Let the madness begin!!!!

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Let the madness begin!!!!
Mon, 04-06-2009 - 11:02am

Well, the Show rehersals started yesterday, Sunday, & the kids went really well.

They were just doing the arena show which is their circus act. Apparently the organisers loved the costumes but weren't all that happy with the dance. Get this....they were doing too much!!!

Apparently they wanted less technical dancing more circus like tricks & lots of waving!!!

So, after 5 hours at the Showgrounds getting security passes, checking out where we'll be & lots of rehersing, we went to a local sport oval & they revamped the whole thing!!! The kids went sooooo well with the changes.

We go back tomorrow for a technical rehersal, lights, sound etc. Then Wednesday for a full dress rehersal & then Thursday it's all on!!!!

We don't actually have rehearsals for the parade, Thriller, part. When they do it Thursday it will be the first time!!!! We did have a day last week where we got all their costumes on & tried out makeup etc. Here are a few pics of that.

EasterShowCostumes003.jpg THe Happy Couple!! image by cartesialbumEasterShowCostumes005.jpg Showgroup Zombies 2 image by cartesialbumEasterShowCostumes001.jpg Eloise the Zombie Bride image by cartesialbum
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Mon, 04-06-2009 - 1:18pm
She looks really scary;)
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Mon, 04-06-2009 - 2:29pm
She looks awesome! Have a great time and try to get some rest if you can. ;)

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Tue, 04-07-2009 - 12:16pm
Have a terrific time.
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