I am a mountain

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I am a mountain
Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:57pm
I am a mountain and Andrew thinks he must climb me.


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 5:35pm
LOL. If you are a mountain, I am a diving board. Noah pushes off me and tries to dive this way and that. Oh so nerve wracking!
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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 8:42pm
Liz does the same thing to me....even if I just lay her on my chest when I'm on my back, she'll kick her legs off against me and inch her way up to my chin or shoulder....or try to roll off me...

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 8:43pm


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 9:48pm
Santino doesn't stay still either. It actually makes me nervous when other people hold him because I'm afraid he's going to push himself out of their laps. I especially get nervous when old ladies hold him. I know...I'm neurotic.
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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 10:12pm
LOL, when I saw the title for some reason I thought this post was going to be some heart wrenching poem.