Attachment parenting Style & P90X

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Attachment parenting Style & P90X
Mon, 04-02-2012 - 10:29am


I'm an attachment parenting style mommy, which means I cosleep, my daughter takes naps in Mommy & Daddy's bed, and I try to pick her up and comfort her if she cries, and I breastfeed her if she asks me for milkies. (She's a year and a half old, the goal is to make it to atleast 2 years of age in-accordance-with World Health Organization recommendations.)

That's the lifestyle background information, I'm providing it mostly so readers can make suggestions for me that go with what I have going on? I really want to start P90X, I have about 100 pounds I could stand to do away with. The trick is HOW ON EARTH DO I DO IT WITH A TODDLER RUNNING AROUND? Most of the day, it's just her and I at home. I work mornings and come home in time to give her a nap and feed her lunch. I'd like to be able to do P90X, and I've heard of Mom's doing it.

I can't do crib, because we dont' own one. I've tried putting her in a play yard, she hates it and cries, which I can only stand for so long until we're both miserable. I'd like to make it so it's kind of fun for her, too, but her being underfoot is really not ideal either. How do you wonder-mommies do it? I'd love some advice. Thanks!

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Hi and welcome to the board.

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It does sound like nap time is going to be the only time when you will have a block of time to do the workouts. I don't know much about P90X but I Googled how long the workouts take and found that most take about 1 hr with a few taking 1.5 hrs. Hopefully your dd naps for that long. If you want to see how it might play out to try to exercise while she naps you could first try some other fitness DVDs that are shorter (before making the financial commitment to the P90X). Denise Austin and Kathy Smith come to mind for DVDs that you might be able to find at the public library or at Blockbuster.