June26-july Babies

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June26-july Babies
Tue, 08-01-2006 - 6:40pm

hey ladies!! i'm typing w/ fussy/over tired baby whos finally falling asleep!! its funny he WONT fall asleep in his crib but EVERYwhere else! aah! Even though Hayden was born the 20th, i dont want to switch groups ;)
We missed last week, so we need to catch up!!

So how is everyone handling this massive heat wave!??! Ugh! I read somewhere that BF babies will nurse to "quench thirst" No wonder Hayden's nursing every 1 1/2-3 (ave 2) hours!

How is everyone and their babys doing? Hayden's great! I can not believe he's 6 weeks (a month and 1/2!!!!!) He's getting so big!
He rarely fusses, only if somethings wrong: diaper change!, tired, hungry! He's sleeping 4-5 hours during the night, which he did when we brought him home (i'm still afraid that if i do something during the day it'll mess up his schedule!) He's still not on a schedule, except for feeding and night time. He eats, plays and sleeps. Sometimes he won't stay up after eating, so i will put him in his crib, and then he waks up and will be up until the next feeding or 2! I get nothing done!
We are trying to get him to bed earlier at night, but he wont fall asleep earlier than 10:30 (which he did ONCE!), but usually between 11:30 and 1am. He'll then wake up again between 3-5 (awesome!)
BTW- Kerri, your post about being on a schedule made me laugh. You have 3 kids and STILl dont know what age they get on a schedule?!?!? lol

Any milestones?
he's starting to roll from back to side and side to back. He hates being on his back! I'm not too concerned about him sleeping on his sides. He's done it since birth and sleeps on an inclined mattress thing. He's started smiling! Not really social smiles yet, but we're getting somewhere. He does random ones when eating and he's definetly tickle-ish (sp?)

Well he passed out on my lap, i'm going to try to put him in his crib so i can get dinner going.
Hope everyone is doing well!!
Cant wait to hear how everyones babys doing!

Hayley- if your still here! Hows Tait? I have still yet to see a pic of him!! Where are they!?!!??


Edited to add:: do 6wk olds get boogers? Hayden has little white ones. Theyre the sticky kind...?



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Tue, 08-01-2006 - 10:57pm

Hi! I was in the EDD 6/20-6/25 group... but my son was born on 6/28 (and the person who started the 6/20-6/25 posts doesn't do it anymore) so I thought I would join you all! :)

The heat wave is killing me! I am not a good "heat" person anyway (unless a pool or ocean is involved) so I am living in my cool basement right now. It's hard to even snuggle with my little man as he sweats perfusely when he sleeps (as he always has) and it just makes me SO uncomfy. I miss the snuggle/sleep/joined nap time though :(.

How is everyone and their babys doing? I am okay... I have my 6 wk appt on Friday and I am actually looking forward to having sex with my hubby for the first time in months (I was SO uncomfy in my 3rd trimester that any sex was more mercy sex... not because I wanted to). I'm still a little spotty though... hopefully I get the green light and my episiotomy stitches healed nicely. I am also slowly going from my BFing/formula combo to exclusive formula. He is gaining better and sleeping better the more formula I give him and I am still in enormous amounts of pain when I BF. It's kind of sad that I am stopping though... :(

Cole is doing well... he just started sleeping 1 6-hr chunk at night (10 - 4) which rocks and is awake longer then taking super long naps. Every time I think I have his little schedule down, he changes it up on me!

Any milestones?
He smiles on occasion and attempts to copycat your facial expressions (esp to stick out his tongue) and he has begun reaching out and grabbing things and is far more able to get his fingers in his mouth purposefully and keep them there for a bit.

As for the boogers... my little man has some too and they are like super sticky supersnot or something LOL. I think his boogers (and sneezing) are due to the copious amounts of hair my dog is shedding (I have a great dane and she is doing her annual "blowing of the coat" and hair is EVERYWHERE!). I shudder to think of how much fur Cole has ingested at this point LOL.

Glad to be a newbie for this little group!

DS Cole 6/28/06

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Wed, 08-02-2006 - 12:53am

Hi Leigh, glad you joined our group!! i know what you mean about this heat! Its aweful, i'm in texas, so i'm kinda used to it but still! I want to get out walking everyday again. We try to go early in the morning, before 9, but even then i sweat so much! Thank goodness i started my aerobics class today!
We had sex Friday, RIGHT after my 6 week (actually 5 week) appt. My spotting (i actually think i had my period) had stopped the week before and she said everything was fine. I'm now back to spotting again! It was really uncomfortable though! But DF needed some lovin and attention!!
I love the long sleep stretch at night! Especially since Hayden doesn't sleep from 3-11pm (maybe a cat nap here and there, but if he falls asleep in your arms and you move him, hes up!)
Well sorry to ramble, anyway, i'm glad you joined our group!

Off to bed since Hayden just fell asleep (11:45) without a feeding since 9:30!! YAY!


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Wed, 08-02-2006 - 2:03pm

Hello Moms,
Sebastian is a strong, healthy little boy... He gained a pound in the week after we brought him home from the hospital, which blew his doctor's mind, she couldn't believe it! She said that normally, especially with a breastfed baby, they would just be getting back to their birthweight by 10 days, and at 11 days old he was 8 lbs 10 oz (he weighed 8 lbs at birth) he has his next appointment on August 14 so I will let you all know! I can tel you without a doubt that he's gained a lot of weight, he is a heavy, chunky little monkey and it hurts my back to carry him for long periods of time!
Regarding sleeping - we start his bedtime at 8 pm and he is usually asleep by 9. That is the only part of his day that we intentionally schedule. The last few days, his Daddy has been putting him to bed, which is good for all three of us... Daddy and Sebastian have some bonding time while Daddy feeds hime some expressed milk, and Mama gets an hour to herself! Even if all I can do is read a magazine and pump the next nights bottle, it's some free time! The longest he sleeps through the night is 4 hours at a time, but he will be 5 weeks old tomorrow so I really hope that changes soon, although I know that things could be a lot worse. For the first few nights that Daddy was putting him to bed, he stopped having a four hour stretch, but last night (hooray!) he slept from 9:15 to 1:15. He usually sleeps for a 4 hour stretch, then 3 hours, then 2 hours, and then we're up for the day. He's great about his middle of the night feedings too, usually it takes less than 1/2 hour to get him back to bed. I would just love to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep again (I know, in my dreams, LOL) I slept very poorly during my third trimester so this sleep deprivation has been going on for a long time. Although I'm sleeping well enough at night now that I don't need naps most days.
Milestones... I see him smile in his sleep sometimes, and sometimes during the day you can see one creep around the corners of his mouth as if he's practicing, but he hasn't cracked a big old smile yet. I can't wait! A few days ago he randomly boosted himself up on his elbows and held his head up for about 15 seconds, and he has done that occasionally since then, too. He has great neck strength and has actually been able to hold his head up and look around since the day he was born. His movements with his hands are much more intentional now, and he spends a lot more time moving his fingers around than he used to. Daddy can't wait for him to discover that he has feet, although I told him he'll probably have to wait a few more weeks for that! Sebastian is also starting to babble a little bit, no cute little coos but he makes a lot of little noises. He seems to have a good memory, and he knows where all the things he likes to look at are in each room of the house, and will actually start to turn his head and try to look at his favorite things (tapestries, windows, etc.) as we are walking into the room.
Looking forward to growing and sharing with all of you!!

Mom to Sebastian (6/29/06)

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Wed, 08-02-2006 - 4:34pm

My baby likes to cry when she has gas/poops and wet diapers. And when she's hungry. That takes up most of her day, lol. I love her though, she's such a cutie. She likes to claw her face when she's mad - I fear what the pediatrician is going to say tomorrow @ her 1 month checkup. But I've been keeping her in her pawed pj's to give her face a chance to heal. It seems like I trim/file her nails 3 times a week but I can't keep up. Ah well.

Ella doesn't seem to need much sleep... maybe 6-8 hours at night and 2-4 during the day. It makes for a very tired mommy. My FIL saw a bunch of pictures of her, and I'm in some of them - he told my DH that I should make sure to take some pictures with her when I'm not looking so tired. LOL, he says some really dumb, insensitive things. Like I can just go crash for ten hours to catch up on my beauty rest. You don't even want to know what he said about my stomach 3 days after the baby was born...

All in all, I think we're doing okay. I just wish I could get a few more naps!

Christine & Ella born 7/01/06

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Thu, 08-03-2006 - 12:35am
Hi everyone!
Congrats on 5 weeks or thereabouts for some of you!
Ellie Claire is such a great baby. This week she has been sleeping through the night. I can't tell you how great it is to be rested. The first couple of nights I was just anxious that something was wrong--babies shouldn't sleep that long! But now I am just enjoying it! She slept for 10 hrs last night. I feel like a human being again!
I think I saw my first "social" smile out of her today. It was cute. It's fun to see that she is noticing things so much more than she used to! She's so cute and fun!
Good luck with your cuties!
mom to Ellie Claire 6/29
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Thu, 08-03-2006 - 4:01pm

Hi all! Things are going pretty well around here these days. Eleanor had her 1 month appointment on Monday - she's up to 10 lbs 9 oz from a birth weight of 7 lbs 14 oz. She's around the 85-90% for both weight and height. It's strange to me to have such a chubby baby - my 4 year old was always very long and skinny! I love those rolls on her thighs, though. They're just so sweet!

Eleanor has been smiling occasionally for about a week. I love those smiles! She also makes some sort of wheezy happy noises when she's watching her mobile that I like to pretend are laughs. Her sleeping habits are great, as far as I'm concerned. She goes to bed pretty happily around 10:00, wakes up sometime between 7:00 and 8:00, usually with three feedings during the night. Going back to sleep is never a problem and she's a fast eater, so I don't mind being up a few times. What's driving me a little crazy is the game of musical beds we're playing around here. DS doesn't like to sleep alone, so if he wakes up during the night, he'll either come get DH to go sleep with him or he'll climb into our bed. If he sleeps in our bed, then Eleanor and I seem to end up in his bed... I'm looking forward to the night when everyone wakes up in the same bed they went to sleep in!

Glad to hear everyone's babies are doing well!

Jack - 4/14/02
Eleanor - 6/25/06

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Sat, 08-05-2006 - 1:57pm

Hi I am still here!! It has been a while since I have been on. Tait still has days and nights mixed up. Also, I went to my parents house in Cleveland for a week. I need to update my account so I can have pics of him, if I ever get around to it. I have to go to feed Tait, will post more later.....

See you all later

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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 10:02pm

I have to laugh about the bookers...I had the same exact question, white sticky boogers. So I guess that answers that question, yes they do!! I mainly lurked throughout my pregnancy and my original due date was on 7/2 (Alyssa was born on 6/18). Glad to hear that Alyssa isn't the only one with really sticky boogers that I occasionally try to pull out with a Q-Tip or Sea Mist! (Sea Mist works pretty well for our daughter). Do you have a humidifier in your babies room? Does it work if you do, ours doesn't seem to help the stuffiness at all, any suggestions?


Mommy to Alyssa Haley 6/18/06

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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 10:09pm

Wow! Sleeping 10 hours is awesome, is she breast or bottle fed????? We are lucky to get a 4 hours stretch from our little princess. She is breast fed and loving it!

Congrats on all the sleep!

Mommy to Alyssa Haley born 6/18/06

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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 10:58pm

(one-handed typing- fussing baby, daddys NO help!!)

hey michelle glad to havu u in our group. Does alyssa sleep the 4hr stretch at night? Haydens always gone 4-5. hes breastfed tpp. over the past week hes been going down bw 11/1130 and waking up 530/6 its awesome! Last night he actually went down at 1030. Hes past out in my arms right now-955!!i think its cuz we didnt get a bath at 930!! i have no idea how tonights sleep patterns will go.

does she clustre feed during the evenig? bw 3 or 5-11, hayden eats every 1.5-2 hours