Middle of September DYK

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Middle of September DYK
Mon, 09-14-2009 - 12:21pm

Figured we needed a new DYK folder to get people posting.

What's happening ladies!?!?!




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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 1:08pm


...Karol, was wondering if Shelly had a better time today with school?

...how did the TB test go;)?

...loved the photos of the girls at the horse show?

...what did they think??

...looks like they had fun:)?

...Kelley, loving all the blog updates?

...WOO HOO Cole for making contact with the ball?

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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 2:38pm
Christol, I'm going to say the same thing about parties that I said about balloons...you are never too old!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 4:42pm


...middle of September, wow!?

...Christol, Max's party sounds awesome?

...Oooh...Kelly's updated the blog?!?

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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 8:01pm


Christol, Max's party looked like a blast, I am glad he liked his gift?

By a showing, do you mean showing your house?

I am with you on the no birthday party thing....I don't ever have them either, lol?

Ya know, I have actually only ever had two bday parties in my life.....I just thought about that today, lol?

Maybe that is why I am so blah about the whole bday party thing?

One was when I was younger and my mom "forgot" me at an aunts house (long story) so to make up for it, she said she didn't forget about me, she was planning a "surprise" bday party for me so I couldn't go home, so she bought me a cake and some candles, lol?

The other was my 16th bday party that a foster mom had for me, lol?

I DO remember making myself some brownies and singing happy bday to myself one time, rofl?

Missi, I am sure you will figure something out wrt the sitting arrangment?

Can I just tell you how proud I am of you....and how in awe I am of how much you have accomplished in such a short time?

You really have blown me away...I really mean that....so very very impressive?

I can't wait to see the pics and see what you have put together for them?

Didn't you put together a webpage a while back.....I know I saw pics on fb, but I could have swore I saw some on a webpage as well, but now I dont' have the link?

Oh well, I am back to work tonight....both of our night "scrubs" are off sick and have been for a while...so I have been scrubbing most nights (the "scrub" is the person who scrubs in for csections, gets everything ready, and hands instruments to the docs/assists with the surgery...I HATE it)?

Sad part is, they just fired a scrub we had that worked both days and nights, one who would have been totally willing to work overtime with these two being sick.....AND we have TWO other trained OR techs (scrubs) that work in our unit on nights BUT they hired them as HUC's (basically secretaries) and told them that they would also scrub, but have never let either of them scrub....BUT we could have two extra people who both went to school to scrub and actually KNOW what they are doing.....but instead they have us nurses who had very little training in it do it instead (there are now two of us that work full time that CAN do it and one that works part time)?

It is VERY irritating for everyone invovled (for the REAL scrubs b/c they WANT to be doing it but can't, and for us b/c we DON'T want to be doing it and have to....AND, when we are "scrubs" we aren't JUST scrubs, we are STILL nurses so we do the "nurse" job AND the "scrub" job both...which means something suffers?

I actually just got in trouble the other day b/c I didn't make sure the straps were on one of the beds in one of the OR's...and I am still peeved about it?

I hadn't used that particular OR when I was scrub the night before, when I went to work that night, I went striaght into a a csection, came out of that and started to check off the rooms (make sure everything was together)....everything was a mess as it was b/c the day scrub (who is the golden child of days) had said that he was the "HUC" all day (term for the secretary of the unit) since they dind't have one and was complaining that he didn't have time to get anything done....I just sort of rolled my eyes in my head since, when we are scrub on nights, we NEVER have a huc, so we are also huc, AND we are also nurses...but we still get a our butt chewed if things aren't done?

Anyway, I was trying to make sure things were together and I remember looking and seeing the straps weren't on the bed, I went to get something else and was going to put them back on but then got called in for a crash section in the other OR so had to run out and do the other one...then I forgot about it....yes, my bad, BUT it also wasn't done on days and THAT wasn't a big deal?

Anyway, after the second cs, I had to be "nurse" in triage b/c they got bombarded with patients and didn't have anyone that could go help...and the rest of my night was spent either being nurse or doing csections...didn't sit down all night?

I guess days went in, they had a cs first thing in the morning as well, so the scrub on days didn't get a chance to check off the rooms and then they had another crash section that went into the OR with the bed without the straps (fwiw, we HATE that OR and only use it when everything else is down b/c it is very small, so that OR hadn't been used for days, so I wasn't the ONLY one who missed hte straps)...anyway, I guess they went back and it wasn't on, so they were running around like idiots trying to find them, when they did, and tried to put them on, the nurse bent over and hit her head on something?

So, the day manager chewed my butt when I got in that night....of COURSE golden child did NOTHING wrong b/c the fact that HE forgot it didn't matter since "that is why we check everythign every shift"....ummmm, yeah, except when he finds something we forgot that isn't what we hear, we hear "it should have been done, he shouldn't of had to do it"?

Ok, that got way longer then I intended, roflmao?

Guess I should go get showered now?





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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 10:35pm

Christy, thank you.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 8:11am


Christol, sounds like Max’s party was such fun and loved the photos of everyone. The shirts were so cute?

Hope you had a wonderful birthday?

I understand your birthday feelings. As a kid my mother made my birthday simply the most important day. As an adult, I miss that enthusiasm for my day. I still try to make it fun and the girls always want to create a big deal on my day?

Kelley, how is your father doing?

Kimberly, it is so fun to watch the kitchen remodel. Makes me want to bust out a wall or two!?

Denice, we miss you around here. I love to follow your shuttercal photos?

Carmen, your blog is so fun to read. I love all of the seasonal posts?

Missi, way to go Mariah on first place and it sounds like Natalie is a great little soccer player!?

Looked at your photo site and I just love the senior picture you did. Such cool locations?

Oh, and I was wondering if you have ever thought of taking sports action shots?

There was a guy at Lily’s horse show doing photos. I think you would do a great job at it?
Here’s his site to see how he sets it all up--- http://actionshotsonline.com/ ?

Christy, that golden child needs a swift kick in the behind. How annoying. Hope things improve?

Shelly’s school angst still exists. Today seemed better than most. I think she only shed a few tears as we parted ways at the bus stop?

Yesterday I had my yearly gyn/mammo exam. I always feel glad that I did it once it’s over?

I discussed some of my depression issues with her and she prescribed Pristiq for me. She called my situation “situational depression”?
I am planning to investigate a bit to see how I feel about taking it. Anyone have any experience with it?

My dad was scheduled to come visit us this week, but his doctor said no. He still has a way to go toward recovery?

Hope everyone is doing well.

Check in ladies and tell us what’s new?


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 9:23am


...Missi, anyONE can't do what you do with your camera?

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 10:46am

DID YOU KNOW......???

....Christol, I love the boots!!! Of course they are Australian!!!! We are the original home of the UGG!!! Although I don't have any anymore, it doesn't really get all that cold where we live!

....I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday

....Max's looks like it was a lot of fun

....Karol, I'm sorry your Dad couldn't travel, I hope he is better & you get to see him soon

....I hope Shelly feels a little better about school soon, is it the school or the fact that she misses you??

....I don't really have any advice except to stick to your guns & don't let her stay home. Do you have something special of yours that she could take with her for comfort?

....I'm glad she has such an amazing big sister!

.... I haven't ever heard of the med the Dr gave you, but if it helps then go for it, it might help you get over this hump & be able to work things out & feel better

....Christy, I think the Golden Child needs a swift kick up the you-know-what!!!

....Missi, I love all your pics, I think you should look into the sports photography, if you can make the kind of money Christol mentioned then maybe you could do that one weekend a month for some steady income

....I had my Dr appointment this morning & discussed how I'm feeling with her

....she is going to write me up a referral to see a psychiatrist to discuss my meds. She has gone as far up as she can & a psych can maybe change the meds & refer me to the mental health team at the hospital to maybe get some therapy for me as opposed to just Addison

....I also spoke to Eloise's teacher, she hasn't had access to the results yet, but wasn't surprised!!! She will look at them all this week, she is hoping some other kids have got such high scores, then she will work out what we can do to extend Eloise & get her interested in learning again

....I still haven't got Addison's results & his school appeared to have a permanently engaged phone line today, so I will try again tomorrow. In Eloise's school they only hand them out at the office to the parents, I'm not sure what the High school does

....well, I had better go to bed, Addison had me up till past 2am last night & it's getting close to 1am now



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Thu, 09-17-2009 - 2:11pm


...where the heck is everyone?

...Marie, darling, did you forget it was Thursday??

...How is school going for the girls?

...Is Kaylee keeping her door?

...when is homecoming??

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Thu, 09-17-2009 - 4:26pm

Now I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the secret!!!?

Oh the anticipation?

I would also be peeved by that feedback (although, in my case, it would be true, rofl)?

Really though, it was ONE person and it is probably just her own issues?

I have been watching a lot of those home buying shows on HGTV and sometimes those people make me laugh?

There was one where they had looked at over 100 (YIKES) houses, and every house they showed her looking at, she had these stupid vague excuses for not liking...similair to what your feedback was.....even when they had everything they were looking for...it was never anything specific?

You could tell there was obviously something else going on in her mind but she didn't realize it herself.....they finally found a house that she said she loved....discussed the price, etc...she was ok with it (actually excited about it), made the offer...the counter came back and it really wasn't that different from what they offered (I think 3K)....she fa-reaked about it?

She was yelling at her husband and the realtor.....her poor husband was trying to figure out what happened...she just kept yelling about how they were going to afford the payment and it was just "way too much money", etc etc.....just a way over the top reaction for 3 thousand dollars....I couldn't figure out how you went from "I will do anything for this house" to "there is no way we can afford it" yelling and screaming at everyone over 3 thousand dollars, such a drastic change?

Anyway...she later admitted that she probably just wasn't really "ready" emotionally....and that was probably her issue with all the houses they had found....all of her vague reasons were just her grasping at SOME reason to not buy?

Watching that show often makes me think of you and gives me a new appreciation for what you do, lol?

But, maybe that lady couldn't really find anything "wrong" with your house but also just isn't really ready so she was grasping?

I wouldn't take it personally....although I know it is hard not to?