Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!

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Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 4:32pm

Yay, September is here!!!

What are your fall plans?

Good Bye, dear summer!!!!



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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 7:52am


...GOOOOD Friday morning, ladies?!?!?

...how's the week been treating you?

...what's your weekend looking like?

...ours is full...really full?

...home football game tonight?

...Natalie's playing in the pep band?

...tomorrow both girls have xc meets?

...NO events on the calendar for Sunday?


...could use a breather?

...weather is supposed to be cooler for the meets on Saturday?

...the times are staggered so we'll be able to both without splitting up?

...however, with one at 9 and one at 4, in opposite directions...it will eat up the entire day?

...I'm so worried about Mariah?

...her work load this year is INSANE?!?!?

...I keep telling myself she'll settle in to a routine, but holy crow??!?!

...up past 11 every night doing homework?

...she had the XC pasta dinner last night, got home, worked on homework until after 11, and had BEFORE school practice?

...so she was up by 5:30?

...she asked me to make her a coffee on her way out the door?

...I hate that she needs it, but I did it for her anyway?

...Gerad's a little annoyed by the coach putting before school practices on Friday's, after pasta dinners?

...plus, now it means they're running in the dark, and he doesn't like that for safety reasons?

...they do it because of the football games, but you know what?

...practice gets out at 5, games don't start until 7, sure band kids have to be there by 6:30, but I think it's doable?

...Gerad is NEVER one to question the coach, but he's itching to email him?

...I'm thinking once he realizes how DARK it is when his kids are out running, he'll call off before school practices?

...Fresh/Soph years they only had before school practices the first week or two of school, then they went to all after school?

...so we'll see if he calls it off after today?

...I mean, the coaches ride their bikes with the kids, but there are 60+ kids on the team, there's no way they can monitor all of them?

...and they don't run at the school, they run out 2-3 miles and run back, so I have to worry about them being hit by a car in the dark too?

...NONE of the kids wear, or even have reflective wear?!

...ok, I'll stop complaining?  :smileywink:

...hoping this is the last AM practice though?

...and hoping Mariah can get a grip on her school work?

...she said the saying is this, "Welcome to Junior year.  1.  Good grades?  2.  Social life?  3.  Sleep?  Pick two?


...so far, that's right?

...ok gotta get crackin'?

...got up waaaay too early this am, thought I could knock out some editing?

...no such luck?

...been farting around on the net all morning?

...hopefully I'll have a productive morning after I drop Owen off?

...happy TGIF ladies??

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 7:14am
Oh crap. I have scoliosis, but it hasn't been a problem. Well, at least you got xrays?

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Re: Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 1:37am
Back study was DENIED.
We knew he had slight scoloisis, like I do, but the Xrays indicate close to a 20% curvature. They are worried because he has at least another 4 inches that it "could" be a problem.
They referred him to his primary who will refer him to an ortho I'm assuming.
He'll probably/hopefully end up like me who ended up with xrays until he's done growing.
Bummer is...NO treatment to help with the stretching.
Good news, they included the xrays to bring with to the doctor since our insurance doesn't cover xrays at all:smileysad:
Always something isn't it??