Dimatap Infant Drops?

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Dimatap Infant Drops?
Sat, 06-03-2006 - 5:08pm
My DD has her second cold thanks to big sister. She is so miserable, no fever thank God, but she's coughing and sneezing and her eyes are all watery and she just seems so sad. Has anyone tried Dimeatap Infant drops for cough and stuffed nose? The bottle says to call the dr. if their under 2 and I know my dr. will say not to use it anyway, but I just hate to see ehr like this. Has anyone else tried this on a two month old or would your recommendation be to not even try it? I have been doing the steam shower, saline nasal drops, and nasal syringe.
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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 5:34pm
I would probably not give them to her, especially if you think your dr would say no. Have you tried using a cool mist vaporizer. Maybe even putting the vicks vapo steam liquid in. I hope you find something that'll work.

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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 5:48pm

I think most Drs would say no for a baby that young. Plus, that type of medication generally doesn't work well on little kids anyhow. I think you're doing all the right things. Also you can elevate the head of her bed slight or put her in the bouncy seat or car seat to sleep and that will help the congestion keep draining.

Hope she feels better soon,