DYK...week of 8/24

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DYK...week of 8/24
Mon, 08-24-2009 - 8:47am

Where have you been and what have you been doing?




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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 9:00am

Did you know...

...Helen, glad you had some time to relax and have fun?

...Carmen, loved the beach pictures.


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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 1:41pm


Helen, so good that you had a little time to relax?

Christol, sounds like you are on your way to get that house sold. Hope it is all going well?

Kelley, so glad to hear that your father is doing well?

Missi, did Natalie go with the Justice backpack or are you still planning on an Ed Hardy one?

She sounds like Lily. Lily can change her mind about items at the drop of a hat?

We signed the girls up for gymnastics on Friday. Their first day is today?

I’m a little apprehensive about Shelly’s experience. She has a male teacher who is a big guy. I am hopeful that she will do okay with it. She can be so shy and apprehensive. I am hopeful that she will respond to it all positively?

Tomorrow is the big day. Lily will head off to 4th grade and Shelly will have a big 30 minute intro to Kindergarten?

They do staggered entry in Kindy. So she goes for 30 minutes tomorrow, no school Wednesday, and then all day Thursday, and no school Friday. Confused yet?

I have really been feeling stressed lately. I reflect so many of my concerns and worries about the girls. I just hope it all goes smoothly?

Oh, we had a neighborhood pool party on Saturday and things actually went fine with the ‘hood moms. I was pleasant and gave them very little to discuss about me?

Ok, better get dressed and take the girls to gymnastics in a little bit?

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 2:55pm


...Karol, your mom would be proud?

...you are such a sensitive and intuitive and caring mom...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, lady?

...your post about kindergarten had me all choked up?

...when Natalie went to Kindy, she was still my baby, (as Owen wasn't here yet) so in essence, I'll have to re-live the emotions of taking my "baby" to kindy ALL over again in a couple of years?

...I SO feel the tug on the heartstrings about that?


...glad your neighborhood stuff is settling down?

...Kelley, your boys' drop-off sounds like fun?


...and I can't believe we have SO many Gifted and Talented kiddos on the board?!

...WAY TO GO, May Babes!?

...good for you for organizing your office?

...don't forget to take before and after pictures?!?

...the Harley theme sounds cool?

...I hear you on Frank wanting to spend time with you?


...Gerad is the same way?

...although, with him, it is really starting to piss me off?

...I mean, he doesn't do a LOT of things with out me, but he does more than I do without him?

...he plays softball, and ...well, I guess that's really it...?

...like yesterday after church...my mom asked the girls to go to the movie with her, and it was one I wanted to see, so I said I'd just go along?

...he acted all POUTY because he "was planning on spending the day with me,"?

...sorry, but WTH?!?

...I NEED a life outside of being a wife and a mother?

...sorry, little bit of a soap box tangent there...and I SO hear you on the ME time thing?

...it's 1:49pm, and one of my favorite times of the day?

...Owen is asleep, kids are at school and my house is QUIET and my own?

...I love my kids, but without a little ME time thrown in there, they can suck the life right out of me?

...Having a fairly non-productive day?

...played outside with Owen?

...researched how to do cool senior pics for my next client, who is really big into tennis?

...thought it'd be lame, but it's going to be pretty cool?

...love a new challenge?

...my friend posted her son's senior pictures (that I posted on my page as well, that you all saw) on FB and I had a call from a friend of hers to schedule HER son's pictures as well, within MINUTES of her posting them?

...I'm thinking I could dig the senior pictures route?

...I raised my prices too?

...eek...adds pressure to perform, but if I don't continue to stretch my abilities, I'll never improve?

...that, and a little laundry...that's my day?


...happy Monday?

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 4:26pm


Kelley, you aren't talking to yourself...I'm listening :0) I hope your dad doesn't have anymore problems. I'm sorry you are not feeling well. At least you have a nice quiet house to get better in. My cousin's oldest son is in football this year. It is cute to see the little kids in all those big pads. Can't wait to see the new office.

Karol, Arionna had a male teacher for gymnastics when she was younger. The only way I could get her to go was to tell her Mr. Bob was waiting for her. Of course, she was devastated when they changed teachers and Miss Helen was there instead of Mr. Bob :\ Can't wait to hear how the first day goes...and see pics, of course! Her staggered entry is really confusing! Arionna went on Thursday, but not Friday. Today was the whole class. Glad you had a good weekend with the girls from the 'hood.

Missi, love that you have branched out into Senior pictures. I will definately be meeting you in Eastern CO in 2 years! There is a May Mom discount, right? ;)

Helen, glad you had a nice weekend. How are things going with Addison? Kaylee FINALLY got her door put back on this weekend...hopefully it stays there for awhile!

Things have been GREAT with Chance working from home. He has to drive up to Longmont most of this week. They are shutting down the office and he has to get all the computers ready to ship to TX.

Kaylee has been driving. Mostly with Chance (just has worked out that way), but this weekend she drove me to Target. She didn't pretty good...only a few times I had to hold my breath, lol.

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 8:20pm


Only have a few min before I get ready to head back to work...but since everyone was coming out to play, I figured i would to?

Kelley, i am thinking of you and your dad?

Karol, I tend to overthink situations and then the girls end up suprising me?

I hope the male gymnastic teacher goes over well with her?

B was nervous about her male school teacher the first year she had one but she ended up loving him, surprised me b/c I thought for sure it would be hard for....she has asked for the male teachers every year since then, lol?

I can't believe so many of our babies are heading off to K this year!?

Marie, I just can't get over that we have an older kid driving on the board YIKES?

Last night two of my coworkers were telling me that a few girls in the Jr High (the one B would go to next year if we stayed here) are pregger's and that their kids told them they got preg at school!?

Makes me wanna cry?

Ok, I really don't know how I went from driving to pregnancy in .02...totally unrelated, but I guess I was just thinking about them growing up and that came to mind, lol?

Had an incident with two teenage boys the other day that also made me realize that B and friends are getting older and has warrented some VERY serious discussion with B?

Missi, I think it is cool that you are doing Sr pics...I LOVED the ones you put on FB?

Can't wait to see the tennis ones and see what creative thing you come up with for that?

Work tonight and then off until Sat...I have a crappy schedule this round...I work EVERY weekend but one in five weeks?

I mentioned to my manager the other night that she was "very not nice" to me this schedule, said she was "super nice" last schedule but must have decided she didn't like me this time, lol...she said "well, you are going to hate me when you see the next one"?

I asked if she had me every weekend again...and I think she did, but I think she may have changed it once I showed her what she did to me this month, lol....haven't seen the schedule yet though?

But she said "no, I have you as scrub a lot on the next schedule".....she ended up telling me that they fired one of our scrubs....I am pretty sad about it....I know it was coming but it is a sad situaiton?

Plus, I HATE scrubbing, rofl?

Ok, guess I am off to get ready.....fingers crossed that it is a decent night?





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Tue, 08-25-2009 - 12:26am

Did you know...

...I'm listening too Kelley;)?

...love the office theme, can't wait to see photos?

...and, another May babe in the G&T program, that's AWESOME?

...your drop off sounds like a DRAG!?!?

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Tue, 08-25-2009 - 10:37am

DID YOU KNOW.......??

....So good to see some of you back on the board

....I guess the end of summer is a busy time!

....someone asked when our long break is..we get 6 weeks over Christmas

....nothing as long as you get, I think I would go mad if I had to entertain the kids for 3 months!!

....we have 4 10 week terms with 2 weeks between each, then our Summer holiday starts about 5 days before Christmas & we go back in the first week of February.

....we are actually halfway through term 3 now

....on Monday night Eloise sang with her school "Proms Choir" at a big Education Department event

....there were around 10 schools, each had around 10-15 kids in the combined choir. Then some other schools had a String Ensemble, a Jazz Band, a Rock Band, an R&B vocal ensemble & a couple of soloists on various instruments

....there are actually 4 concerts with different schools each night

....it was a great event & Eloise had a fabulous time

....she is so focused when she is on stage, a lot of the kids were fidgety, but the minute the music started she was just focused on the conductor

....it helped that the venue was the same as where we have our dancing Christmas concert, so she was very comfortable

....and, as I'm always a dresser at the concert, it was great to be in the audience!!

.....over the weekend Addison did the 40 hour Famine, do you have that there?

....basically you get people to sponsor you to raise money for starving kids in Africa

....then you don't eat from 8pm Friday till 12pm Sunday!!

....he made it!!!! Even with us going to a barbeque on Saturday!!!

....I collected some of the food he liked & we took it home for him to eat when he could on Sunday!!!

....I was worred he would make himself sick eating it all as soon as he could, but he didn't!!

....He raised $125!!!!!

....today I got a phone call for Eloise!!! She entered an Ice Age 3 competition when we went to the movies to see Hannah Montanna. You had to

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Tue, 08-25-2009 - 11:04am


...Helen, congrats to Eloise on the win?

...and to Addison as well.


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Tue, 08-25-2009 - 11:22am


...I did it?

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Tue, 08-25-2009 - 11:34am


Karol, I hope Shelley had a good intro to kindie this morning. I have been thinking about her.

I bet Lily's doing great! :)

Ya know, I just think that little intro to kindie just causes the kids to be confused. What do you think?

On the other hand, I don't think Joey did very well last year when he was just thrown into a full day/full week right away. But that's Joey. lol

Speaking of Joey, I had a dream last night that he disappeared. I was FREAKING out in my dream. I ended up waking up at 5:45 and not being able to go back to sleep. I had to go in and check on him. I hate dreams like that!

We went school supply shopping yesterday at Big Lots. We bought a few other non-school supply items but still ended up spending $86! I *did* buy two packs of scrapbook paper for $5 each. The paper is so cute! I love me some paper! lol

I have been really into making cards lately.

My Grandma had a Stampin' Up Party a couple weeks ago. I had never heard of SU but they have so CUTE stuff. I ordered Halloween stamps.

Hmmmm I can't find the stamps I ordered online. Here's a link to someone's blog that shows a project with the Twick or Tweet stamp with a bird that I love!


This is the demonstrator's website.

I'm having a small shower for Regina at our house with just her friends so I have to make invitations for that.

Devin's mom is throwing the other shower at her friend's house and we're inviting the adult women in both families and close friends. We'll see how that goes. You all *know* how I am when it comes to parties and showers. She better not make this weird. I am in charge of the cake and balloons. Actually I'll probably make cupcakes. ;)

I've also decided to throw a little Halloween - pre-trick-o-treating party so the kids can eat dinner. We'll play a couple games too, have little goodie bags (not too much candy though).

So more invitations to make, yay!!!

Missi, not to brag, but add Rhiannon to the gifted/talented group. It's called AT (Academically Talented). They offer it for Language Arts and Math and she's in both. My little smarty farty as I call her. lol

Missi and Kelley, your stories are one thing that makes me glad to not be married. I have the kids needing my attention all day/everyday. At least when they go to bed or they go somewhere, I have ME time.

Sounds cool that you're branching out to senior pics.

I'll have to check your FB, I missed the pics.

Kelley, I hope your dad is still doing okay and he continues without anymore serious problems.

Marie, I'm glad you're in the teen driving boat with me. OMGosh!!! I can hardly take it. I am so impatient when it comes to driving. Regina does pretty well but I still can't take it. lol

She gets so mad at me.

Christy, getting pregnant AT school??!! WTH??!! I just don't get that. But Regina DID tell me stories about her middle school just like that. Kids getting caught doing stuff in the bathrooms. Seriously?

Christol, Regina is 29 weeks. (EEK!!! *I'm* getting a little nervous now). She has been pretty witchy but I guess that's to be expected. Poor Joey gets the brunt of it. He HAS been extra annoying lately. He's been very weird and silly and very LOUD while doing it. It's time for him to back to school!

You DID have a busy weekend. Wow!

Why does Craig want to take them to a wedding anyway? I would rather go to weddings kid-free, especially one where they don't even know the people.

Helen, I am close to going mad having the kids home all summer. lol!!!

Wow that's impressive that Addison did the famine.

How awesome that Eloise won the prize!!! What a cute answer.

Yes, we haven't a very hot summer here at all. I have heard it's supposed to be a mild winter. I HOPE SO!!!! Last year, there was entirely way too much snow.

I better get off here and get my butt outside to do that yard work I've been putting off.