Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!

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Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 4:32pm

Yay, September is here!!!

What are your fall plans?

Good Bye, dear summer!!!!

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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 7:19am


...OMG, Christol?!?!

...WTH were those two parents thinking?!?!

...I mean, I know it happens, but at a gathering that was intended for the kids?

...you're right...that's going to mess a few kids up?

...I had to smile at the thought of your dress dropping on the dance floor?

...what a gentleman, not to spread that??

...lucky some punks didn't see...or worse, today, someone would probably capture it and put it online?  :/

...so everything is looking up around here?

...of course I got my meds.... :smileywink:

...but Mariah passed her compass test?

...they used her truck in the homecoming parade?

...she skipped XC practice to take the test, but made it for the parade and bonfire?

...I stayed up and helped her study for her World History exam today?

...hope she does ok on that?

...the dress should be here by Friday?

...so that's a load off too?

...thank goodness Natalie has her stuff together right now?!?  :smileywink:

...today I'm doing a boudoire shoot for my friend while Owen is in school?

...I could REALLY use a breather, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards right now?

...today, after I get Owen, I've got to make a big batch creamy Italian chicken, and homemade mac'n'cheese for the pasta dinner?

...then I'm home FREE?!?!?

...my mom is off work tomorrow, so she'll get Owen from Kindergarten for me, and that breather I'm so desperately needing...yeah?!?!

...she downsized, and moved into a little maintenance provided villa 5 minutes from me, and can I say...it's heaven?!?!?

...*knock on wood*


...I'm going to see if my niece will let me practice on her hair tonight, since Mariah doesn't have time to lend me her head between now and homecoming, and I do not want to run into any hiccups when I'm doing her hair Saturday night?

...I called off the stylist?

...ultimately, Mariah's hair is SO thick and heavy, but fine in spots (around her face), that it's really hard to get a consistent curl?

...they just slide out?

...she knows how to get a curl to hold with her curling wand, so rather than risk paying $40 for someone who doesn't "know" her hair, we'll just do it at home?

...going to borrow my friend's pinky red polish?

...can't seem to find the perfect red for her toes?

...she wants red, but I want a hint of pink...you know...?

...so yeah, details, details?  :smileywink:

...I can NOT believe those XC kids wanted to use Mariah's truck for the parade?!?!

...it cracks me up?

...she gets so much attention over that truck?

...that 18 year old truck?!?!

...who would have thought, that when she picked that out as her first car when she was SIX, that she would actually be driving it?

...I mean, who would have thought it would even still be running?!?!  lol

...she loves it?

...you couldn't have PAID me to drive that thing in high school?

...but for some odd reason, she loves it, and apparently others think it's pretty ok too?  lol

...cracks me up?

...my dad is tickled pink?

...I'm sure I've told you before, so pardon the repeat?

...the truck was my granddad's?

...bought new in '94?

...he passed away in '99 and other than a short stent up here with us, it has SAT for 10+ years in my grandma's driveway because my dad was so heartbroken over the unexpected loss of his dad, he couldn't bear seeing it around town, being driven?

...and I'm not sure I really believe this, but hear me out...

...my granddad was an amazing man?

...contagious belly laughter, always smiling, monster bear hugs...just a great guy?

...and I swear I can feel him...through Mariah...when she's driving the truck?

...I get an odd sense of peace about her in that truck?

...Gerad reminds me of my granddad?

...and Mariah reminds me of Gerad?

...so I guess there is the connection?

...but my baby girl literally picked that truck out when she was 6 because that was her favorite color of blue?

...it's come full circle, and it's almost a weird deja vous or something to see her actually driving it?


...and best of all...it was free!?!  :smileywink:

...ok, I'd best get off here, Mariah needs the computer for an assignment?

...Happy Thursday??

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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 11:12pm
...Kelley, I'm taking a Women's Studies Class? It fills the requirement for social studies and something else that I need?
...not really loving it, but I don't typically like social studies classes so I'm not surprised?
...Glad you found an IRL me, she sounds awesome:smileywink:
...seriously though, we all need a friend we can count on and I'm glad she's been there for you?
...Missi, when it rains it pours huh?
...hugs on the family situation? Hope it works out?
...I hope the size 3 gets here in time? This coming from a girl who had her strapless dress hit her tummy my junior year and I wasn't wearing a bra?
...ummmm, yeah:smileywink:
...luckily I caught it quick and it was on the dance floor? Only one person commented at school so I think he was the only one who saw? I was MORTIFIED?!?!
...also hope the grades make the move back up?
...tell Mariah not to stress about the test? Typically most kids do bomb the first time with any of them?
...ACTs are proven that the second time your score will go up at least 2 points?
...I miss our first home (here) not being busy too?
...although I haven't contributed much lately?
...super busy at work and home?
...I've recovered from this weekend and am heading into another crazy?
...Tonight was Claire's confirmation orientation?
...Tomorrow is Max's rehearsal and confirmation dinner? AND Alanna's birthday so I need to rush home and make her dinner that I always make? Her DH is out of town and truthfully, I'm the one who "does" her birthday every year?
...Friday not too bad? Pedi and dinner with the kids for my birthday?
...Saturday, Claire is dancing in a parade? Going out with the girls Saturday night?
...Confirmation for Max on Sunday with 30 people for dinner?
...making red and white sauce since they can be in the crockpot?
...won't get back here until 6?
...have to figure out dessert too?
...want some dirty gossip??
...hockey parents got divorced?
...know why?
...they were at a cabin weekend with a bunch of baseball parents and she was caught coming out of the shower with another Dad by some of the kids?!?!?! Not her own?!?!?
...can you say BRUTAL!?
...I said, "another scarred 40 something guy who hates women into the dating pool"? Did I mention he's HOT?!
...again, brutal?
...better scoot, need to finish the lemon cookies I'm making for Alanna to drop off in the a.m.?
...Hope you're all having a great night?
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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 7:05am


...where is everyone?

...I miss this thread being super active?

...of course, I'm loving the action on fb too, but like people have said before, this is our first home?

...so come out and play with me?

...I'm hanging in there?

...by a thread?

...  :smileywink:

...got the dress fiasco covered last night?

...if you all have Von Maur's near you, their customer service is OUTSTANDING?!?!?!

...so the dress we bought Mariah was a tad on the roomier side?

...then she, oops, lost some weight?

...now she can't keep it up?

...I called Von Maur, explained what happened, and that the dance is SATURDAY?

...a fabulous lady named Katharine said I have two options...to have a dress overnighted to me, or to bring it back and have their tailors alter it?

...I took Mariah to the compass test, that she bombed and has to take again tonight, along with the dress so we could have Von Maur's tailors take a look?

...well, after she bombed the test...she's in pre-calculus...the compass test is what she described as 8th grade math, but she'd forgotten it all?

...  :smileysad:

...not what my girl needed?!?!?

...so, it was dumb to send her in to test blind?

...so she wasn't in any state of mind to head out to von maur?

...at this point I'm thinking we'll just pin the dress to her bra and hope for the best?

...so I get home and call Von Maur?

...now keep in mind, I've called the store 4 times today, each time they transfer me right to Katherine?

...she "knows," me and knows my situation?

...she located the other dress, but I'm thinking it will cost $50 to overnight it to me?

...nope, Von Maur's shipping in this case is free, I just have to pay any overages for the expedited shipping?

...which only came to $15?

...so I'm keeping the 5 in case the 3 doesn't come in, but I dealt with that without imposing on my already stretched too thin daughter?

...and what a blessing they were?!?!

...I am officially impressed?

...Mariah's grades are suffering?


...she's ranked #2 in her class of 309 kids, but she's got a C and a D, currently?

...I about puked when I saw that?

...gonna help her study tonight for the C class?



...well, apparently I can't sleep past 5 am anymore?

...so I made some bacon, and now I'll make some eggs and toast to go with it for the kiddos' breakfast?

...better get crackin'?

...pun totally intended?  :smileywink:

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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 7:03am



...can I just say that?


...Christol, your weekend sounded insane?!?!

...have you recovered?

...sounds a BIT like our weekend coming up?

...Saturday is this:  2 XC meets, one football game, one back handspring clinic, and still finding time for hair, nails, etc for Homecoming?

...Thursday is anothe crazy day for me?

...shoot in the am, have to cook the equivalent of 4 meals for the pasta dinner in the afternoon?

...tonight Mariah takes the compass test for her college courses?

...she had an epiphany last night after yet another missed assignment?

...she's pulling it together?

...she can do this, she just has to DROP everything that doesn't count, right now?

...no tv, no internet, no social until the work is done?

...I think we'll hit a groove after Homecoming?

...and another gear will come when XC is over?

...I've never wished XC to be over but yowza, I'm thinking she needs the break?

...so glad she doesn't have a job!!?

...Nat seems to be adjusting very well to 7th grade?

...that's the thing about my two...Mariah is KNOWN for having it all together, Natalie appears to be more of a screw off, but in reality, Nat has her stuff together, she just makes it seem easy?

...her gymnastics are progressing rather quickly, so that's exciting too?

...some extended family stuff is hitting the fan, and it's making my tummy hurt?

...nothing I can talk about, out of respect for the family, but my kids keep saying, "Mom, are you crying, or is that your allergies?"

...thinking about replying, "Stinkin' allergies!"?

... :smileyhappy:

...there is a cloud over our board, isn't it?

...what the heck?

...I think it's the transition/stress of the time of year, don't you?



...well, I'd best go make sure everyone is up?

...today is my catch up day?

...because it's crazy for the rest of the week?!?!

...happy Tuesday, ladies??

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 8:19pm

DYK I thought I'd pop in to say hi?

We are crazy busy?

Cole and Noah both had their first games this past Saturday, both at  10 am, different locations?

The plan was for Frank to coach Cole and me to cheer for Noah?

That plan was revised when I went to leave the house and had not one, but TWO flat tires?

Frank was being calm and saying, "Just let me think"?

I said, "I've got this" and called my IRL Christol, lol, aka Carrie?

She has a boy playing the game before Cole and one on Noah's team?

She agreed to take me from Cole's game to Noah's?

Her sons game went down to the wire so she stayed as long as she could.  We made it to the jr high game by half time?

Noah won, Cole lost?

I missed seeing Cole score the extra point?  :smileysad:

I was pms'ing and, yes, I shed a few tears?

Cole plays Wednesday and Noah Thursday so we will both get to see both boys play this week?

Carmen, did you enjoy your Layla time?

Missi, I'm sure Mariah will be fine once she settles into a routine?

Helen, how has Eloise adjusted to not dancing with the witches?

Christol, what class you taking this semester?

Lauri, congrats on getting your RE license?

Karol, LOVED the cheer pics of Shelly?

I'll try to find some more time to post?

I barely have time to read anymore?

Have a great week?




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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 6:07pm

Christol, I'm officially exhausted by your weekend. It sounds fun though.

I'm glad Max enjoyed his birthday! And Annie too.

Even though your description of your weeked tired me out, I'm slightly jealous you always have social things to do.

I feel like I don't really have any friends here to"hang out" with.

Layla is here again. Haha! Regina has class on Monday nights.

Rhiannon had a scrimmage today. I didn't realize parents could go so I didn't. If you didn't see on Facebook, she made the A team. :smileyhappy: I'm so proud of her!

I had to pick up Joey from my mom's anyway. She let him stay home because his throat and head hurt. Ugh. He doesn't pull that crap with me.

I'm going to start giving him allergy medicine and see how that goes.

So I originally thought Rhiannon only had games on Thursdays which is when Joey's games are. Rhiannon has games on Tuesdays though also. I'm so glad. So I can go to her games on Tuesdays. And I won't have to miss any of Joey's games because he can't handle it.

Joey did well in his first ever soccer game last week. He's just not naturally athletic like Rhiannon is. He's just kind of awkward right now. It makes me kind of sad. I hope he grows into his body better. I'd love for him to just keep improving at soccer. He is doing well though. :smileyhappy: Ack! I just feel so much more protective of him than I have of the girls.

I'm ready for bed! Haha!

I'm so glad my summer work schedule is over! We were working so much due to student apartment turnovers.

I've started my sorority house again. And I have several residential homes now. I like my schedule pretty much.

I'm making more money and that's great. But this isn't a forever job so I'm still looking for something else.

Alrighty, Layla wants to eat. Hope everyone had a nice Monday. :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 12:32pm
Ok, Christol, I am officially exhausted from your weekend!!!!?

Whoa girl, take it easy and rest today!!!?
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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:47pm


...Lauri, I was wondering how many hours your RE course is? 

...Missi, I completely agree about running in the dark..not cool?  I hope the coach changes the schedule?

...Karol, how was Shelly's cheering this weekend?

...Carmen, been crossing my fingers things go well for Regina and that Layla adjusts?

...bet it was nice spending time with Grandma this weekend:smileyhappy:

...My weekend was a whirlwind? 

...Claire had try-outs and had to grab her at 7?  Ran to Target for a few last minute things?  Made the white sauce and started the cookies for Max's party?

...Max had 3 guys spend the night after the football game Friday night?  Picked them up at 10:30 and they opted to eat at McDonalds instead of ordering pizza?

...finished the cookies and climbed into bed around 12:30?

...Up at 9:15 to get Claire ready and to try-outs?

...came home and made waffles, eggs and bacon for the sleeping boys?

...ordered pizza to arrive for the noon party?

...party from 12-3?

...cooked from 3-7 for Annie's party in addition to helping set up the yard and string all the lights?  Alanna was my sous chef and helped by doing dishes as I finished with a pan which was a HUGE help?

...I ended up making what would come out to 3 pans of lasagna, Parmarosa shrimp pasta, Italian Chicken pasta and vegi pasta?  Caesar salad, caprese salad and garlic bread rounded out the menu?

...The Evening In Tuscany SURPRISE at 7:20 was a success?  She was completely surprised?  I picked that theme because she wanted to go to Italy for her 40th?   Last guests left at 2:15?

...Up at 9 to clean up?  Grabbed Claire from Tina's, had to break the news she didn't make it and watch the slow tears fall from her eyes?  That was HORRIBLE? I explained that she was essentially trying out for a HS team as a 7th grader and they thought that next year she'd make it with no problem?  I wonder a little bit if her age did come into play? 

...picked up pie, had lunch and stopped at Target again for lunch stuff?

...laundry, more house cleaning, Orange Chicken dinner at 6, more cleaning and I'm ready to hit the WALL?

...BUT both Max and Annie had a fabulous birthday?

...I surprised Max with the bike he wanted?

...Dylan/Tina paid $150 towards it because of Dylan's accident with Max's original bike?

...I was a little disappointed with Craig because he didn't stay for dinner tonight?  He left at 5:45, WTH??

...Max's highlight of the weekend though was Dylan texting this morning and telling him Happy Birthday and saying that he was sorry to miss the day with him?

...so that's it?  I need to be studying but I thnk my pillow needs my head more:smileywink:

...Hope your week starts out fantastic?!?

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 7:26pm

I had to take notes on paper so I remembered what I wanted to say since I'm on my phone and not on my laptop. I need to get internet installation set up!

I'm sitting here while Layla is in the tub. Regina has to work tonight and tomorrow at 7:00.

Missi, I don't think the kids should have practice in the dark mornings either! Not safe! I don't see any reason that it would conflict with football.

Reading Mariah's dating story...I'm not ready for Rhiannon to start dating but I'm looking forward to her having a "normal" hs experience; like you know, not having a baby her sophomore year.

Christol, sorry Max didn't get a back study but at least you got the xrays.

Lauri, I'm glad you guys had such a nice summer. I hope the boys had a good first week of school.

So cool you're getting your realtor's license!

So crazy about that murder and so strange your ILs didn't call you!

Karol, Regina and Layla are doing well I guess. I haven't been back over to their house since they moved in.

One thing I know, Layla doesn't get bathed enough. I used to get on Regina about doing it more when they still lived here. She's so lazy!

Layla is doing well at daycare from what Regina says.

Regina has classes everyday. I hope she learns how to manage her time.

Her one roomate, Annabeth, who is also her bff, is already getting on her nerves. AB is nice and I know she really cares about R and L but she is a bugaboo type person, very in your face.

Shelly is the cutest little cheerleader! :smileyhappy:

Okay, I'll be back. Gotta get the munchkin out of the tub.

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 8:49am
It's late Friday night here. ********Eloise is at a sleepover tonight, then I'm picking her up at 11 tomorrow to go to Mums as it's her birthday. ******Then, at 1:15 she's off to some trial classes at a new dance school!!!!! ******Sunday we have nothing!!!