DYK---Last Week in July

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DYK---Last Week in July
Mon, 07-27-2009 - 7:54am

Wow, where is the summer going???

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?




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Mon, 07-27-2009 - 9:01am

DID YOU KNOW................?

....I'm still using the on screen keyboard so this won't be too long

....so, the car........

....last Thursday Eloise & I were just taking off from a green traffic light when an old woman came straight through her red one without even slowing. Luckily I saw her & braked but she still hit us. She clipped the front corner & scuffed across the front taking the number plate with her & dislodging the lights. She carried on and hit a railway bridge.

....Eloise got seatbelt bruises but that was all. The woman was OK too, she hit with the corner, not head on.

....the car didn't fare so well, it's a write off as the chassis is bent!! I fully believe that car was cursed!! It was nothing but trouble.

....however I was still a little sad when I left it at the salvage yard!

....now I'm waiting for my cheque from the insurance then comes the painful process of buying another car

....two of the dads from dancing have volunteered to shop for me, they are both good negotiators!!!

....sorry I've been MIA & so self centred, life's a real b!#ch right now (apart from some relaxing, drinking & laughing I did Friday evening)

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Mon, 07-27-2009 - 11:03am

Did you know...

...Helen, I wish you luck finding a new car?

...hope the funk leaves soon?

...I'm right there with you, feels like the end of summer blues for me?

...we just haven't had a "nice" summer?

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Mon, 07-27-2009 - 11:57am


Helen, so sorry to hear about the car and hope that you are able to find a reliable vehicle at a good price. Nice that the dads have volunteered to help you with the negotiations?

I hope that things make a huge turn for the better for you. I know you deserve some good luck and positive events in your life?

Christol, sorry to hear about the end of the summer blues. I hope that you can fill up the next two weeks with some fun and RELAXATION!!?

Good luck tonight with the speed dating…I know that there has to be a good one out there just dying to find you!?

I did get a chuckle out of your comment about the prospects through friends?

And I am copying down the phrase you suggested for the loser neighbors. I love it and plan to rehearse it so that I am prepared when the opportunity arises?

Christy, how cool that you got a new Mac computer. My niece and nephew both have the iMac computers and they are so fun to play with?

Kelley, hope you can get some relief from the symptoms you are feeling. Maybe you can call the doctors office and check for cancellations so that you might be able to get in earlier?

So glad to hear that Madalynn is doing well?

Carmen, any luck with a different van option?

Missi, I agree with your feelings toward fair weather friends and you have given me a lot to think about in regard to those types of people?

How is Natalie doing? So sorry to hear about her accident. Mederma is another great ointment for scars. We used it on Shelly when she fell out of the car a couple of summers ago?

I do make the girls wear their helmets on bikes and scooters, but I always think they should have on knee and elbow pads. They just look like an accident waiting to happen with all of their skin exposed. And they insist on wearing flip flops on their bikes and scooters and it drives me nuts?

Ok, and we still need a photo of your new hairdo?

Anna, saw your fb post about the new pay raise for work. Just wanted to say…congrats!!! Love to hear good news?

Lauri and Carmen how was dinner? Where did you go? What did you talk about?? I am dying to hear all about it?

This weekend the girls and I met up with one of neighbors (one of the non-confrontational women) and her girls to see G-Force and then have dinner together?

I was not all that into that movie…I would give it about a D. The girls liked it, though?

Saturday we had some friends over in the afternoon and we invited them to stay for dinner?

It was a fun time with great conversations that didn’t involve gossiping

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Mon, 07-27-2009 - 3:40pm

Helen....I am wishing you well on car buying...I hope those dads get a kickin deal for you!?

Christol, GL tonight.....I hope it goes well?

Karol, I had to LOL at the knee pads comment...I have often thought that myself?

My thoughts were the same as your wrt G Force.....I am thinking my expectations were too high, LOVED the commercial and the quotes on them...but those ended up being the funniest part of the movie, which was a bit dry after seeing it so many times?

Actually, during the whole movie, there wasn't a time when everyone started laughing...which is odd considering it was full of kids?

I did see it in 3D, which is the first time I have seen a movie in 3D so that was neat...aside from that, my thoughts would be to save the money and wait for it to come out on DVD?

I am glad you got out with a friend and didn't have to worry about Jr High crap....that is always nice?

Yes, did the iMac switch....still adjusting?

Actually on my way to best buy now b/c I can find my cable to sync the iphone to the puter....wouldn't be a problem if I bought mobile me, lol?

Brian was supposed to run to get it for me yesterday but he never did?

Tonight is my last night off, then back to work for four nights...I signed up for an extra shift b/c the money will be great and the girl I am precepting needs a certain amt of hours and she wants to get them before her graduation....she was going to be a day short so I just sucked it up?

Now that the time is upon me, I am DREADING four days in a row....usually by the end of three days, I am DONE that fourth day is miserable...oh well?

And I guess they have been super busy the last few days?

Need to go to the grocery store to...ended up sleeping in this morning so I am at a disadvantage, lol?





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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 9:14am


...Helen, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident?

...when we bought our last vehicle, we used, basically, the equivalent to a real estate agent, only for cars?

...we told him what we wanted, he'd find us several options, and bring print-outs of every car right to our kitchen table?

...from there, we'd weed them down, look up their re-sale value and then he'd go get the cars and bring them to our home...we'd test drive, and he'd go back to do all the negotiating?

...it cost us $500, but it was well worth it as I can be as big and bad as I can be, in the comfort of my own home, and I hate how car salesmen think that belittling you and making you feel "poor" will make you want to buy their vehicles?

...in the end, we got exactly what we wanted because we weren't dealing with sleazy salesmen and all the distractions that go along with car shopping?

...I'm pretty sure we saved more than our $500 we paid, by not getting sucked into a bad deal?

...if that's not an option, definitely take some of the opposite sex...men who deal with cars like to take advantage of women with no men around?

...I hate it?

...just like when I was dealing with the mechaninc ~ I mean, seriously?!?!

...I know I look like a girl who wouldn't know whether my car has "muffler bearings" or not, but that's not the case?

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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 10:07am


...sorry, me again?

...just got done with my blog-stalk and read Carmen's update on Stellan?

...sorry, I called him Kellan in your comments?

...so then, thinking his symptoms seemed all too familiar, I went and checked out his mama's blog?

...and read back a ways?

...and now I'm...I'm...I can't even describe?

...that poor baby, and those poor parents?

...his story hits close to home, as ONE of his multiple problems with his heart is an extra electrical pathway that causes him to go into SVT ~ supraventricular tachycardia...basically causes his heart ot beat too fast?

...that's what Nat had?

...his SVT rate is in the mid 220's?

...Nat's SVT rate was in the mid 220's?

...his spot in his heart is in a difficult place to reach to ablate during surgery?

...Nat's was in a hard to reach spot?

...but they were able to get hers, with lots of effort?

...and because she's big...she seemed so small to me, going in for heart surgery, but she's big compared to an 8 month old baby?!?

...you guys, Stellen is in day THREE of an SVT episode?

...DAY THREE?!!?

...Nat's longest SVT episode was about a 1 hour and 45 minutes?

...I've seen, first-hand, how hard those SVT episodes are on a little body, and it's NOT good?

...I feel their pain, on some very small scale?

...Stellen NEEDS a surgery like Nat's, but it's SO much more risky because he's small?

...I feel their frustration over the meds not working?

...Nat was on 3 different kinds, two at a time, at times, and it still didn't work?

...and Stellen has more than just the extra electrical pathway, wrong with his heart?

...my heart and whole body ache for them?

...and yet, as guilty as I feel for this, I feel grateful?

...grateful that Nat's was so easily (I can say "easily" NOW that it's over) fixed, and that she'll have a normal life now?

...sorry, I just needed to work through some very intense feelings right now?

...please pray for Stellen?


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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 10:57am
Missi, I didn't put two and two together to realize how similar the cases are. If this strikes a nerve for me, it must really for you. I have been following Stellan's mom's blog for awhile. He wasn't even supposed to be born alive. I wake up every morning thinking about his cute little face and pray.

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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 11:47am

Missi & Carmen, I've been following Stellan too, since before he was born. His basic problem is just the SVT. His first ablation didn't work, the next will destroy the AV node so he will need a pacemaker. It looks like that will happen this week.

We're praying for him here too.

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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 11:49am

Yes, it's very similar, but yet not...if that makes sense.

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Tue, 07-28-2009 - 2:55pm

He actually came out of SVT today. This is what his mom said:

He had a great night, finally breaking free from the SVT that's been crippling him. He's not on a long term fix, though. He's on three heart medications in his iv and he's getting toxic from them. He's itchy, swollen (the diuretics are not working at this point), restless and nauseous (they are giving him Zofran in his iv and that is helping some). But at least his heart is finally beating more slowly. So we'll accept this level of control right now, as it buys the time we need to get him to Boston for his surgery.

He's resting now and is getting another blood transfusion because his hemoglobin is still low. His blood pressures have come up (a good thing) and his temp is up too, at about 96-97 degrees. His pulses are great now, as well. There is a lot to be thankful for!