17 and Pregnant

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17 and Pregnant
Sun, 08-19-2012 - 7:43pm

Hey there, I'm Crystal. My due date with DS is Sept 18 and I turn 18 Sept 29. I graduated in May and moved in with my SO and his grandmother. Thank God I found another teen mom board.. the last site I was on was more... conservative and the other women were extremely rude about everything.

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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 7:26am
Welcome crystal! I'm sorry the other board was like that. =[
I'm cheyenne(20), mommy to carsyn(1) and Jaimee(7 weeks).
How are you feeling? Are you ad your SO excited?
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Sun, 08-19-2012 - 11:57pm
Welcome to the group, Crystal! How is the living situation with your SO and his grandmother? Is she excited about the baby? Do you know what you're having yet? I know how the last few weeks of pregnancy can be. How are you feeling?