Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!

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Hello September D-Y-Ks!!!!
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 4:32pm

Yay, September is here!!!

What are your fall plans?

Good Bye, dear summer!!!!



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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 7:02pm

Carmen, here's the link: 


 and the name of the dip on there is Sweet and Sour Chicken dip. it is just really yummy and different. I have made just the topping part and put it in lettuce for a lettuce wrap similar to PF Chang's.

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 6:21pm
Karol, what's the address to your recipe blog? The Asian chicken dip sounds good.

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 1:53pm

Christol, can’t wait to hear about the dates. Hope they are both a big success and leave you wondering whom you’ll choose!!!?

Shelly cheers through a community program with the school. The football players are a team made up of boys from her elementary?

Lauri, way to go on the real estate class. Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but I took the real estate classes in Virginia (years ago) and had a license with which I did nothing!?

I was teaching and thought it would be a nice back up job in the summer. But, I never used it?

Carmen, hope your head is feeling better. Some nights it feels good to take some Advil and head to bed. Hope you were able to do that?

Missi, I love Mariah’s attitude!!!!?

How is Natalie feeling? So many changes and at the beginning of the school year it can be hard to figure it all out?

I met with the teacher who did some initial testing for Shelly last year and with her current teacher?

We agreed that I should submit a letter requesting testing for her. I submitted the letter on Wednesday and they have the wheels in motion?

So, while she is receiving interventions in the classroom, they will begin the testing process. Who knows what the results will show, but I would hate to overlook anything and have her completely lost?

Tomorrow we are going to see my nephew’s college football team play. He was injured in practice and won't play for awhile, but we are still looking forward to the game?

We are excited because my dad, sister, BIL, and niece will also be there! Can’t wait to see everyone?

I’ve been making things for the tailgate?

I’m bringing fruit, caramel dip, marshmallow creamy fruit dip, Asian chicken dip, and red velvet cupcakes?

My sister is in charge of sandwiches, cookies, and macaroni salad?

Should be a fun day?

Hope everyone is ready for a great weekend and eager to welcome the Fall season?

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 3:17pm
Carmen, I wouldn't beat yourself up about sports either. He will find his path. Look at Cody, he won the state geography bee! He was never sports coordinated do he found something else:smileyhappy:
As for dinner.. Kids suck:smileywink:. Keep trying they'll come around eventually or be hungry.
I got your headache! WOW do I feel like crap! Better than this morning but not much. Stayed home and have slept most of the day.
Missi, poor Mariah. Glad she could laugh at herself. All you can do when you fall.
I am guessing that's what attracted the boy to her:smileyhappy:.
Claire did another taste testing last night for $35. We went to the mall and had dinner together at a restaurant. Struck me how grown up she is becoming:smileysad:.
She wants to join girl scouts after school. Not jazzed about cookie sales but I won't say no.
Claire is volunteering at church tonight so I better get myself presentable because I have to pick her up.
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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 1:47pm


...Carmen, I hope your headache is better?

...and please don't beat yourself up about Joey and sports?

...I tend to think that kids find their way, and in my experience, they are who they are...our impact on things such as sports, actually impacts them minimally?

...they all find their way?

...Christol, you GO girl?!?!?!

...DO...back to back dates?

...and guy number one sounds promising??

...crossing my fingers for you?

...OUCH about the fall?

...Mariah did that in XC yesterday?

...hit her shoulder, scuffed it up, and her hand?

...she laughed it off...said she ate it at practice?

...she's hilarous?

...told her boyfriend that she ate it...friends there saying, "Yeah she did!  We saw it..."....not sure he's quite sure what to make of her just yet?


...I love that she can laugh at herself?

...and with me as a mom, she's gonna have to be that way?

...so, news about Nat, that I'll have to share on our super secret fb board?  :smileywink:


...well, now that I mentioned that, it's all I can think of, so I'll go post it there?



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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 7:37pm

I made this orange ginger chicken stir fry for dinner tonight. I just use a bottle of sauce. Nothing fancy and it'd be healthier and probably tastier if I made the sauce myself. Anyway...the kids were outside and they came in to eat and Rhiannon said it smelled good. I asked Joey if he wanted chicken or just broccoli rice and sauce. He threw a fit and acted like I made the grossest dinner ever. Mind you, he's eaten this many times and liked it. So guess who didn't eat dinner tonight? And guess whose mom does NOT care? LOL That kid drives me nuts sometimes!

Ugh, I have a migraine-ish headache that won't go away. And see what a nice mom I am, I made dinner anyway!

So the sports talk here reminds me of how I've been feeling about Joey. He did do t-ball for two years then he did pitching machine baseball for one. He didn't like it. Then he didn't play a sport for two years. Now he's doing soccer and he's doing alright. He's very out of shape right now and I feel awful about that. He's kind of awkward too. I feel like it's totally my fault that he's not more sporty.

Ok, I'll have to come back. This headache is really bothering me.

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 3:54pm
WOW Lauri, you're lucky. Our RE class is 3-30 hour classes. You typically take your tests (we had a state and a national) after the 1st class and I can't imagine taking that course on-line because it was a LOT to digest. Good luck, I hope it's a LOT of review for you on the test.
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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 12:04pm


...YAY, iviillage is no longer blocked from work??

...It's a nice way to spend my break and usually when I catch up with you ladies:smileyhappy:?

...I have a date?!?  Next Wednesday?  He wanted to do it sooner but I'm kinda busy this week and tomorrow is my only "free" night and I didn't want to give it up?

...he had IM'd me a couple of weeks ago but was going out of town?  He tried to IM the other night, I ignored?  He IM'd again last night and I accepted?

...he remembered a few things from our brief IMing 2 weeks ago so that impressed me?

...he also lives a solid 40 minutes from my house which I told him was a problem because I'm based here and don't typically date guys more than 15-20?  He didn't hesitate and said that if our first date went well, he'd do the driving to town?

...we're gonna meet half way?

...so that's that, jumping back in?  Hopefully he's not a faaareak:smileywink:

...got another guy who also wants to go out?  I'm half tempted to do back to back just to see how that works?

...my Saturday night dancing involved this dude who has had a crush on me FOREVER?  And, I am NOT interested?  He emailed and asked if I wanted to go out sometime on Sunday?  Had to say, thanks but no thanks?  Super nice guy but I am absolutely NOT attracted to him?  Put it this way, I had a few cocktails Saturday, he's a massage therapist part-time, I had sore shoulders and hand and I declinced a chair massage:smileywink:

...The reason why I had a sore hand was because I came out of the restaurant that was serving as the restroom for the outdoor thing and they had removed the top half of the temporary fencing but hadn't yet removed the bottom base piping?  Tripped over the piping and hit the ground hard?  I think everyone tripped at one point in the night but I was the only one who hit the cement?  Luckily didn't rip my jeans and only hurt my hand?  Just call me Grace:smileywink:

...also have some weird crap going on the MN board?  I'm not a fan AT all of what it is and as far as I can tell I am the only one so I'll be keeping my mouth shut but it's a big enough thing that I don't know that I want to hang with these people any longer? 

...Lauri, have you started your class yet?

...Kelley, settling in so you can some and play with us?

...Carmen, how's Regina doing??  Is Layla adjusting ok?

...Helen, how is girlie liking her new studio??

...Missi, how did the sexy photos go??

...Karol, is Shelly's cheerleading through a "club" or the cheerleaders at the HS?

...ok, back to work?  :smileyhappy:

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 10:34am
Missi, I am the girl who is emotional when I am tired. Add frustrated and you might see tears.
Claire is "friendly" with people but she still doesn't have besties and although she avoids drama my heart still hearts just a bit that she isn't having all the slumber party fun.
Hope your hip feels better. Do you have one of those memory foams on your bed? That helped me HUGE!!

Gotta scoot. Happy hump day:smileyhappy:
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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 8:58am


...once again, the Lily/Mariah, Shelly/Natalie similarities impress me?

...school just never came easily for Natalie?

...of course, she was diagnosed ADHD, and once we started treating that, now it comes even more easily for her than it does Mariah?

...so I'm sure you'll figure out what makes Shelly tick...sometimes it's just different approaches for different kids?

...and my two girls couldn't possibly be any more DIFFERENT, if they tried?

...so (((hugs))) to you on that?

...I know the feeling?

...Christol, Max will get his skate legs back in no time?

...I feel his frustration, though?

...the coaches will learn, very soon, what an awesome player he is, and what an even greater kid?

...coaches seem to notice that character, and love that on a team?

...Max seems like a natural leader, too?

...I hope you're right about the pushing hard, making her cry thing, Christol?

...I think you may be right?

...she does seem to be a little emotional at the end of every race?

...again, she couldn't be more different from Mariah?

...Mariah is calm and focused, and rarely emotional?

...Natalie is all emotions...OY?

...gonna take some getting used to?  :smileywink:

...Natalie is also more social than Mariah was in 7th grade?

...I remember going to meets when Mariah was in 7th, and she'd hang with us...kids would try to talk to her and she'd hardly respond?

...finally I told her, "Mariah!!  People like you!!  Start speaking back to them!"

...and that was a real turn around point for her?

...and people really do seem to migrate toward her now?

...hopefully Nat will find her niche soon?

...it's NOT XC? 


...well, we tried?

...ok, well I'd best get my gym clothes on?

...my hip has been KILLING me?

...like can't stand, can't sit, can't lay...constant ache?

...the only thing I've found to help it is weight training?

...so no running for me, until I build up the muscle around it?

...gonna go do the climber and legs and abs?

...last time I started concentrating on that, it got better?

...gonna have to have that checked out, someday?  :smileysad:

...Happy Hump Day ladies!!?!?  :smileywink: