BB Decrease in Appetite

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BB Decrease in Appetite
Mon, 03-29-2010 - 12:49pm
Anyone notice their BB is not eating as much these days?
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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 2:20pm

nolan did that a few weeks ago.

and still does it now...although he throws in some random days like saturday where he litterally ate three huge meals and ate allllll day long...

literally more than Icould possibly eat, but then today had a few mouth fulls of rice krispies, not sure what he had for snack at school, then a few bites of his peanut butter sandwich, soe triscuts and abit of milk and water and that is it so far today.

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 2:27pm
Mine is the same! Sigh.....he just won't eat.....we have been doing the whole.....if you don't eat the dinner meal then that's what you can have when you are hunger.


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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 9:59pm
Audrey's appetite has ups and downs. There are days she's just too distracted to sit and eat. It's all I can do not to cry on those days, 'cause she's so skinny to begin with. Then there are days like yesterday when she had breakfast.... and second breakfast.... and elevenzies.... and lunch.... and afternoon snack..... and dinner..... and after dinner snack.
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Wed, 03-31-2010 - 11:32am
I definately noticed a while back that Dylan's appetite started to decrease. I feel that he is more snacking than actually having main and major meals.

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Fri, 04-09-2010 - 3:40pm
Right on board with you. For some reason I can't hardly get Daley to eat lately. It isn't just because he likes less either, he just won't eat sometimes. I don't know if Daley is necessarily skinny but he's in the low, low percentiles for both height and weight so I irrationally worry about the fact that he doesn't consistently eat well for me.


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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 12:59pm

LOL at "elevenzies"! :-)

"We've had first breakfast, yes, but what about second breakfast? He DOES know about second breakfast, right?"