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The months are flying by, what's shakin in your neck of the woods?



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...2 more days of working summer school?

...LearningWorks final celebration on Friday night?  They have a pot luck before and each family is assigned stuff?  Claire got Vegetarian Main Dish and Max got Main Dish?!  Yeah, that sucks:smileywink: sucks because there is really nowhere to keep it warm, no place for crockpots so you have to plan something that is going to taste decent room temperature?

...ALL the food is room temperature, so I'm kind of grossed out by that?

...Saturday is Miracles of Mitch?

...good news, we don't have to drive 30 minutes with bikes this year?  They added a race at our neighborhood lake?!? 

...Monday is the first day of "real" work?  Back to 40 hour weeks:smileysad:

...I have to say that I don't mind working 24 hours per week, lol:smileywink:  I forgot how much I like these kind of hours?

...too bad I can't afford that any longer?

...I am STARVING?!?

...didn't eat much dinner last night and my belly is telling me all about it this morning?

...I wish someone would deliver bacon and eggs, lol?

...knocking on some wood here, but we think the lice are GONE?!  No more nits!?!?

...Claire said she wished they were like chicken pox and you could only get them once and I have to agree?  My goodness they are GROSS?!?

...trying to decide who to invite to Max's confirmation? 

...I think they are supposed to be BIG deal things but it feels weird to invite people that I'd invite to say his graduation party like my Aunts and Uncles?  Especially because I'm pretty sure they can't all attend the service due to the large class of confirmands?

...I think I'll just do mine and Craig's immediate family?  BUT Craig's family NEVER shows up!?!

...also debating on if I should invite my brother?  He came to Dylan's grad party????

...I have decided that since the service is a week after his birthday that I am going to purchase the coveted Bauer Nexus hockey stick?  I REFUSE to pay for his sticks, I will contribute an amount that I would pay for a normal stick but the only one I've purchased was last year when both broke at practice and he was in tears and Craig helped with that?  The thought of it makes me feel a little sick?  $250 flippin dollars is insanity?!?  But, I know it's the "stick" and he will be over the moon about getting it?

...Because I am so adament about not buying them, I think he'll grasp how proud I am of him for completing this part of his life?

...he has an opportunity to be a youth minister next year?  I recieved an email a couple of weeks ago and he has a meeting with the coordinator on the 22nd?  I don't think it's going to fit into his schedule once hockey starts but we'll see what the commitment level is?

...I also found out that they have sailing at his high school and I want him to sign up?  He refuses?

...he was planning on doing cross country but he didn't train enough this summer and truthfully I didn't encourage because of how bad his allergies are in September?  His asthma is on the edge from August through October and it freaks me out that he could be running and hit the wall?  It's not like another sport where there is help everywhere? any rate, we're supposed to go tonight to meet the coaches of the fall sports?  But he thinks he wants to take the fall off and get settled with 9th grade and that is technically the best idea?  He is going to think about it today and decide?

...all righty, I better get to work?

...Come out and play ladies??  I miss you:smileyhappy:

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Christol, I think the immediate family would be fine?

have you decided about your brother yet?

I like my summer hours as well, lol, but I can't afford them, either?  :smileyhappy:

School starts tomorrow?

Cole won free pool passes so I took the boys yesterday?

I used spf 70 and fried?!

My legs were BURNING last night and nothing was working?

They are still bad today, but my left shoulder, which was getting the most sun exposure, is blistering?

I had a DUH! moment in the car blood pressure meds have a warning to avoid sun exposure?

I guess it really means avoid? :/

We have two more passes and the plan was to go back today, but I passed?

Pool open thru the weekend, so maybe they can still use them?

Cole attended his final summer speech session this morning?

We stopped in the dreaded WalMart and got the last few supplies for school.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?

I ran in the jewelry store to have my rings cleaned and now they look brand new?

Ran in Maurices and bought me a new top for my first day of school?

Had lunch then picked up Noah's meds instructions for the nurse from the dr.  I think it is the wrong form, so another trip will probably be in order?

Back home to sort out Cole's supplies?

Can you tell I've been in denial about returning to work so early?  :smileywink:

Well, I better stop procrastinating?

Happy HUMP day?


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GOSH DARN IT! I somehow navigated from my page after I typed a huge DYK but didn't post yet. UGH! It's gone now! Waahh!

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I hate when that happens Carmen. But, please try again:smileywink:
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...Kelley, I hope your sunburn is better today?!  OUCH!

...and that work isn't too bad?

...looks like rain today but it was making all kinds of noise and sky was lighting up last night and nada?

...I slept SO good last night?  I don't know why but I slept hard and actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning?

...Claire and I had to run to a place like the Goodwill because I didn't fully "listen" to what she said?  She told me last week that she needed a black skirt for a speech?  I apparently stopped listening because she has one?  She needed one to her ankles, that was kind of flared because she needed to look like Clara Barton..yeah, missed that detail!?!?

...she reminded me that she needed said skirt at dinner last night, thanks for that:smileywink:?

...but we actually found several which was shocking and she was happy with her choice and also got a button down black shirt too?  Bonus...$9!?!  I'm thinking why she had so many options is that we were looking in adult women and a skirt that comes just below my knee is to her ankles:smileywink:  The one she got also had an elastic waist?

...Max opted out of a fall sport?  I guess I'm ok with that because I want his academic career to get off to a good start?  He's nervous about HS and the unknown?  He'll be fine but I know Max and he's nervous already?

...I bought him a t-shirt with his HS name on it yesterday at a sale?  They didn't have any hoodies in his size though?

...trying to decide what to have for dinner?

...nothing much to do today, but I better make myself look busy:smileywink:

...Happy Thursday?!?

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Christol, it is so nice to get a good night’s sleep?

Hope the lice is all done and a thing of the past?

Kelley, hope the sunburn is doing better. Have a great day at work?

Carmen, hate when I lose a post! But, please come back and chat?

Just got back home from a substitute orientation?

They are switching to a new online/automated call system?

So happy about this new system. No more early morning calls and I can block out the specific days I don’t want to sub. Love it?

Speaking of subbing, Carmen, have you ever thought of signing up to sub at the kids' school?

John and I had a fantastic time on our couples long weekend?

I think our husband/wife relationship really needed it. We laughed non-stop?

The girls were in camp for cheering and volleyball and had a really good time?

My sister had them over for the weekend and they loved it?

It was nice to go away and have the girls somewhere that they were perfectly happy?

John and I went to Mississippi to a resort/casino and to New Orleans for a day/night?

Neither of us had ever been to NOLA?

We both agreed it was tons of fun, but we never needed to go back? :smileyvery-happy:

We found a hotel in the French Quarter that was perfect and got a room last minute while we were walking around the streets?

I flew back to VB on Sunday. The girls and I stayed on Monday and headed home Tuesday morning?

We did all of the laundry yesterday and then headed out for some school supply shopping?

The girls have their Open Houses next week (Lily on Wednesday and Shelly on Thursday)?

School begins on August 13th?

So hard to believe the summer is almost over for them?

It has been a fun long break, but it just flew?

Heading outside to the pool this afternoon. It is super warm here and the sun is shining brightly?

Have a happy Thursday?

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...I can't believe it's August!?!

...I'm trying to ward off the normal case of the blues that normally arrives this time of year? far, so good?

...I'm trying to plan Owen's birthday party?

...I don't know what it is, but I'm having a hard time shelling out the $$ for a big party?

...maybe I'm burned out after two girls?

...or maybe it's because it's the end of summer, and he's in between preschool and kindergarten and I don't really know who to ask?

...last school year's friends seem pretty far removed by now?

...but he's never had a "kid" party, and I really feel like he should?


...I've also got to figure out what to get him?

...lovely timing for a birthday?

...but thankfully our school district moved our first day of school to the 23rd, so he actually gets a birthday this year?

...we usually start between the 13th and 15th?

...I forgot about the pools?

...maybe I'll just have a pool party for him? bday is in July and my bday parties were almost always pool parties?


...Kelley, how's the burns?

...I can't believe it's already time for all you school workers to start up again?

...speaking of...I need to go enroll my kids today?

...gonna check and see if I can still do it online?

...they've all got their physicals...I didn't procrastinate on that part!!?

...Owen has decided he wants BRIGHT blue Nikes, like his dad?

...problem is, they're nowhere to be found?  :/ everyone enjoying the olympics??

...I LOVE them?

...the swimming is my favorite, so we're eating that up?

...we plop down in front of the tv every night, together?'s been nice?

...Nat's even passed on a few social opportunities, because she doesn't want to miss it?  :smileyhappy:

...speaking of Nat...I need to go wake her up?

...11 is late enough?

...gahhh, I am getting old?

...I hated when my parents woke me in the summer, for no other reason than "sleeping my life away"? I AM that parent?  lol

...Nat's having a pretty solid growth spurt?

...I'm thinking she won't be a late bloomer like Mariah?

...ok, need to get my to-do list moving today and get crackin'?

...happy Thursday??


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..Karol, I am LOVING your summer?

...what fun you guys have had this year?

...glad you and John had some "you" time?  I loved New Orleans but maybe my Dad being my personal tour guide since that's where he grew up and seeing cousins pushed it over the top for me?  We were there for 5 days to celebrate my 30th birthday which we did late...over Halloween?  Tons of people watching fun?  We did a tour, rode the street car for a "Dad" tour, Max playing the drums at brunch with a jazz band, memories:smileyhappy:

...I will say that my stomach was ready for some bland food when I got home though:smileywink: are you going to do more subbing this year Karol??

...we have a newly created position here with the schools which is basically the Principal's right hand man but it's also a lot of PR and planning?  My name is written ALL over that job have to have a 4 year degree and mine won't be finished anytime soon:smileysad: least I'm on that path and now I have a second job to work towards?  Although it doesn't pay as well as HR?  Truth be told, it doesn't pay much more than what I'm making now?  I just would like it WAY more?

...speaking of school, I have to sign up for classes?  School starts the 27th but I'm not loving any of the class choices:smileysad:  Gotta get it done?  I'm taking 2 classes this spring I decided and I've given myself permission to get C's if need be?  SO, not my style BUT so my reality?  If I want to get done, I've got to pick up the pace and I don't have time to study much?  I just have to breathe through if I actually do get a C:smileywink:

...Dylan found out that he passed several AP tests so he has 12 college credits in the bag, one of them being Statistics?  He was very excited to learn that he's saving money?

...ok, back to work?

..the sun came out, it's blazing HOT now?

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 12:37pm

Missi, I think a pool party sounds perfect.  As for the "friend" party and feeling guilty...nah, I'd wait until he asks for it:smileywink: 

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 1:20pm
No plans to sub any more than I have in the past?

It was a mandatory sub orientation to go over the new automated system?

I think it will work better for me and I may have an opportunity to select classes and days that work for me?

So, I may end up subbing more...not because I necessarily am dying to sub, but because it will work into my schedule more easily?

No more early morning calls!!!? :smileyhappy: