Mid November DYKs???

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Mid November DYKs???
Sun, 11-13-2011 - 9:52am

Check in ladies.

It's very quiet around here, lately!



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Sun, 11-13-2011 - 5:23pm

A perfect long weekend!?

Thursday I went out to dinner with friends?

Lily went to a sleepover?

Friday Shelly and I relaxed and picked up Lily at 1?

Watched The Notebook in the afternoon and Lily left for a party at 6?

Yesterday the girls and I shopped?

Got Lily some new tops and boots and Shelly a pair of shoes and tops?

Went out to dinner as a family?

Today we saw Puss in Boots. It was just ok?

Tonight making chili for dinner and preparing for the week?

Hope everyone is doing well?

Pop in and say hi!?

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 1:50am
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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 6:55am
Good job, Helen. Thanks for stopping by to say "Hi"!?

Now tell us what you're up to these days?
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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 9:49am


...sounds like you had a nice weekend, Karol?

...ours was nice?

...Nat got ditched by a friend, AGAIN, on Friday night?

...a friend I've been warning her about, but she insisted she was nice?

...I gave her Christol's lecture about who to give up her good mood for?

...and also that for me, personally, I'd rather fly solo than to associate with beyotches like that?

...I told her that these little twits' numbers will be UP by the time they get to high school, I can promise you that, because everyone will get sick of their games and being treated like crap?

...it is NOT good to peak in Jr. High, because all through high school, there's only down to go?

...and I've seen it with Mariah's class...the snotty beyotchy ones get bumped to the bottom of the pile?

...she just has to ride it out, and be 100% happy with herself?

...who knows how much is sinking in?

...the next time it happens, NATALIE will be in trouble with ME?

...I mean, I realize she's giving them the benefit of the doubt, but if girlie doesn't grow a backbone, then she'll answer to ME?

...there's nothing I dislike more (ok, well, maybe there is...but you get the point) than wimpy females...you've GOT to stand up for yourself, STOP taking the beating, and be OK standing on your OWN?

...easy for me to say, now, I know?


...anyway, Mariah had a few friends over Friday night for a movie night?

...my Friday night was spent trying to put Nat back together?

...Saturday I took the kids down to one of my favorite urban settings for pics and TRIED to get a Christmas card pic?


...the three of them together is just a nightmare?

...Owen is SUCH a spaz?

...the WIND was blowing 9-0?

...and the bum thing was...Owen's eyes had JUST started to tame down (they've been bleeding-red with the whites of his eyes swelling, since mid October?

...when we finally started getting some rain, it threw his allergies into overdrive?

...it's like his allergy meds just can't keep up?

...anyway, we've had a couple of light freezes, so his eyes were starting to tame down?

...breaks a mama's heart?

...well, being down in that wind...they're flared RIGHT back up again?

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 10:42am

Ok, I just typed a DYK and it had a "routing" error and LOST?

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 10:43am
Sounds like a good weekend Karol? SUPER strange, this post wasn't here earlier? hmmmm.
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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 7:09am


I'm home for day 2 with Noah?

He is running a fever of 101, with no other symptoms?

I'm guessing it is viral, so I'm not wasting money at the doctor just yet?

Christol, sorry about the mice?

We had them all the time at our old house due to the open field behind it?

If I remember correctly, poison mixed with peanut butter on the traps worked well for us?

Missi, good luck with the card photo?

I've been trying to get mine done for two weeks now?

And now, since deer season is


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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 9:09am


...how's it goin' ladies???

..Kelley, had to chuckle at the thought of you holding all your boys hostage so you could get a Christmas card pic?

...I ran through mine last night...had to have a little pep talk with myself?

...I was looking for "perfect" and that's not why I started this whole photography jazz?

...I want real...and well, real for us is Mariah posing perfectly, Natalie distracted, and Owen completely spazzing out?

...so now I just have to think of something clever to write about that?


...Christol...OY on the mice?

...doubley OY?


...or as you would say, ISH?!

...I hate mice?

...we live near a field and we get them in our garage, but so far none in the house?

...you realize I just jinxed myself?

...had a nice day with my friend yesterday?

...we got stuff to make our shirts...I screwed them up...of course...since when do you NOT have to invert images you're ironing on?!?!

...my cell phone is supposed to arrive this afternoon...YAY?

...anyone know how to go about getting a Nintendo DS fixed?

...I was going to check into having Mariah's old one fixed for Owen?

...they're not that expensive though, so I'm wondering what the margin would be for fixing the old vs buying new?

...but I don't want to buy him new?

...dunno why?

...Natalie was that age when she got her DS?

...he seems younger than 5 since he's not in school?

...Natalie has been MOODY lately?

...I know she's guarding...shielding me from the drama in her life, but holy cow...she's GOT to open up?

...and my rule for social media/texing is NO deleting...frequent deleting makes me think she's hiding something?

...well, she's ALWAYS deleted, and I informed her that until she can follow that rule, I will not even CONSIDER a cell phone for her?

...she's still deleting?

...at this rate Owen will have one before she does?

...Mariah has this friend that pulls her close when she needs her, and then shoves her away...won't speak to her, etc...?

...it used to hurt Mariah when they were younger, but now Mariah just gets MAD?


...we talked it through last night, and I think I've convinced her to STOP letting this one WEASEL her way back in?!?!

...I mean, seriously, how many times is she going to allow this to happen?

...the thing with Mariah is...she LISTENS?!

...I told her I never want her to be openly mean, but MOVE ON?

...she is happy to do so?

...Natalie...well, she's a tougher nut to crack?

...the problem with Nat is she IS a little snarky?

...so of course she attracts the snarky group?

...she is a little snide?

...but she's got a heart of gold?

...I'm guessing her teenage years won't be as drama-free as Mariah's have been?

...Mariah's only really had issues with this ONE girl, and I don't really see it as anything Mariah can control, or influence...it just is what it is?

...and it's not like there's any drama...they'll be super close then this girl will start making snarky comments about her clothes, but in a way that almost flatters, because Mariah can see right through it...and then one day she just won't speak to her?

...I told Mariah if she can't put on her big girl panties and tell her what she's done to upset her, then she shouldn't give it another thought?

...Natalie never lets me in enough to even get that far?

...and while it drives me nuts, I try not to push?

...Natalie is more secretive, like me?

...I NEVER let my mother in on what was going on, and I know I had a good heart and turned out ok, so I'm banking on that?

...and I also know my sister was JUST like Mariah, and it's hard to follow in big sis' footsteps when mom has expectations of the younger one to be just like the older?


...parenting, it's not for the wimpy, is it?

...I'm going to push out a session between today and tomorrow?


...it's a large one?

...ok, gotta run?

...happy Tuesday ladies?!?!?

...oh, and since I lost all my contacts, if you wanna either text my phone later today with who you are, or email me your cell numbers, I'll enter them in!!?


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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 1:32pm

Christol, love all of the recipes on your blog. The latest lasagna looks so yummy?

Bummer about the mice. We had one several years ago. We put out a trap one night and had a mouse the next morning…ick?

How are things going with Justen?

Missi, I am sure your Christmas card photo will be lovely. You do such a great job?

I have lots of ideas floating around about what I want for our photo this year. I’ll see what really happens once I get going on it?

Have a fun time at the movie on Friday?

Kelley, I hope Noah is feeling better?

Did you get a chance to decorate while you were home?

I was inspired with your idea to decorate. So, after putting away the last little items from Halloween, I decided to go for it?

So, I did some Christmas decorating yesterday?

We are ordering a tree, roping, and wreath from a neighbor who has Christmas trees on their NC mountain property. We won’t pick all of that up until Sunday, the 27th?

Helen, how are things going for you, Addison, and Eloise?

Eloise is really growing up and looking older in your FB photos?

After cleaning, doing laundry, making homemade bread, chicken crockpot dinner, decorating the house, and purging a bit yesterday, I decided I needed to get out of the house today?

I accomplished a bunch on my to do list: bangs trimmed, eyebrows waxed, pedicure, Target run, Justice for gifts for more birthday gifts for the girls’ friends, and Rue 21 for some fun monster pillows for the girls for Christmas?

Tonight we are having homemade pizza with the other half of the dough from the bread last night?

This weekend is busy again…party for Lily to attend Friday night, party for Shelly Saturday afternoon, and party for both on Sunday afternoon! Crazy how many Novemeber birthday parties the girls have to attend?

Hope everyone is gearing up for a terrific Thanksgiving?

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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 2:00pm


We decided to not say anything to