Late September DYKs???

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Late September DYKs???
Sun, 09-23-2012 - 1:27pm

How did your autumnal season begin???

What are your plans for the fall?



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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 12:08pm


...It was a fun weekend, had it's interesting moments but it's nice just getting out and doing grown up things?

...the "interesting" moments just involved our bar choice and the customers that hung there?  Wasn't our part of town and that particular part of town is very tight so they know you don't belong?  AND, it was a HUGE Karoke thing?  Not good Karoke I might add and I was expecting dancing?  Tina likes it over there, I really don't know why but we gave it a go for her? I'll behave myself until Zombie Crawl in 2 weeks?

...I have to get my outfit together?

...I had said I would make it but now I'm just not feeling it?  I planned on going as a zombie baby this year?  Kind of bummed I can't find exactly what I have envisioned so....we'll see?

...I had to smile when I found that photo of the dresses I made?  We were poor college kids and got invited to a fancy party?  I made all of those dresses in 3 days for about $25 each?  The girl in the middle only needed about a yard of material because she is SO tiny?  I think the bow on her butt was about as much material I used to make the dress, lol?

...Karol, your weekends always sound so fun?  Hope your nephew's knee heals quickly?  Bummer on not being able to play football? 

...does he get a scholarship or just play for fun?

...Dylan is trying out for club hockey today, that's like the JV team in HS?  He would still travel?  I'm nervous for him?  He's a good player but well, you just don't know the competition and if he doesn't make it, he's going to be irritated with Tina and I for basically bullying him into it:smileywink:

...Max's clinics end tomorrow and try-outs begin this weekend?  He's got his mind set on the A team so keeping my fingers crossed?

...I've kind of run down the options and I "think" he should be good but you just never know what happens to kids over the summer?  You see a LOT of changes during these years?  Kids who could skate, suddenly can't or vice versa?

...better get back to work?

...Happy Monday?!?

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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 10:44am

Christol, your FB photos looked like you had a fun weekend?

And, I loved the high school and college pictures. So fun to see?

Missi, I just couldn't get over the similarities of those pictures of you and Mariah! So cute?

How's Natalie doing wih the whole period thing?

Lauri, how are the boys doing with school and sports?

Marie, how is the job front going for you and Chance?

Carmen, how are Regina and Layla doing?

Love that Rhiannon is playing volleyball. Is she enjoying it?

Had a nice weekend?

Went to my nephew's football game on Saturday?

My sis, BIL, dad, and niece were all there. We loved hanging out together?

Found out that my nephew is having surgery on his knee on Thursday?

Hoping it will allow him to get out on the lacrosse field in the spring?

Sounds like it isn't likely that he'll be able to play again this season for football?

Got home Saturday night and headed to a neighbor's house for an outdoor movie viewing of Hunger Games?

About 30 minutes into it, the heavens opened and it started POURING!!!?

Kids all headed inside and we stayed for about an hour and headed home?

Sunday morning we hung out at home and then took Lily to volleyball in the afternoon?

Today the girls have an early release day?

So, they will be home about 2 hours early?

Think we might go do a little shopping after they get their homework done?

Then maybe dinner out?

We never eat out during the week. Every place is way too far away for a week night?

Wonder how many people eat dinner out during the school week?

Hope everyone is having a great Monday?