First trip on a plane.... BTDT?

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First trip on a plane.... BTDT?
Wed, 08-02-2006 - 11:34am

in 2 weeks! We're going on a 3 hour plane ride to Tenneessee to meet everyone on my DH's side!! im sooo excited but im nervous how the girls will act.. they will be 11.5 weeks old. Kylee is finally getting ove her colic and Kenzie is usually so quite unless shes trying to poop. Anyone have any advice.. all ive heard is feed them as ur going up and going down to help their ears. im hoping they just sleep the whole time. Since i cant breastfeed how did u get "warm" water... they have HOT water but what do u use for the water to mix formula with? lol well its going to be me, dh, my mom, and my 13 yr old brother so hopefully between us 4 we can entertain my girls:)

Kylee and Mackenzie


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Wed, 08-02-2006 - 11:43am

Little Hope and I went to CA (3hrs) on the plane when she was just 10 days old. I have always flown w/ my babies when they were young (this was the youngest) Anyhow, I BF However, when DS#2 switch to formula I always had the powder in the bottles and carried bottled water at room tempature (which is warm) then add the water to the bottle when baby is ready and VIOLA'

HTH Have a fun trip!!!! Hope slept the entire time!

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Wed, 08-02-2006 - 1:17pm

I would think that is the best advice, carry bottled water at room temp. If your baby likes it warmer, u could always just ask for a cup of hot water and heat it up that way. I did this at McDonalds with a bottle of EMB, and it only took about 10 secs and it was nice and warm, just how Chase likes it.

Have a good flight! I'm also going on a plane ride in 2 weeks, Chase will be 8 weeks. We're going from Manitoba, Canada to Paris, France. That's gonna be FUN, NOT!


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Thu, 08-03-2006 - 12:48am

I brought bottled water in the diaper bag, but Rhynn is okay with room temp water.

The airplanes have hot and cold water - ask for both and mix them.

Rhynn slept almost the entire trip both times (3.5 hour flight each way) - the hum of the jet engines are delightful white noise to a baby.

The diaper change in the bathroom is the biggest trick! Maybe in a space of only three hours they won't need one!

Good luck!

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