Anyone else still stuck on the sofa?

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Anyone else still stuck on the sofa?
Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:07pm


DD is weeks old and a lot of days, she still wants to hang out and nurse...a lot. She's definitely awake more, but it can still be challengingg to get out of the house.

Am I alone?

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:11pm

Me too....


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:14pm
I think God on an almost daily basis for my sling because my constantly nursing booby monster can nurse all he likes and I'm not house bound!!!


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:26pm
we have days like that but it is intermittent--hang in there I know it is hard. Have you tried to 'schedule' her a little? We try not to feed DD until it has been 2 hours since last feeding and she has adjusted to it fine and is growing like a weed anyway--I can't believe we are almost at 8 weeks and some of her 0-3 mo. clothes are getting too small! It is an idea from 'On Becoming Babywise'. The book itself is written in a kind of snotty way but the ideas makes sense to me (a compromise between feeding by the clock and feeding on demand).
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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:29pm

I would love to get a sling for that very reason. Little Santino is stuck to the boob all day long, and I am finding it hard to get anything done around the house. I have managed to start exercising and showering though...LOL. Of course even that needs to wait until DH gets home from work.


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:34pm


Nope...Bella is a "hold me, nurse me" baby. I have been taking her out regardless, but it is so hard! She cries in the car seat, cries in the stores, etc. She is happiest when we are home and nursing churh! That is the only place she really likes to be other than home! eheheh It is tough, though, isn't it! Another month or so and it should be better...hopefully!

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:45pm
you're not alone! I moved to the computer so I'd get some company while I'm permanently latched/ holding sleeping beauty!
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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:50pm

Still on the couch with DD. I set up my laptop with a wireless card so I can surf the web ... not much on TV during the day. I've tried a bunch of slings but haven't found anything that DD likes. Next week I am going to start trying to implement a schedule (2 hours between feedings, sleeping in her bassinet or crib, bathing at night before bed).

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 5:23pm

what kind of sling do you use and how do you tie it for nursing? i have a snugli and a couple of pouch carriers but haven't been able to figure out how to nurse in them (unless I sit down and undo them). my 6 week old ds is almost constantly demanding to nurse and I feel like i'm stuck at home, too!


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