DYK Week of June 21

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DYK Week of June 21
Sun, 06-20-2010 - 10:25pm

What's shakin ladies?




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Sun, 06-20-2010 - 10:37pm


...Girls night out was just what this chick needed?

...we had a great dinner?

...the Chipotle Pomegranate marinade from Tastefully Simple on bacon wrapped shrimp was to DIE for?

...fun concert, seeing a band that only plays once a year but was a big one

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Sun, 06-20-2010 - 11:35pm


Missi, Regina and I had a good laugh about what you said about the diapers/wipes. YES, she did get that many diapers/wipes at her shower.

I just realized something too, the daycare provided diapers all day long and now Layla will be home all day/everyday so we'll go through more diapers.

Devin better start stepping up. Regina told him today that he needed to start buying diapers/wipes and he said okay. We'll see if he follows through.

I'm glad your mom apologized and that Gerad is stepping up.

Men are clueless most of the time, they need direction. We feel like they shouldn't but they just do.

Kelley, that time stinks for your surgery. I would think you could request a better time due to your hypoglycemia.

Helen, JERK is such an AZZ. I cannot even believe him. I just don't get it. They are HIS kids, his flesh and blood. I'm sorry. (((Hugs)))

Christol, Regina hasn't found a job yet. I'm not sure she will. She should have been looking before now since school is already out. We'll see. She wants to start volleyball practices (they start tomorrow morning). I don't know if she'll be able to play on the team when school starts though because I don't know where Layla will go.

I don't know why I'm ever even surprised by Craig's behavior but each time you tell a story, my mouth drops open. Ugh!

Well, at least Justen got to enjoy the steaks.

I'm glad YOUR family is always able to help out.

Woo hoo Max! Awesome grades!

Missi, the first step is admitting. You made it to the doctor so I hope you get results with the meds.

I find that I struggle too. I have a hard time keeping myself organized and getting my brain to work. It's not ADHD for me I don't think.

I was much better when I took the Zoloft. But I haven't been taking it for over a year now.


So....I went for testing on Thursday morning for the school system at the administration building. I had to take tests since I don't have a degree. Apparently I passed since they called me for an interview. lol My phone died Friday afternoon and I didn't know it but I had a message from a lady wanting to schedule an interview for Wednesday. I have to call her back tomorrow.

I need some of the famous vibes ladies! I need this job! It's a 10 month job. I would have summers off. :)

Rhiannon made All Stars softball if you didn’t see that on FB. She starts practice tomorrow.

It’s 11:30 now, I started typing this about 4 hours ago. Now I’m ready for bed. I had more to say but now I forgot.

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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 8:50am


*~*~*~*~*~*~BEST of LUCK at your interview!!!!*~*~*~*~*~*~

and lots of

~*~*~*get the job, get the job, get the job~*~*~*~

vibes too?

...Christol, OUCH on the scratched cornea?

...I can't even imagine?

...your girls night out sounded GREAT??

...well, I didn't take my meds yesterday?

...I may not be a meds candidate?


...I'll try again today?

...gonna call and say...this one is a no-go?

...and I'm on the KID dose?

...in 4 days I'm supposed double the dose?

...I don't think so?

...I wanted to check in...gotta run get ready to work out?


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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 11:40am

GOOD luck Carmen??

FINGERS crossed and sending lots of mojo your way?

GREAT sign that they called so quickly?

You should ask if they have a temp pool if things don't work for this position?

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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 8:54pm


Christol, I'm definitely planning on telling them that I'm interested in any position that I'm qualified for.

Missi, I hope you can figure out something with the med. I sure wouldn't want to feel like a zombie. I am really sensitive as well to medication.

My mom took me shopping today at Kohls for something to wear to my interview.

I just got a black short sleeved jacket with cropped pants to match.

I need a dressy cami to wear underneath still. I have to run out tomorrow.

So something my mom said rubbed me the wrong way. We have TOTALLY different taste. Totally. She picked something out and I said that it was too old for me. She said "you are 34 and you need to stop dressing like a young girl." Umm what? I shop in the ladies department. How can that be like a young girl? She said today I was dressed too young. I am wearing a dark gray v-neck top with khaki capris that roll up (both from Old Navy). I was wearing brown flip flops earlier.

Does that sound like a young girl?

I shouldn't be dressing like my mom and aunt. My mom is 60 and my aunt is 50.

It just bugged the crap out of me. lol

Oh she also gave me a weird look when I said I could fit into regular XL. I was like I'm not as big of a fattie as you seem to think. lol

So some of you saw my status today on FB to my daughter. It was to Regina.

Her "best friend", Anna Beth, is in town from FL for the summer. For months, AB has been saying how excited she was to come visit and see Regina and the baby.

She got here on the 16th. She's barely spent anytime with Regina and she hasn't even called her.

She wants to spend time with Sam, the girl with the car. The girl who drinks and does drugs and has sex with random boys. AB knows Regina doesn't do that.

Also, they can get away with all kinds of stuff over at Sam's house because her mom gets drunk and passes out.

They can't get away with a thing over here.

For the record, Regina didn't want to spend the night with AB anymore when she did live here because she was always trying to sneak out to see boys.

Now believe me I know that Regina's not completely innocent but I know she's not drinking and doing drugs and I think she learned her lesson about sex. Well if not, she's on the pill but it also wasn't with a random boy. KWIM?

It just pisses me off because Regina's feelings are hurt.

That brings me to another thing that totally pissed me off the other day. It shouldn't have but it did. I know what I'm about and I know what Regina is about. Yes she did get pregnant at 15 but she was never sneaking out, drinking nor doing drugs. AB's mom is in FL and is freaking out about what AB is doing up here.

Last Thursday night, AB spent the night. Apparently her mom has a GPS on her phone so she tracked her and it said some random address a few blocks north. Her dad said he didn't know where she was, she's supposed to be staying with him (he also drinks and gets high). Oh yeah, AB's mom is a drunk. So her dad finally finds her over here and he and her mom order (mom was on the cell) her to get in the car. Mind you, both her parents know me and know Regina (they have FOR YEARS before Regina got pregnant). The mom and I used to be really friendly.

Come to find out less than 10 minutes later her dad drops her off at Sam's house, doesn't even make her go home with him. Apparently according to AB's mom, she doesn't want her hanging around with Regina because she had a baby. I don't drink nor do drugs but this isn't a suitable environment for AB. What??!!

I was brooding over it for hours. I know it shouldn't have bothered me but it did.

So that's my bi tch fest for now.

What's up with everyone else? lol

I have a complaint about softball too but I'll let that go. ;)

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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 11:15pm

DID YOU KNOW.........????

....Carmen, I'm sorry Regina's 'friend's' parents are such idiots!!

....I hope she gets over it quickly & realises what real friends are about!!

....it's AB's loss really if she wants to hang out with a loser instead of our Regina!!

....Christol, agreed, Craig is also an Azz!!!!

....Ouch on the eye!! I hope it's feeling better now.

....Karol, I can't wait to see the next Grad pics

....Missi, I hope you get the meds sorted, can you reduce your dose until you get settled on it, or does the Dr have a back up plan for if these meds don't do the trick?

....loved your Toy Story pics, that Owie is soooooo cute!!!

....Addison & I went to the Neurologist last Thursday & we finally got a definate Dx of Tourettes Syndrome

....every other Dr has said it looks like it, but wouldn't say for sure, although I've always included it in his list of Dx

....he started on Friday night on Haloperidol

....there are some pretty nasty side effects to look out for, but so far nothing serious, it will take around 3 months though to see the full effects

....it is supposed to help with the tics, rages & lack of sleep

....so far he says he has lost a few tics, but has a new feeling that his face is being stretched & he needs to scrunch it up!! He is happy though with the lack of head shaking, the tic that was really bothering him lately

....he seems to be a little happier in himself too, almost pleasant to have around at times too!!!!

....it turns out that he has likely inherited the TS down jerks side of the family!!! Quite funny to me as my family is all a little "twitchy" with blinking & a couple of other things & he has always put it down to my family being all the ones with the mental health issues!!!

....his sister has a Movement Disorder from the same family as TS & that is the most likely route it has taken, just manifested differently in Addison because TS goes with Autism, also his OCD tendencies are more related to the TS than the Autism!!

....unfortunately it also looks as if Eloise is exhibiting some TS symptoms!!!!!!

....she constantly twirls as she walks, does this funny sniff/rub her nose thing & has recently started saying mmm under her breath all the time. She also has some OCD tendencies

....I spoke to her psych yesterday & we have decided not to tell her

....basically she is desperate to NOT be like Addison at all, he once suggested she had a tic & it really upset her

....also, the OCD stuff is about things always being even & the psych feels it may just be a way of keeping order in the chaos that is life with Addison

....I'm just going to keep an eye on her & try to be ready for when she notices things herself

....one thing that may have made Addison think about his behaviour also happened last week

....he had a meltdown and ended up biting me. Later that

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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 8:56am


...Carmen, I'm SO sorry Regina is hurt, which I know hurts you?

...that just makes me FUME?

...and for the record, I was a really good girl who encountered an unexpected pregnancy, at a young age?

...I worried about my ultra-conservative friends' parents looking down on me?

...and they might have, but I never knew it?

...Carmen, I am SO sorry?

...for the record, I'm very proud of Regina?

...she's a wonderful mommy...because she had a strong maternal role model?


...fake azz friend is right?


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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 12:31pm


...Carmen, I'm sorry Regina is going through girl BS?

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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 1:22pm
The whole "dress your age" thing. I agree with it to a point. Like for example, I think just even if a woman has the body for it, she should not be shopping in the juniors section. At least if she does shop there, it shouldn't look like she did. KWIM? lol I hate when I see a "girl" from behind who looks like she's 15 and then she turns around and she's 40 something.

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Wed, 06-23-2010 - 8:02am

Did you know...

...I'm here, but fair week is kicking our butts?

...we've had