Late August DYKs????

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Late August DYKs????
Sun, 08-19-2012 - 10:14am

Hi ladies!

Back at school? If not, when do the kiddos head back? How are things going?



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Sun, 08-19-2012 - 11:51am

Hi Ladies!

How was Owen’s birthday party, Missi?

Carmen, how is the house hunting coming along? Hope you find the perfect place?

Has Regina moved, yet?

Christol, how was the girls’ weekend in the cabin?

It always sounds like the perfect little break?

Lauri, you guys look like you’ve had a great summer. So many fun photos?

So cool about the trip to Cedar Point?

Kimberly, have you guys finished up the pool, yet?

Can’t wait to see the pictures?

The girls headed off to school on Monday morning?

Lily struggled with the summer ending and wasn’t quite ready for it all to start up again?

Plus she was dealing with various period issues and I think very emotional?

She had a tough time Sunday night, but recovered by Monday morning and was okay when she left the house?

The rest of the week went well for her?

Shelly did great and was a very happy little girl?

She has a teacher who is new to the school this year?

I kind of like that for her and she seems fine with it all?

By Friday we were all beat from the long week?

There was a big pool party at the community pool on Friday night?

Tons of people were there and the girls had a bunch of fun with their friends?

Yesterday we had a marathon-shopping day?

Purchased a few more tops for Lily. She felt like she only had crop tops that required her to always wear a camisole or tank top underneath?

So found her some that didn’t need anything under them?

Also, bought another pair of jeans and some cute casual sweat pants from Target for her?

We bought The Hunger Games and started to watch it, but stopped half way through for bedtime?

Everyone was exhausted?

This is Lily’s 4th time seeing it, my 2nd, and John’s first?

Today it is rainy and the girls and I are taking it easy and getting geared up for week 2 of school?

John’s sister, mom, nephew, niece, and her boyfriend are coming tomorrow afternoon?

They are staying until Wednesday morning and then heading to Virginia Tech to drop off our niece for her first year of college?

She is living in the same dorm that I did!!!? :smileyhappy:

The remainder of the week seems low key and not too busy?

Thankful for that?

Ok, the laundry is done for the beginning of the week and now I need to straighten the house and prepare for company?

Hmmm…what shall I fix for dinner while they are here? 

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Sun, 08-19-2012 - 10:59pm


My kids don't go back to school until the day after Labor Day.

I'm starting to get the ho hum feeling again like I do every year about summer ending.

But this year I'm looking forward to them going back.

Our summer has been boring. We haven't done a thing. I'm so glad they at least enjoyed summer camp.

We did make it to the beach for the first time yesterday. It was so nice!

I went to look at the little house I posted about. They want a $50 application fee! Don't you think that's a little excessive? I really like it. It's small though but it has a garage and a nice yard with a deck.

There's a big house for rent next door to one of Rhiannon's friends. I'm going to call about it tomorrow. It's on a busier street but it's basically in our old neighborhood just a few streets away.

I'm thinking I don't want to move into a house that's just as small as our apartment. It doesn't even have a basement.

The thought of living in a 4-5 bedroom house makes me giddy! lol

My lease is up 9/1 but the manager told me if I put in a 30 day notice like today for instance, I would only be responsible to pay until 9/19. I can always rescind my 30 day notice too and stay here.

I just want out of this apartment!

Karol, I'm glad the girls had a good first week at school. I'm sorry Lily was a little sad. I don't think that will be Rhiannon, I think it might be Joey. He did say though that he's looking forward to school so he can see his friends. Can you believe he's a 4th grader??!!

Marathon shopping sounds fun! I need to take my kids school shopping. I've been working A LOT. I'm just now starting to get my bigger paychecks. It's nice to get the pay but I hate the work! lol

I haven't seen Hunger Games yet but Regina and Rhiannon saw it in the theater. Joey hasn't seen in yet either.

I started reading the first book but couldn't get into it. I'll still watch the movie though.

I'm so not looking forward to working this week. My job is wearing on me, big time. I've been working 7 days a week for 3 weeks in a row. At least yesterday I only worked about 3 hours and today less than 2 hours.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!



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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 10:54am


...grr...hit a button and lost my last dyk?

...Carmen, why are you having to work 7 days a week?

...NO WONDER you're wearing thin?

...our bodies are not designed to do that? a very minimum you should be resting one day a week?

...(((hugs))) to you?

...I pray a better job comes your way?

...I just keep believing it will come?

...good luck on finding a house?

...I think the application fee is bunk?

...but it's probably a way to weed out people who aren't serious, you know?

...IF you applied, and paid the fee, and they didn't accept your offer, you'd get your application fee back, right?? my mind, the only way you wouldn't get the application fee back is if you were the one to back out?

...but I'm not sure how that works?

...Karol, I just want to hug Lily?

...she sounds so much like Mariah at that age?

...of course, Mariah didn't have the period stuff to deal with until high school, so I can only imagine?

...I think Natalie will probably start a good 2 years before Mariah did, which puts her starting in about 9 months?

...we'll see if my predicitions are accurate?

...I always worry about them?'s such a huge responsibility to have to deal with that at school?

...but Natalie has an older sister, and several friends who have already started, so I think she'll handle it ok?

...Mariah can get overwhelmed, express that she's stressed...we talk her through it, and she always pulls herself together by the time anyone outside of our home would ever see her?

...if I were to ever admit she gets stressed, no one would believe me?

...but I'm proud of her for how she handles herself?

...made me smile...Lily being ready by the next day? 

...sounds so much like Mariah?

...and you know what?

...those girls can do ANYTHING?!?!

...they're stronger than they believe?

...Natalie will bottle those feelings and it worries me?

...anyway, made me smile?

...and ((((Hugs))) to you and Lily?

...she's awesome?

...I'm usually very depressed about going back, but my fall books are booking up fast and I'm actually looking forward to being able to edit without a house full of kids?

...I feel terrible about it?

...and I'll be a wreck when I drop my baby off at Kindergarten (on the second day, because that's how I work...? lol)?

...but right now, I feel everyone is ready?

...I'm SO thankful our district bumped our start date back a week? enabled Owen to actually have a birthday?

...normally his birthday falls on the first day of school, and we have to sandwich cake in between back to school celebrations, and meet 'n' greet the teachers nights? this was REALLY nice?

...I feel like this past week has been the deep breath I've been craving?

...a chance to catch up?

...get organized?

...and meet the school year ready?

...when we start the 13th-18th, we're at the pool one day, and school the next!!?

...this has been nice?

...Owen's parties went well?

...we had brownies with candles on top on his actual birthday?

...cupcakes at chuck e. cheese on Friday night?

...and chocolate cake with homemade fudge frosting yesterday to celebrate with the family? if he's ever been mulled over at his birthday by back to school stuff, we made up for it this year!!?

...I normally beat myself up this time of year for not providing a fun enough summer for my kiddos, and I'm not doing that this year? that's good?

...but other than that, I'd best get Natalie up?

...girlie is going to have a HORRIBLE time adjusting to her new start time?

...she's riding with Mariah this year and they leave at 7:05?!!?


...ok, I'm off to cycle laundry?

...happy Monday ladies??

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 8:50am


...what's up ladies?

...I feel an echo in here?

...nevermind me, I'm just going to talk to myself here for a bit?

...Carmen, thinking of you sweetie?

...I hope you find a house you like too? is T-2 days and counting?

...Owen had back to school night last night?

...met his teacher?

...oddly enough, she is older?

...she seemed very calm, and in control though, so that's a good thing?

...gosh, I'm emotional? case you couldn't tell by my latest blog post?

...I was chugging along, pretty close to fine, about my baby going to Kindergarten? MIL was here last night and she had pictures up on her computer, showing us, and a picture of 1 year old Owen pops up, and I literally about choked on the lump in my throat??

...where does the time go? baby?

...that chunky little monkey is now a lanky 6 year old?

...who is going to leave his mama 5 days a week, for Kindergarten?


...ok, ok...I'll suck it up?

...Mariah and I have hair appointments today?

...I'm seriously LOSING my hair, so I'm chopping it all off?

...I'm afraid it's because of that HCG diet, and my hair is my bra strap, and when it's that long, losing it is just gross? I'm chopping it to my chin?

...or shoulders?

...and I've made an appointment with my doctor to check my hormone levels on the 4th?

...migraines, acne, hair loss...ugh, not fun right now? least if I still lose it, it won't be 2 foot long strands of it, you know?

...I love my hair long, but I've HAD it? will grow back out?

...tomorrow, Natalie gets her braces back on?

...Thursday school starts?

...and we're off running?  :smileyhappy:'s it going in your neck of the woods?

...come check in and give us an update on what you're up to this week!  :smileyhappy:

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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 10:36pm


...Been a crazy busy week at work?

...I hit the ground running with a hack of a cough Monday?  And a headache yesterday that I think a sledgehammer to the temple would have been a lovely reprieve?  It's allergies that I think is turning into a full blown sinus infection?  But I'm trying to work it out with Mucinex because no time for the doctor?

...the cough is bugging the crap out of me?  The tickle cough that you just can't get anything moving but you keep doing it, OY!?!?

...Claire had her physical today?  She is in the 25% for weight and height?  We figured that someone made an error when she was 4 on her chart because the doctor said, "see here she was in the 75% at 4 years" and I scrunched up my face and she looked again and said, "that can't be right, Claire has always been petite"?  At any rate, she said, "hope for 5'2" at the most"?  I said, "we've planned for 5'?  She chuckled and said, "yeahhhhhh"?

...Max got into a study for low back pain?  We were there yesterday for 3 hours while he was evaluated?  According to Xrays, he's on track to be at least 6'3ish?  Anyway, he'll be going once a week for PT basically to see if stretching helps?  He only has back pain during baseball from swinging and I think it's because the kid can't touch his toes so I'm hoping this helps?  It's free:smileyhappy:

...Carmen, I hope a house comes through for you?  Those application fees suck?  Justen used to property manage and 5 years ago they were $25 so they probably have gone up?  That pays for the background check, credit check and any outstanding unpaid bills I believe?  I used to enter the applications for Justen and if "I" made the mistake, he ate the $25 because it was..enter SSN, hit enter, his account billed $25?  I messed up, it still had to be done with the correct number?  I only made a mistake once? any rate, I'm guessing that's why they don't refund if you don't get it?  But $50 is STEEP?! come you're working 7 days a week?  Are you working less hours?

...Hugs honey?

...Karol, glad Lily had a good start to school?  It's tough to watch your kids struggle?  But she's a strong girl and you've given her good coping skills?

...Shelly really seems to be popping out of her shy shell?  So glad she had a fun start?

...Missi, hugs girlie?  Owen is going to have a blast and you'll get used to your days free and love them soon I'm sure?  But the first days...well, hugs honey?  Make some distracting lunch plans or something??

...or a PEDI:smileyhappy:  Something for YOU!?!?

...I am totally procratinating?  I have a TON of work to get done?  Long story short, I have some scheduling stuff to clean up and my heart just isn't in it but it HAS to be done?

...I'm partially in charge of open house tomorrow so I'll be at work from 7am-9pm tomorrow night?  Have to come home clean up the house and pack because leaving at 8 a.m. to take Dylan to school:smileysad:?  Alanna is having Kayla's sleepover here on Friday night for her birthday?  Her house could use some improvements and Kayla is embarrased to have her friends over?  All of which are pretty wealthy?  My house isn't all that but it's, well it's nicer?

...ok...gotta get to work?

...Happy weekend if I don't get back?

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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 8:46am

Missi, I’m thinking of you and sweet Owen. Hope the day goes well?

Also, thinking about your girls and hope their first day of school is a great one?

Lily and Mariah do seem to share similar traits, don’t they?

She bounced back pretty quickly the first week, but it was a roller coaster of emotions?

And, people would never guess that Lily gets stressed out either?

Can’t wait to see your new haircut. Sounds fun?

Wow, Christol, that Claire is so petite. Love it?

Hope your cough is easing up a bit for you?

Max seems so young to be dealing with back pain, but I guess the swinging of a bat can do it to him?

I know John has back issues due to the golf swing?

Carmen, 7 days a week of work is just too much! I hope you can get a day off to rest your body?

Kelley, how is school going for you and the boys?

This week has gone by quickly?

So glad it’s Thursday (Friday Eve, as I like to call it)?

My in-laws arrived Monday afternoon?

Was happy to see them, but I am such a structured routine momma that it really is tough to have distraction in our home once school starts?

I know that makes me sound unbending and rigid, but guess what????? I Don’t Care!!!? LOL

So, although we had a good time together, I was so preoccupied with trying to keep the girls on some sort of homework schedule and normal bedtime routine while everyone ran around, swam, and made too much noise!?

They left early yesterday morning and my niece was off to start college?

She was nervous and sad to be leaving her boyfriend (he came with them to drop her off)?

I thought it was a bad idea to have him there. They needed to say their good-byes in VB and let each other start their new adventures?

Having boyfriends/girlfriends when heading off to college can really weigh you down. She needs to enjoy her time there and not pine after the bf the whole time?

I reminded her of this last night via text. Hope she remembers to have a good time?


Lily gave tennis tryouts a shot yesterday. Once it was over, she decided it wasn’t for her?

No big deal. Glad she gave it a try?

She has a ton of babysitting jobs this month and next?

Shelly started up with cheering practice yesterday?

She seems to be doing ok at school. She has been kind of quiet about it all?

I think I need to set up a meeting with the teacher to get a feel for how things are going?

Mothering can really stress me out sometimes. It’s like dodging knives and balancing on eggshells all at the same time?

This feeling inspired my blog post today:

Our fall will be busy…cheering, college football, college road trips, and babysitting for Lily?

Today I am hanging here and cleaning, doing laundry, straightening, and getting our house and life back in order?

Hope everyone is doing well?



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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 4:13pm


...that's nice of you, Christol, to host the slumber party?

...kind of breaks my heart that she's too embarassed to have it at her home?

...I've worried about that with Mariah, our house is nice enough, by most standards, but in our area, our neighborhood *is* the low end, lol?

...only one of her friends has a house smaller than ours, most live in quite large 3500sq ft + homes, without younger siblings? doesn't bother her at all?

...she says she prefers a smaller house?

...Natalie, well that girl may be a different story?

...we shall see?

...anyway, it just struck me...not sure why?

...anyway, kudos to you for offering up your home?'re SO good about that?

...Karol, I'm right there with ya on the house guests, and needing to be able to carve out quiet time for homework, organize family meals again (for me anyway), and just keep everything pretty low-key at home that first week of school? is HARD during that transition?, I want my girls to be able to release their tensions and emotions from the day, if need be, and I know neither of them would if we had house guests?

...right there with ya?

...that said, my in-laws were here earlier this week?

...having an extra week before school starts helped me tremendously?

...they were here the days leading up to school, but not actually here when school started, so it wasn't bad?

...and my MIL was sensitive about working around us being able to readjust to a school routine, so that's good?

...I get it, though?

...I really, really do?

...and the motherhood post really hit home with me?

...most of my struggles in August are because, for me, August is a time of reevaluating...our schedules, our priorities, our summer, and I'm guilty of constantly beating myself up for not being a better mother?

...not DOING more fun things? from home guilt?

...being snippy with the kids?

...all those things? mom made it look SO easy?!?!

...then it hit me?

...I was the baby?

...the Owen of my family? by the time I have memories, I was almost, essentially, an only child?

...I don't remember my mom juggling 3 kids and 3 was always pretty much just me, and I am GOOD's guilt about how I divide myself?

...I don't know if that makes any sense? anyway, I'm working through some of the same things?

...Natalie went out for cross country?

...everyone is shocked?

...she wanted to quit after the first practice?

...we told her no?

...we told her that middle school is a time for experimenting and participating?

...we also "made" Mariah do it, and look what became of it?

...Natalie will probably never love it like she does, and she may not be any good, but we want her to have the experience?'s also important to us that she's involved in school?

...we'll also encourage her to try basketball?

...just like we did Mariah? wasn't Mariah's thing, but she's thankful for the experience? it the RIGHT thing to MAKE her do xc?

...I don't know?

...and I beat myself up for that?

...we also put her in gymnastics, something she's been literally dying to do?

...isn't that what life is all about?

...trying new things and finding yourself?


...but I hear ya?

...Owen had a GREAT first day?

...I couldn't tell if he was a little nervous, or if my unusually crabbiness is weighing him down?

...lots of smiles that don't reach his eyes, and that haunts me? I'm thankful Kindergarten is 1/2 day? mom came with me to pick him up and took us to McDonald's for lunch?

...after that, we snuggled on the couch for almost an hour...playing games on my iPhone, goofing around, and just laughing? was so nice to reconnect, I think we needed that? hopefully the sparkle will come back back to his little eyes?

...but what a HUGE responsiblity it be able to see MY stress on HIS face?

...sobering? smiling, laughing, and making sure our home is stress-free is top priority right now?


...he did GREAT, though?

...there was a crier?

...I'm so glad he didn't cry? would rip my heart out?

...none of mine cried for Kindergarten?

...oh and I didn't cry either?  :womanwink:

...that's tomorrow and Monday...I know it's coming, once I realize how real it all is?

...his teacher said he had a GREAT day?

...I'm not really worried about him, being the oldest int he class? should go pretty smoothly?

...he did say he went to the bathroom 5 times in the 3 hours he was there? :manwink:

...anyway, can't wait to hear all about the girls' days now?

...Mariah thinks she has study hall with her crush so she's just sick with worry?

...she cracks me up?

...ok, I'd best get to editing?

...happy Thursday ladies?

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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 12:31am


...Karol, I can only imagine what it must have been like having company the first week of school?  I wouldn't have liked that either?

...especially with Max, he needs his transition time?

...hope you had a calm weekend?

...I think Max's back pain is from his unwillingness to stretch?  The kid is an athlete and he can't touch his toes?!?  It never occured to me until he complained of his back hurting and I said, "you need to stretch your hamstrings a bit better"?  STUPID, yes I said STUPID baseball coach didn't have them stretching before the games?

...apparently, he's never had a coach that told him to do that?  WTH?!?'s not constant or chronic YET but I want to prevent that so it was a blessing that we got into this free study?

...we'll find out next week if he gets just PT or PT and chiropractic?

...Max is the kind of kid that once he is told that he needs to do something, he will do it?  So, I'm hoping this PT person explains the "why" to him?

...Missi, I'm not surprised that Owen didn't cry?  You've raised a strong little guy:smileyhappy:?

...Kayla's friends are in the million dollar catagory?  One girl has a "wing" above the garage to host her parties?  ummm, yeah:smileywink: did Mariah do with her "crush"??

...Max starts tomorrow and he's surprisingly calm?  Hopefully tomorrow morning will bring the same feeling?

...he's taking the city bus for the first time ever alone?  Truthfully, I think he's been on a bus maybe once when he was little?

...I drove him to the stop and where he gets off?  I've texted the directions also?

...fingers crossed the boy doesn't end up in some suburb, lol? cough, in spite of my best efforts, turned into a full blown sinus infection complete with partial voice loss?  Hoping it's back tomorrow because it's our first day of school with kids tomorrow and it's typically nuts? weekend was full of emotions?  Dropping Dylan off...well, it still brings tears to my eyes?

...we got him settled, walked the campus, did 3 Target runs to make sure he had absolutely everything he needed?  Friday night after dinner he found a buddy from his HS (who happens to be in his dorm but different wing) looked at Tina and I and said, "how long are you guys hanging around", lol?

...we left them to dorm meetings and a bon fire?

...met up for brunch, bought books, fixed a class, found info on how to get a job and said our goodbyes?

...I was trying SO hard not to break down in front of him because I know that he would have been more upset?

...I just said, "Don't be too naughty and respond to all texts"?  he hugged me forever?  I climbed in the car and let the waterworks start?  Tina hugged and said her goodbyes and lost it when she got into the car:smileysad:

...we drove for a long time in silence?

...we went out with Alanna and her BFF Ivy to see Beret's dh band?  It was a nice distraction? was all about the kids and getting the last minute stuff?  They both got two new pair of shoes?  Hung together all day and had a pizza picnic in the family room?

...Claire doesn't start until Wednesday?

...I better get to bed, not sleepy but I'm TIRED so I'm hoping sleep will find me?

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 8:22am


...aww, your recount of dropping Dylan off makes my heart hurt?

...I'm there in 2 short years?

...and cool on Max getting PT for his back, and possibly chiropractic?

...I hope it helps?

...Mariah's an inflexible athlete too, and that's what triggered the achelies tendonitis...improper stretching?

...she's not flexible, so she hates stretching and gives a half-hearted effort with it?

...well no really put a damper on her last track season?

...oh holy crow...million dollar club, huh?

...we know some of them, but my kids don't run with them?

...that would be tough to even pretend to keep up with?

...I can't even imagine living that way?

...ah, who am I kidding?  

...I could TOO!?!

... :smileywink: far, so good with the crush?  :smileywink:

...he's got a girlfriend, so he's keeping his distance?

...not that, THAT has ever stopped him?

...but she's glad he's not throwing mixed signals, this year?

...she'd rather him do that than hold her hand in class and then go off and get a girlfriend the same day?

...confuses her very straightforward mind?

...HE'S not been the topic of her conversation, this year?

... :smileywink: to be 16 again?  :smileyhappy:

...settling into school again?

...Owen had his first, "I don't have school AGAIN," moment?

...preschool was only MWF, so I knew that was coming?  :smileywink:

...I had a shoot last night?

...our drought has left me with next to NOTHING to work with?

...the grass and the looks like January?


...the pond at the park we went to...down close to 3 feet, by the watermarks?

...oh and it had blue algae?

...which is toxic, so I was up at 2 not feeling well?

...probably all in my head?

...meeting a dear friend (the one that does my hair, I've posted pics on fb) for breakfast at Panera so we can discuss nursing school?

...time to start crack a lackin'?

...Nat's been riding with Mariah to school in the morning, so I only have Owen to take in the mornings?'s working well, so far...wonder when *that* honeymoon will end?

...ok, I'd best make my rounds and get ready for the day?

...hope you're feeling better, Christol?

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 10:16am

Missi, that sounds so nice to have Mariah and Natalie riding into school together. I dream of that day? :smileyhappy:

I remember when Shelly came to the realization that this school thing was going to be every day. She wasn’t overwhelmed by the idea?:smileywink:

Wish we could all join up for a Panera breakfast one day!!?:smileyvery-happy:

Christol, hugs to you and Tina. Have you heard from Dylan? Hope he’s doing well?

How did Max do with the new transportation yesterday? Hope he had a great day?

We had a good weekend…pretty chill?

Friday night John and Lily finished up watching The Hunger Games while Shelly and I watched the first half of Enchanted (for the 1000th time). We love that movie?

Saturday Lily and a friend went to the movies and Shelly had a birthday party at a horse farm?

Went out for dinner Saturday night?

Sunday we did a little shopping, got a bagel for lunch, and then relaxed at home?

It was nice to have no big plans?

Yesterday I did some laundry and made beef enchiladas for dinner?

Just got back from taking Daisy to the vet?

She was not a fan?

Lily’s babysitting tonight?

I have a meeting at her school for the academically gifted program tonight?

Oh, and Lily’s planning to buy a Nook Color with her piles of cash from babysitting?:smileytongue:

Anyone have one?

Thoughts on the Nook?

And, anybody know of any good deals on them?

I am putting my sister on it so that she might be able to get an educator discount through her work?

Hope all is well?

Happy last week of August?