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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 8:35am

The months are flying by, what's shakin in your neck of the woods?

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 9:24am
...I'm back at work? sucks?
...I have more to tell, no time to tell?
...nothing exciting though?
...that is all?
...except...hope you have an exceptionally fabulous TUESDAY!?!?!?
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 11:01am

 Anna, I just wanted to say how motivating you are with your success as a TS consultant?

Christol, hope work gets better, quickly?

Carmen, have you heard anything about the job?

Missi, how are plans coming along for Owen’s party?

Kelley, how is work going? How did the boys do with the start of school?

Lauri, loved your pictures from your trip to Toronto. It looked like such a fun time?

Last Friday the girls and I did some school clothes shopping?

We found plenty for Shelly (who really didn’t need much) and not a ton for Lily?

It was tax-free weekend. So we took advantage of that?

Do you guys have tax-free weekends in your state?

Saturday afternoon our niece came to stay for the night?

The girls had a great time with her. They spent lots of time swimming and hanging out together?

She headed out Saturday late morning. She is a teacher with Teach for America in Alabama?

Then Lily & I went to see Ice Age and John and Shelly went to see the Wimpy Kid movie?

We all liked our respective movies?

Yesterday we did more shopping and this time found more for Lily?

They have a pretty defined dress code at her school. So, we struggle to find shorts that are long enough and not too geeky? :smileywink:

We finally found some cute capris for her and a couple pairs of colored skinny jeans?

Plus a ton of tops. American Eagle was having a great deal on their clearance items?

We have a busy week…a cheering jamboree for the high school girls tonight, Open House for Lily tomorrow, Open House for Shelly on Thursday, birthday party for both girls to attend on Friday evening, and another birthday party on Saturday for Shelly to attend?

Then it’s back to school on Monday?

I will be sad to see my girlies head back to school? :smileysad:

It’s always a time of mixed emotions for me?

Happy August to all?


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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 11:45am

We don't have tax on clothes EVER Karol. More reason to make the trip:smileywink:
I feel you on the finger tip rule, it's a problem. Especially with gym shorts!! Claire can only wear blue or khaki so that helps with the "geek" problem for school BUT she had finger tip rule at LearningWorks this year too. Luckily they weren't as strict as her school and she got away with what she had. I kinda miss school clothes shopping with her so we did a "just because it's on deep sale" trip last week and she got a few summery things:smileywink: Max rolls his eyes when I suggest shopping, he's gonna be sorry when I can't find jeans that fit him because he waited.

Sounds like you have a fun week to end summer!!!

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...I can't believe the school year is here again, already?!?

...just got Owen's tennis shoes this am...check one more thing off my to-do list?

...<em>Asics Kids</em> Gel-galaxy 4 7645119 Black/lightning/brick Red Running ...

...$25 at Marshalls?


...I wanted to keep shopping, he didn' hit me, everything we'd been looking at up until this point was in the $54 I thought, "duh!" grabbed them and we left!?! 

...Owen hates shopping too?

...I told him he was a bad shopper and it offended him?

...I was like, "Well...?!!?" my Altima dinged by a toddler opening a door too fast at church?'s a REALLY big ding?

...thankfully, they left their information on our windshield? I've got an appointment to get it fixed at 2?

...I feel a little guilty having them fix it but it is an '05 which is new to me, and they dinged the side that was perfect?

...I have 2 good sized dings on the other side?

...I wouldn't be feeling guilty if it weren't someone we know?

...but Natalie did that in Great Bend, KS...the door was blown out of her hands by the wind, and it gouged the car next to us?

...we didn't know what to do so we called our insurance, they told us we did the right thing, and set up a claim for us? out of pocket expense?

...and, no my car isn't new, but dings bother me, and it ultimately is your responsibility to make sure your kids don't open the car door into the car next to you, right?

...I mean, after we had to leave our insurance for that car in KS, I am crazy dilligent about making sure it doesn't happen again?

...ahh...feeling guilty?

...oh well?

...I guess what goes around comes around...we did the right thing when we dinged someone in the parking lot, so we get to fix this ding?  :smileyhappy:

...I'm at a stale-mate regarding Owen's party?

...the pool I wanted to have it at is closing this weekend?

...the other pool...well, it's too big and too much of a water park for me to comfortably take 8 5-6 year olds?

...I'm thinking of having a food fight at our park?

...what do you think?


...poor Owen??

...I'm feeling really overwhelmed?

..I do this EVERY August?

...Gerad keeps asking me, "Are you having a hard time, mama?  A hard time with your baby getting older and going off to Kindergarten?"

...I can't tell if it's helpful to me that he acknowledges it or if it's irritating that he keeps reminding me why I'm so overwhelmed? ADD is freaking killing me right now?

...I've been in a constant state of reminder as to why I sought out help in the first place?

...I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, I'm not effecient, my brain is a befuddled mess...?

...I was in tears yesterday, just thinking how unfair it is?

...I haven't used meds since Feb, I think? I'm out, and I need to go back in to get more, but I just DON'T have the TIME?

...  :smileysad:

...I'll remember this...I need meds in Feb. for the Upward pics, and in August for back to school?

...  :smileysad: step-dad lost his brother, quite unexpectedly, last Friday?

...his wife found him on the couch?  :smileysad:

...he was 49?

...autopsy reports won't be in for 5-7 weeks?

...funeral is tomorrow? sad?

...death is always hard to deal with but unexpected death, I think, is the worst?

...I can't imagine losing a sibling?

...they were very close?

...oh, and not only is it back to school, Owen's birthday, my mom is MOVING in 2 weeks? her house is all packed up and depressing looking?'s just so sad?

...there's a lot of emotions right now?

...I know he's my step-dad, and it IS different than if it were my dad's brother, but my step-dad has been in my family for 16 years, and after that many years, it all kind of just morphs into one?

... :smileysad:

...I've gotten 90% of the school shopping done?

...Mariah's got summer AP projects she's working on?

...and she's been doing some Admin work at his company?

...they just got behind in the office, so they hired her to file and do some basic office work?

...she's made pretty good money for not having a job this summer?

...but also, it's just one more thing to my overwhelmed plate?


...ok, sorry to sound like one big bundle of nerves?

...I need to call chuck e cheese and see if I can move the party there...I can't do a pool party when the kids are this young?

...probably 1/2 of them can't even swim?

...ok, wish me luck?

...happy Tuesday, ladies? 

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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 8:06am


...just thought I'd check in?

...Gerad brought the diesel home from work last night because he had to run stuff to a job, and it woke me up when he fired that baby up this am?

...have I mentioned, I'm sure our neighbors love us?'s just a regular truck, but it sounds like a Semi on our quiet little street?, I decided I'd get up, have some coffee, and go for a run?

...while it's still cool?

...getting up before the kids during the summer helps me keep my sanity?

...they don't go to bed until we do, or later, so it's my only time of alone time?

...I've found I need "cave time" in order to function without flipping out?  :smileyhappy: is my step-dad's, brother's funeral? sad? in-laws dropped by last night?

...they're on their way through to a trap shoot?

...they have a MASSIVE 5th wheel camper? a fireplace AND a washer and dryer? won't fit on my quiet, little narrow street, so it's parked at our church just a few blocks from here?

...I hope it's ok?

...makes me nervous?

...ok, they're up, so I'd best get going?

...happy hump day ladies?  :smileyhappy:

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DYK quote you guys, GOOD GRAVY, a fireplace??  Why the heck do you need a fireplace?

...I suppose when you go that high end, it's just included??

...Sorry to hear about the death, so tragic, I feel for you guys:smileysad:  I wonder why the autopsy is taking so long?  We got "initial" results back within a little over 12 hours?  The tox screens and all that stuff took weeks?

...I WISH I was a morning person?  I completely suck in the morning?  I couldn't run if you offered me a million dollars, NO energy?  And, it's not in my head?  I did the same walk in the morning that I do at night and it took me 20 minutes longer?  Now, if you wanted me to run at midnight..I'm your girl?

...too bad life doesn't "happen" late night?

...Good deal on the shoes?

...get your dang meds girl?!

...if you function better on them..take them, there is no shame!?

...I look at your meds as no different than the BP meds I have to take?  I don't like taking them, I don't like the way they make me feel but if I don't..I can't have "my" life?

...can't remember?  Set an alarm on your phone??  Set it up as an automatic refill at your pharmacy?  Put your reminder in your phone to make appointments to keep RX?  Yes, that's how I remember? 

...You know what??  Other than being a little extra tired, the other side effects are subsiding?  I'm crossing my fingers the 10 lbs from the birth control pill change also starts letting go?  Point is, if the pills help you...take them!? fight in the park?!?!  Sounds messy?  Totally not something I would enjoy setting up but I'm sure the kids would dig it?

...or they would probably dig some cake and tag in the yard too?  If it stresses you out..don't do it?  Kids are easy, we're the ones that have the issues:smileywink:  Wish I lived closer, I'd totally help?

...had a workshop Monday, that was boring?

...yesterday was first day back and yeahhhh?

...I've already tweaked the "chick" out at least 3 times, lol?

...2 were because I had to take the 17th and 24th off?  17th for girls weekend and 24th to take Dylan to school?  My work will be done, no one sweats me taking work off except her?

...the 3rd was because we get to work flex earlier hours when students aren't here, have for YEARS but you need to confirm it's ok?  She refused to ask the Principal because "he'll say no"?  I asked, hours flexed approved, email sent by me to let everyone know:smileywink: LOL!?!?

...I think it's SO stupid?  She thinks I'm stepping on her toes?  I just want what has always been allowed, you don't want to ask, I'm going to?  She wants to play that the Principal is "mean" and doesn't appreciate us card?  That's not the case, he's busy and knows were solid..want something reasonable ASK?!

...Got Claire's room painted?  Craig came over last night and put her bed together?  He was too "stressed" to put up all the wall stuff so he's coming back..head shake, eye roll on that?  This is after a nap?  He kept saying, "I would need a level"...."I have one"..."I need a small tape measure".."I have one"..."I need anchors".."I got those".  He wasn't playing?

...the thing is...he really is stressed?  He canNOT multi-task?  He canNOT function if he had a hard day at work?  I would hate to be him?

...I can't hang the stuff because our walls are plaster?  It involves a stud finder and the weight of the stuff..screws?  Mess up..plaster could be falling?

...and for all the things that I can do...screwing or nailing straight into a wall or board is not one of them:smileywink:

...also bought a lamp at IKEA that is going back? Good god, even the lamps have to be assembled?  This one came in about 30 pieces with brutal directions?  I am usually good at stuff like this, now looking at the photo close up..maybe I'll try again?

...I'll post photos when it's all done? reunion is in a few days?  NOT looking forward to it yet?

...Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised??

...time for me to be in charge of phones...better get hopping?

...Happy HuMp day?!

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...what color did ya paint her room? describing Craig about the not being able to multi task...sounds a lot like me?

...I get too much on my plate, my brain checks completely out?!?!'s horrible?

...maybe he has ADD?

...we've been TRYING to get Natalie's room redone before school?

...she's been DYING to after working so hard on Mariah's?

...she found this, and fell in love with it:

Room Essentials® Chevron Comforter - White

...I love the chevron stripes, so we nabbed it?

...unfortunately, we were having a hard time being inspired to finish the room around it...wall color?

...accessories? back to Target it went?

...last night we were back at Target getting running shorts for her upcoming cross country season, and she spied THIS across the aisle:

Xhilaration® Floral Quilt - Black

...she did not know I had already given up on the chevron stripe one, and returned it...she went NUTS over this?

...swears it looks just like Vera Bradley? I break the news to her that I wasn't feeling very inspired with the chevron stripe one so I took it back...she was shocked but thrilled when I grabbed this one?

...then we hit Home Depot on the way home...grabbed some lavender paint for the walls?

...the wall color is very similar to the sheet color? we won't do lavender sheets, we'll do orange?

...LOTS of color to work with and be inspired by?

...gosh, I love Target?? yeah...she's pushing for me to paint tonight, but I battled a headache all day so what I DID get done was a freakin' miracle, so I told her I'd get up and knock it out in the morning?

...POST pics, Christol??

...Oh, I finally booked Owen's party?

...dropped invites off to the preschool?

...OY...I always fear no one will show up?

...but he won't notice, or care?

... :smileyhappy:

...his best friend Reid will come so at least there will be one?

...I had texted one of Mariah's friends about having it at the pool she works at, and she JUMPED on it saying to give her the date so she could work the party?

...have I said how much I love her friends?

...well then I hit a panic, what if 8 5-6 year olds DO show am I going to be able to contain them...there are several pools within our city pool? I texted her...feel TERRIBLE, but I think pool parties will be good when he's a little older?

...but I love her for jumping right in? it??

...more friend drama with Nat's group?'s the second time this girl has done this to Nat...bff's for a EVERYTHING together, then bam...she moves on?

...first time Nat was very hurt?

...cried, even, and she's like her mama...pretty non-emotional?

...this time? 


...she's totally done?

...and I've seen a pattern with get about 2 screw ups with her and then she's not looking back?

...Mariah found wonderful friends in cross country...we are PRAYING the same for Nat?

...and we're considering switching churches for her?

...she's the only one at our church that does not have a place, and she's the one that needs it the most?

... :smileysad:

...big decisions?

...gonna get my meds, Christol...gonna get them?

...especially reading how Craig handles stuff...sounds JUST like me?

...and I hate it?

...ON the meds...I'm quick and effecient....just not having a head full of mental clutter is so liberating?

...I'm so overwhelmed right now that anytime a kid talks to me I about bite their heads off??

...I can't watch tv, compose an email, or talk on the phone without being interrupted and I'm about to lose my darn mind?

...watching the olympics is killing me...I love it, don't get me wrong, but the kids talk, it breaks my concentration and I have to bite my tongue to keep from ripping their heads off?

...oh yeah...time for some meds again?

...ok, off to change the laundry?

...and make a list for myself...what school supplies still need bought, what needs done for the bags need assembled, cake needs thought out...etc?

...but a LOAD is off about the party?

...Chuck E. Cheese can handle MOST of the rest of the details?

...happy Thursday, ladies??

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 2:43am


...brutal day at work which started early at 6:30?

...had to take Max to figure out the problem with his VERY expensive skates that keep giving him blisters?

...decided to meet Chantel and family at the track for buck night, something we do on occasion in the summer?

...wind was BRUTAL so we were in an area we wouldn't normally be?

...I saw him the same time as Sameth?

...Him would be JUSTEN?

...On a DATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

...with a chick and her dd??! stomach dropped?

...but I ended the relationship, I can own that. right?  RIGHT?!

...I could feel my face flush?

...Sameth and Chantel were trying to be "normal" about it?

...fine, it is what it is? right??

...track was CROWDED?

...I went a different route to check on the kids at the park area?

..BAM who is walking through the door that I need to walk through?

...JUSTEN and company, face to FACE? heart sunk, my shoes SUNK?

...he nodded in my direction and walked through?

...I held the door for chickie and dd?

...shorter than me and no offense but not as cute as I am?  Kind of dumpy if I want to be my catty self? hindsight it was weird because Justen is very much a gentleman and he wasn't acting that way towards her and yet clearly they were on a date?

...I know that because Alanna is still his "friend" on FB and I stalked and he and her just became "friends"?

...I'm fine really but WOW..really??  A nod?!?!?  I suppose he would have had to introduce had he said anything and he probably wasn't sure of my reaction but again, WOW?

...guess that's done?!?

...I mean, I knew it was but to "see" it, well.....?

...Max saw him from a distance too and asked me in the car if I had seen him and I said I had and he asked if I was ok?

...time to get out dating I guess?

..and feel pity for this woman who thinks she found herself the "dude" when he isn't?":smileysad:

...time to get to bed, morning is coming and yet I can't sleep?

...thanks for listening?

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 8:04am
A NOD!!!!! Really!!!! Seriously!!! He could have at least said Hi! Didn't really have to introduce you if he just acknowledged you with a little more than a nod!!! I'm sorry he was a jerk!! I hope he felt a little twist in his heart when he saw you & remembered what he should have kept!!!!
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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 8:31am


...Oh Christol...  :smileysad:

...technically, TECHNICALLY, it's ok, BUT, my heart dropped just reading it?

...and here's my catty side coming out? is he doing dating, if he has NO intentions of ever committing?

...I mean, seriously?

...I could seriously cry for you?

...all things happen for a reason, though, and maybe seeing him can be a good thing for you, in the long run...maybe it will...I dunno...give you closure on that relationship?

...gah...that is just infuriating!!?!

...and his response to you?


...NOT impressed?

...when's the last time you talked to him?

...of COURSE she's not as cute as're SMOKIN'?!?!?!

...he's a dumbass??