Does it Get Better?

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Does it Get Better?
Sat, 06-03-2006 - 9:40am

Right now it seems like this will never end...the LOUD angry, hurting crying that goes on and on and on. It feels like days are all about whatever it will take to stop Bella from crying. She is on Zantac for Reflux (doesn't seem to have made a difference at all) and I am thinking about getting Gripe Water for the gas... But when does this fussiness/gas end? Does it? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? DH and I can't even talk because her cry is so loud. Help, please!


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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 9:56am

Have you asked your ped about the gas?



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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 11:10am

Finn (7 weeks old)has bad gas too, we don't have him anything but I've found a couple things that really help:
- As mentioned in Happiest Baby on the Block, we swaddle him (tightly!) and dramatically Sush him while bouncing around and allowing his head to bob
- I burp him a lot...until I get a response. Burping seems to be most effective when we put him in a sitting position and bend him over craddling his chin in one hand and letting him fall forward while giving him a good pat. Apparently, it's the pressure on the tummy that allows a burb
- just realizing and coping that it is normal for now and we just try to help him through his growing pains. I'm starting to feel that growing may truly hurt!
- right now im experimenting with not eating peanut butter, eggs or garlic in an elimination diet in order to rule them of them is a culprit I think, because he's been much better lately
- i try to feed him when he's sleepy so he sucks calmly and digests more calmly as a result
- the pacifier !

I think Finn gets overstimulated, so each night at his witching hours (7-10), I feed him is much as I can while fussing, then burp him good, change his diaper, swaddle and sush him to sleep. It seems to work for Finnn, though all babies seem different so you have to read them.

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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 1:19pm
They can't stay little forever... Just keep telling yourself "this too shall pass"!!


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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 2:19pm

Yes, it does get better, but it takes time. Unfortunately, when you've got a screaming baby, time seems to stand still! My first dd was like Bella and it seemed that no matter what, she just had to scream. I'd definitely talk to your doctor and make sure s/he understands what's going on. I'd try the elimination diet if breastfeeding or possibly switching formulas. And just read every book out there and try anything you can think of. Hopefully you'll find something that works for her. Otherwise, just keep reminding yourself that it WILL end. My dd was dramatically better at 4 months and quite a bit better at 3 months. Just hang in there :-)


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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 3:14pm

I tried everything the previous posters said and none of it worked for me. My DH thought our DD was fussing because she is gassy, which does contribute, but she would be whiny all day and hysterical between 6/7 - 9/10 pm. I theorized that she was just overtired because she doesn't nap well. Turns out I was right... and the solution is a backbreaker!

I wear her all day long except for nursing. I tried the sling and hated it... she didn't feel secure. (I know now that it was just the brand I bought, the Nojo(?)). She was secure in the Baby Bjorn but she couldn't curl up. So finally I tried the Ultimate Baby Wrap and it works like a charm! She has been a happier baby since I started wearing her. It makes everything more difficult and I feel pregnant again, but I just keep telling myself that this is my last baby and I'm trying to enjoy the closeness. Give me another week and I may have myself convinced! :)

Good luck!

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Sat, 06-03-2006 - 4:17pm
I'm glad you found a solution...just think, you'll have a super strong back from the workout of wearing your little one 24/7!

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