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Fri, 03-23-2012 - 3:01pm
Hi, my names Amelia-Leigh and I have a gorgeous son. Thairo Malal Kaur, 29|11|11<3 I may be young, but age doesn't define a mother, the love you show does. my parents have been a great help and my son is named after his father who sadly died when i was six months pregnant. his parents and i are very close and now that Thairo is here they are very happy to know their sons memory lives on in his son. i have since been helped financially by them and my parents to get my gorgeous boy whatever he needs<3 Thairo Malal Kaur; mummy&daddy love you<3
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Fri, 03-23-2012 - 8:03pm
Welcome. Congrats on your little one. I am so sorry to hear about his father but very glad everyone is so
Supportive. How have you adjusted to being a young
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