Y Can't People Call her by her name?

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Y Can't People Call her by her name?
Wed, 03-16-2005 - 11:47am

Is anyone else a "double name" mom? I have 2 dds. Both go by their "whole" name. I.e. Abby Grace and Stella Claire. For some reason, I cannot get people to understand that their names are "Abby Grace" and "Stella Cliare"....well, anyone outside of family.

When I introduce them, I say, "this is Abby Grace (or Stella Claire, as appropriate)" and inevidibly, the person says, "Oh, hi, Abby (or Stella)".

Is it just THAT uncommon? I'm curious if anyone else has this issue?

It doesn't make me mad, but I've always called the person what they were introduced to me as. The only difference being if we got to be really close friends...I have a friend named Asley, but 90% of the time call her "Ash" as do her other close friends...by her request of course.


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Wed, 03-16-2005 - 11:56am
That would bug me too!!
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