. My boyfriend And I are expecting a baby. We just found out, And It wasn't planned. I'm 17 years old And he is 19. I'm terrified to tell My parents And I'm not exactly sure what to expect from them. My boyfriend And I are now engaged And We plan to get married after the baby is born And We become situated with the new lifestyle we'll be leading. I have no idea how to raise a child, but I do not believe in abortion And I could never live with myself knowing I gave up My child for adoption. We are financially able to support ourselves And this baby, but we'll most likely live with his parents for awhile, for moral support And also help on raising this child. I'm not afraid of much in this situation but how to tell My parents And how they will respond. And I would really appreciate It if someone could maybe point me in the right direction of how to present them with this news And where I could also get some information on what I need to do as a parent. I could really use the help And advice. Thank you to anyone who responds to this. It is much appreciated, really.

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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 4:02pm
Welcome to the board. Im Cheyenne, mommy to an almost 8 month old boy and five months along with a little girl. How far along are you if you know? Most important thing is to make sure you take care of yourself and get pre natal care and vitamin. As for your parents are you close to them? From what I've heard from other girls experiences hiding it usually is the worst thing.
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