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The months are flying by, what's shakin in your neck of the woods?



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...Christol, ick on the work bs going on?

...good for you for standing up for yourself, though?

...Lauri, how was Cedar Point?

...sounds like a blast?

...and lucky you on the hook up?


...Carmen, blowing you best wishes on the new place? looks perfect?

...Natalie got some good news last night?

...earlier in the summer, they put the middle/high school schedules on the internet? our middle school, each grade is divided into halls?

...she has some DOOZIES in her class, and last year she was in the hall with said girls?

...when the blip happened with the schedules, she found out she was essentially in the same hall with all the girls I'd like for her to start distancing herself from?

...depression?  :smileysad: last night, she has a friend over and they come running, SCREAMING down the stairs?

...I am sure they found a mouse or a big spider in her room?


...they switched Natalie to a hall with 2 of her good friends?

...they've been friends forever, and they're good girls?

...consequently, separating her from the clan I wished for?, phew, I'm feeling pretty good?

...I pray for a better year?

...I had JUST told Natalie if she didn't distance herself from that group (they're already getting into some really bad boys who already smoke weed, dropping f-bombs to their mothers...etc...and who knows what else!), that **I** would distance her FOR her?

...she said, "But mom, I won't DO those things!!"

...and at this point, I know she won't, but I told her you are no better than the people you hang out with?

...if you hang out with sluts, you'll be treated like a slut, and THAT is what concerns me, even if you're not!?!

...I told her I'd yank her out of that school and dump her in a local Christian school, and don't think I won't?

...when I say these girls she hangs with (at school) are bad news, honey, they are BAD news?!?!'s unlike ANYTHING I've ever seen before?

...Mariah didn't experience any first hand experience with someone smoking weed until last year?

...NONE of Mariah's friends have boyfriends, so they aren't having sex either, that I'm aware of?

...and by 16, she's pretty set in her ways?

...12 is much more impressionable?

...and it scares the crap out of me? we're making her to XC?

...yes, you read that right...making her?

...we MADE Mariah do it too when she was in 7th...we explained to her that middle school is the time to experience all the sports and activities? might actually find one you're good at, and that you enjoy, but you'll never know if you don't TRY? a bargaining tool, I also put her in gymnastics...her current passion?

...I say current because with Nat, it changes about every 6 months?

...good gravy, I worry about that one?

...but the little blip of good news last night has really encouraged me? know, depsite the drama, she LOVES school?

...she's crazy social?

...and she seems well liked?

...she just hangs with a group of back stabbers, and I think it's jealousy?

...oh, she has a boyfriend too?


...Mariah's a little miffed?

...Nat's on #2 and she still hasn't had one?!?!

...such is my life?

...I hope you're all doing well?

...Christol, I hope your day goes well today so you don't risk becoming homicidal?

...I would be right there with you, though?

...ok, I'm off to sort through my schedule? Sept. and Oct. schedules are filling up FAST?!?

...I have 2 more to add...I'm going to have to close September off soon?

...I haven't had to turn people away since the 2nd year I did this?

...pretty crazy?

...I'm also going to take the next 3 shoots, and reinvest back into my buisness and get studio lighting?

...then I'm going to go around to daycares and preschools and offer to do pictures for their programs, donating 25% of my proceeds BACK to the program?

...that should boost my income?

...that's what I do for Upward bball, and I make good money at it, and the program director says photos is her biggest fundraiser?

...anyway, thoughts rolling around my head this Friday morning?

...Owen's party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight?

...looks like he'll have a pretty good showing of kids afterall?