Christmas trees/presents/little hands...

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Christmas trees/presents/little hands...
Tue, 11-24-2009 - 12:12pm

What do you guys do about Christmas trees (especially ornaments, I guess), presents, and little people who want to touch everything?

We always put our big play yard around the tree, and yet they still manage to break a couple of ornaments every year.

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Tue, 11-24-2009 - 1:54pm

We usually put the tree in a corner of the room with the couch on both sides of it with the ottoman connecting the two couches (does that make sense?) So, at night time when Jake is sleeping, we just take the ottoman back and it looks "normal". With Liam when he was little we would tell him, no touch, and if he HAD to touch we would tell him "one finger". That way they didn't grab and break it. They just poked at it because with an ornament that looks so beautiful, you just HAVE to touch it. ;)

My kids have never tried to open presents. We will have to see what Jake does this year. If they did try to open them, we would strongly emphasis that they are not to open. Maybe make something up about them not getting them if they open them before hand. Maybe Santa would give them coal instead?? LOL

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Wed, 11-25-2009 - 6:21am

We have honestly never had an issue with this.

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Wed, 11-25-2009 - 5:27pm
Calla was always really good with the tree too. She never messed with it too much & has never opened presents. However-Lacey is a totally different baby so I'm not sure how this year will go. Guess we'll just try it & if necessary we'll move stuff around.


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