November DYK

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November DYK
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 10:49pm

dyk - I can't believe that it's November.  Where has fall gone?

dyk - How is everyone doing? 

dyk - I hope that we can get more comments going this month then last month?

dyk - Chantail how was your thanksgiving?  How are you feeling with your pregnancy?  How far along are you now?

dyk - Col, how you doing?  How's work? How are the kids?  Is it cooling down in your neck of the woods?  How was your Halloween?  What were the kids?

dyk - Court, how you doing? How were the kids with Halloween?  You enjoying running again?  

dyk - Was anyone effected by the Hurricane?  Sounded like New York and New Jersey got hit pretty hard.  

dyk - ANything fun planned for November?

dyk - We are doing well....busy but good!  

dyk - Some friends of ours have to leave Taiwan because of Visa issues.  So sad because they were some of our closiest friends. That's the hardest thing about living over here is you make friends and then they end up leaving.  It's kind of hard.

dyk - So Nik has a prayer request....he wants another baby.'s sweet but I think I'm done! :-)  I have to either get something done or have DH get something done.

dyk - Hope everyone is well!  Thinking of you all!! :-) Hopefully this month will be better for comments!  


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Thu, 11-01-2012 - 3:04pm
Sorry your friends had to leave! Kiara wants a baby sister lol I said no way! November is going to be busy busy at work. We have a huge sale next weekend and then black Friday will be insane. I am sad bc my mom is having Thankgiving on black Friday so I either won't be able to go or I will have to go after working a ten hour shift in the middle of the night! I am pretty sure I am scheduled to work 11:30 PM on TG until 9:30 AM Black Friday. UGH Kiara was Strawberry Shortcake and Drew wore a Zombie costume with a Scream mask lol