Official Playgroup Roll Call! Sign in!!

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Official Playgroup Roll Call! Sign in!!
Wed, 03-16-2005 - 12:04pm
I think it will be nice to know who's made it over to the Playgroup from the EC board.
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 4:42pm

HELLO!!! I am soo excited about this board!!!
Melissa with
Lili Anne who was born on
January 21st of the 05 and I am looking forward to

Consitant warm weather and my Dad moving to Miami and visitng him!!!!!!!

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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 4:44pm
I made it Mitzi with baby Austin 1-11-05 Looking forward to warm weather!!!
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 4:50pm
I was so glad to see the playgroup up!
Well my Due Date was Jan. 5 but Grace Elizabeth Kleinschmit made her appearance December 13 she was only 5lb 7 ounces 18.5 inches when she was born but yesterday she was 10 lbs 23.5 inches long :)
I am looking forward to her first easter, I bought her the cutest dress today!
Take care
~wife to john 08/10/02 mommy to grace elizabeth edd 1/05/05 born 12/13/04~
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:00pm
Hi Everyone. I'm T.Lynn. Kennedy Elizabeth was born on 1/4/05. We live in Florida so we're looking forward to our first trip to the beach. :-)
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:01pm
Krystal with Natalie born 12-06-04. We are looking forward to using our zoo and water park memberships we just bought!!

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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:11pm

Tanya and Noah 12-20-04

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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:13pm

Hi everyone! My name is Cathy and I have baby Michael, who was born on 12/29/04. For spring I'm looking forward to Easter with Michael. I have been going a little nutty shopping for him (I spent, no lie, $50 on his easter basket from Pottery Barn and it is so big he literally fits in it...I'll post pictures once I get them finished)! I think holiday time with this little guy is going to be great!

Cathy & Michael born 12/29/04

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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:14pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm Kim, with Joshua (1/15/05) & I'm just looking forward to spring period! It's been too long of a winter here in NY & I'm looking forward to being able to take Joshua out more!

Joshua Franklin
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:18pm
Hi, Im jaime (mostly a lurker but come out occasionally :) with Brayden James who was born on Jan. 22. We have been having spring type weather for the past month or two when we should be getting rain, so weve already been doing the walks and that fun stuff but I am looking foward to taking Brayden swimming. Also cant wait to watch Brayden learn how to do new things.
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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 5:28pm
Hi! Heather here with baby Emma Grace born 01/05/05.
We're looking forward to discovering the new things that waken in the springtime! I can't wait to see her wiggling her little toes in the grass and watching butterflies. Also, taking Emma to the swimming pool will be a blast. She is already such a tadpole in the bathtub!

Emma Grace was born 01/05/05
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