Travelling with baby?

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Travelling with baby?
Wed, 03-16-2005 - 2:22pm

Anyone have any tips for us? We leave tonight for six hour drive to CA. These are my concerns:

DD getting sick or overstimulated with all the attention - a lot of family/friends meeting her for the first time...

Stopping every hour because DD hates her carseat

Warming up her bottles,using different water than she's used to

People not giving her back to me if/when she gets upset or fussy

Forgetting to pack something important

Izzy's being SUPER clingy today so I can't do much but sit and worry/wonder what her first trip will be like.


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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 3:06pm

We had to do a whirlwind trip to FL (from VA) mid-February due to my husband's dad dying. The trip is at best about a 10 hr drive - we were able to do it in about 12.

What made it work best was we left right after Alex nursed in the middle of the night. The car was packed and so it was just piling in and trying to go as long as possible before our first stop. Alex actually slept longer stretches in the car than he does at home, so that also helped with making good time. We generally just *knew* each stop would be minimally 30 minutes long. When we got there and then when we got home - we just prepared ourselves and everyone else that he would *NEED* to have more parent time to adjust to the change in routine.

When he slept, we would try putting him in the back bedroom with a monitor so that he'd be away from some of the hubbub. If he got fussy, we'd just scoop him up (if being held by someone else), and I'd usually go to the back bedroom to nurse him. If you're authoritative in your actions, people won't question it. "oh - he's getting fussy. I suspect that's because he's hungry (overstimulated, tired, fill in the blank). I'm going to feed him (take him to the bedroom to calm him down, put him to sleep....again fill in the blank".

I've heard some people use the same bottled water for a trip or just by the pre-prepared stuff to deal with the water issue. If you stop at McD's (any fast food for that matter)- they typically have VERY hot water for tea that you can use to warm up the bottle in.

We typically overpack. Worse case senario - if you really need it, you can probably get it at a store. We actually found a Burlington Coat Factory right by where we stayed. We didn't need it for baby supplies, but it did provide us with a sports coat for my husband.

Hope this helps.
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