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The months are flying by, what's shakin in your neck of the woods?



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...Christol, ick on the work bs going on?

...good for you for standing up for yourself, though?

...Lauri, how was Cedar Point?

...sounds like a blast?

...and lucky you on the hook up?


...Carmen, blowing you best wishes on the new place? looks perfect?

...Natalie got some good news last night?

...earlier in the summer, they put the middle/high school schedules on the internet? our middle school, each grade is divided into halls?

...she has some DOOZIES in her class, and last year she was in the hall with said girls?

...when the blip happened with the schedules, she found out she was essentially in the same hall with all the girls I'd like for her to start distancing herself from?

...depression?  :smileysad: last night, she has a friend over and they come running, SCREAMING down the stairs?

...I am sure they found a mouse or a big spider in her room?


...they switched Natalie to a hall with 2 of her good friends?

...they've been friends forever, and they're good girls?

...consequently, separating her from the clan I wished for?, phew, I'm feeling pretty good?

...I pray for a better year?

...I had JUST told Natalie if she didn't distance herself from that group (they're already getting into some really bad boys who already smoke weed, dropping f-bombs to their mothers...etc...and who knows what else!), that **I** would distance her FOR her?

...she said, "But mom, I won't DO those things!!"

...and at this point, I know she won't, but I told her you are no better than the people you hang out with?

...if you hang out with sluts, you'll be treated like a slut, and THAT is what concerns me, even if you're not!?!

...I told her I'd yank her out of that school and dump her in a local Christian school, and don't think I won't?

...when I say these girls she hangs with (at school) are bad news, honey, they are BAD news?!?!'s unlike ANYTHING I've ever seen before?

...Mariah didn't experience any first hand experience with someone smoking weed until last year?

...NONE of Mariah's friends have boyfriends, so they aren't having sex either, that I'm aware of?

...and by 16, she's pretty set in her ways?

...12 is much more impressionable?

...and it scares the crap out of me? we're making her to XC?

...yes, you read that right...making her?

...we MADE Mariah do it too when she was in 7th...we explained to her that middle school is the time to experience all the sports and activities? might actually find one you're good at, and that you enjoy, but you'll never know if you don't TRY? a bargaining tool, I also put her in gymnastics...her current passion?

...I say current because with Nat, it changes about every 6 months?

...good gravy, I worry about that one?

...but the little blip of good news last night has really encouraged me? know, depsite the drama, she LOVES school?

...she's crazy social?

...and she seems well liked?

...she just hangs with a group of back stabbers, and I think it's jealousy?

...oh, she has a boyfriend too?


...Mariah's a little miffed?

...Nat's on #2 and she still hasn't had one?!?!

...such is my life?

...I hope you're all doing well?

...Christol, I hope your day goes well today so you don't risk becoming homicidal?

...I would be right there with you, though?

...ok, I'm off to sort through my schedule? Sept. and Oct. schedules are filling up FAST?!?

...I have 2 more to add...I'm going to have to close September off soon?

...I haven't had to turn people away since the 2nd year I did this?

...pretty crazy?

...I'm also going to take the next 3 shoots, and reinvest back into my buisness and get studio lighting?

...then I'm going to go around to daycares and preschools and offer to do pictures for their programs, donating 25% of my proceeds BACK to the program?

...that should boost my income?

...that's what I do for Upward bball, and I make good money at it, and the program director says photos is her biggest fundraiser?

...anyway, thoughts rolling around my head this Friday morning?

...Owen's party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight?

...looks like he'll have a pretty good showing of kids afterall?



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...Lauri, what an awesome hook up with Cedar Point?  How was it??  Lots of fun coasters??

...I saw someone in MI won the powerball, I hope it was YOU!?!?

...Missi, how did Owen's birthday go??

...I'm sure he had tons of fun?

...I can't believe it's been 6 years?  My goodness kids make time fly?

...Marie, aren't you moving Kaylee this week??

...I am heading the Kristen's cabin at 6 tonight and I canNOT wait? has really sucked?

...I'm getting put in charge of new stuff and old stuff like scheduling is being taken away?  The counselors who SHOULD have been doing it all these years (but taking credit for it) are quite resentful and hateful in the same breath?  How many times do I need to say, "I like scheduling, I wasn't happy about it either" for them to get that I'm not the one who made the decision? was my final straw when the head lazy dude decided to come out and chew me a new one about something I had nothing to do with other than typing it?

...I marched into the Principals office where he was meeting with the two APs and said, "It COUNSELOR gets in my face one more time, we are going to have blood shed because I'm DONE being his kicking dog.  I will NOT tolerate him yelling at me and accusing me of making his job miserable when they aren't my decisions, so would someone please tell him to leave me the F alone"!

...yeah, that got their attention:smileywink:  lol?

...did I mention I am PMSing and was on my feet all day yesterday sanding, painting, cleaning a new writing center that is grant based from a community partner?  We asked for volunteers and got few from here but the rest came from the partner?  Lazy dude got in my face twice yesterday (he didn't help with the project) while I was knee deep in paint and couldn't defend myself without the school looking like crap in front of the volunteers?  Yeah, he's lazy and he has been floating by doing not much of anything for YEARS?!  I think part of the reason for giving it all back to counseling is to either prove he does nothing OR make him work, like he should be? any rate, they are all talking to him and the staff later today?

...that should be pleasant?  But at this point, I'd rather be ignored than yelled at?

...ahhhh, pass me a Modelo please:smileywink:

...oh that's right, gotta wait a few more hours?

...hope all of you have a lovely weekend?

...catch ya next week?

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...Lauri, that is awesome about Cedar point?

...Did you guys have fun?

...thanks for all the urging to get the meds, guys?

... :smileywink:

...there are many reasons why I don't?

...I don't *always* need them? order to stay on them, I have to be seen by my physician every 4 months?

...I avoid my Dr. because of the blood sugar thing?

...I know it needs monitored, but he's a little crazy about it?

...even my PA friend said he was a little over zealous with trying to get me started on diabetes meds?

...she says my sugars aren't *that* bad? maybe what I need is a new doctor?

...I don't have time to go to the doctor every 4 months?

...I also feel that, when I'm on them for longer periods of time, they're not as effective?

...when I go "back" on them, the difference is remarkable?, there's my convoluted thinking about the whole shenanigans?


...just waiting for my birthday boy to wake up?

...gotta take Natalie to the orthodontist?

...I'm dying to leave our current office, but I have to get his estimate too?

...since we did phase 1 with him, it *should* be cheaper, but I need to know how much cheaper, since I really don't want to work with him any more?

...then we'll take Owen swimming?

...can't believe my baby is 6?

...  :smileysad:

...ok, he's up, gotta go snuggle my brand new six year old?  :smileyhappy:

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...2 mama bears...probably a good thing he doesn't know about all the cyber-aunties freaking out too?!?!

...OMG, he could have had a head injury and NEVER woken up?!?!

...good grief, they just don't get it, do they?

...reminds me of the time Mariah walked out in a pond, on the ice?

...we do NOT get cold enough here, to EVER walk on was only our second day of cold temps?

...I KNOW there were angels holding her up, because there is no way she should have made it without breaking through the ice?

...and it sounds like some angels were holding Dylan too?


...still shaking my head?

...he's one tough cookie?

...but what about criminal charges on the guy who hit and ran?!?!

...that's infuriating?

...he probably saw a huge lawsuit flash before his life, and he bolted?

...NOT cool?

...oh goodness?

...well, I'm off to wallyworld to get Owen's bike for his birthday?

...yeah...scares me anyway, and now because of this story?

...ok, well, I'd best scoot...just HAD to respond to Dylan's story?


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...teenage boys...not sure what to do with them?

...Dylan was hit by a car on Sunday night around 11?  Well, technically "HE" hit the car on his bike?

...he was going pretty fast down the road and he saw the car out of the corner of his eye and thought, "that car isn't stopping at the stop sign".  He said he had no time to react and smashed into the car?  He went flying to the side and hit the asphalt, of course he didn't have a helmet on?  Phone smashed, bike tire trashed and car sped off?

...his friend was enough behind him that he didn't get the plate and obviously Dylan didn't either?

...his friend's phone broke the day before so they couldn't call for help?

...He managed to get the bike tire pull out enough to get to his friends?  Banged up, a bit bruised and bloody?

...what did he do?  WENT TO BED?!?!?

..."well I didn't want to wake anyone in the house to use their phone" (no house phone)  and "I didn't want to call and worry you and Mom because there was nothing you could do and I was fine" and "I didn't want to leave William's house, we had stuff to do on Monday" !??

...Ummmmm, WHAT!?!?  I tore him a NEW one!?  Told him he could have hit his head and didn't realize?  He insisted he didn't, that he didn't have a scrape and William was right there before he rolled over? 

...the funny thing was, Tina had already tore him a new one and she said, "Call Christol now", lol:smileywink:  Poor kid, two Mama Bears NOT happy?

...but the good news is...he's here to hear the yelling?

...the bad was Max's bike?  It will be going to repair shop today?

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 9:06am
And, Karol...LOVED your blog post with the first day collage. SUPER cute!!
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...Karol, sending you a few hugs today as the girls head out the door?

...anyone else starting school?

...we've got two more weeks?

...I have to get Max on the city bus to learn his route?  It's only one bus but he's nervous since he has never done it?

...I have to chuckle at that?  When I was his age, my goodness, I could figure out how to get from one end of the city to the other? 

...the reunion was fun?  I was nervous?  I emailed a girl that is kind of a pack leader and asked what she was wearing?  She said, "not a cocktail dress", that knocked out 3 of my dress choices?  I saw Julie's choice and that confirmed it?  But, I was comfy in the one I chose and I knew I would be since I wore it to Alanna's last year? any rate, we get out of the car and the first two people we see...shorts and a t-shirt and jeans and a t-shirt?  Ummmmm? there was everything from that to cocktail...not many cocktail though? highlight of the night?!  One of the planning guys got on the microphone and said, "Christol and Julie are finally IN THE HOUSE at their first reunion"?!  Yeahhhhhhhh?

...or was it this jerk guy who hugged Julie and to me said, "I'm sorry..don't you belong to class of 86" and walked away.  I bought him a beer later and said, "If you decide to come to the 86 reunion, you'd receive a nicer this" and I handed him the beer and walked away.  ARSEwipe.

...other than that...caught up with people I haven't seen in 25 years?  Two guys who we went to Jr high with, hung out EVERYday, they went to the other HS were there?  Julie and he had a little something something summer of second year in college when we ran into him again, nothing serious?

...later in the evening (Julie went to the bathroom), the other one said, "Hey Christol, Andrew was just saying that back in the day...he picked the wrong girl":smileywink: 

...Andrew is single but I think he might have his issues?  He was out in CA for 12 years, had a big graphic design business and lost everything with the recession?  Said the bottom fell out and he hung in too long trying to salvage and caused him to lose everything else?  He said it was very humbling but he decided that it was time for a life change?  Live calmer?  Moved back here, been here for 3 years...ready for this..3 blocks from my Mom which is a mile from me?  Works construction because he said that he had gotten to the point that he hated his life and a large part was because of his job?

...anyway, I don't think he'll call and I'm not interested enough to do the calling because he's ALWAYS been "just a friend" so that might be weird?

...anyway, it was a nice compliment:smileywink:

...Julie wasn't as big of a stiff as I thought but she was a stiff?  I gave her the eyebrow raise a few times which is me saying to her "mind your business"?  I did that when she'd make a comment like, "another beer"?

...people were a bit surprised by her "proper" behavior?  You can even kind of see in the photo of us..she was uncomfortable?  Weird, just weird?  She was NOT that girl back in the day and although you don't have to remain the same it's shocking to be SO different?

...When we got home she said, "you really haven't changed" and I said, "Julie, I've always been comfortable being me.  You don't change when you're being honest with yourself".  She just nodded? 

...I better get scooting?  Happy Monday!?

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Helen, I think the problem of your posts running together is "Quick Reply" instead of Reply.  Not always but sometimes when you QUICK reply, the smush, like mine just did for Carmen.

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Oh my goodness Carmen, that is big news! I remember how my Mom felt when Chantel and Cody moved out, so I'm sending you a few hugs. BUT it is a good thing!! I think the "GET IT" button will be switched in about two seconds and Regina will have the appreciation for you that you deserve.
You could do what my Grandpa did when I moved out of his house at 20 months...he taught me how to dial his phone number:smileywink: It was a SUPER easy number but my Mom said that it took her about 3 times of my Grandpa showing up "just cause he missed me" to figure out that I was calling him:smileyhappy:
Sorry about the jobs too, that sucks. Alanna has also been looking since February and she hasn't even had an interview. They do have on-line courses for computer stuff, check your local community or technical college, I'm sure you'd qualify for a grant, I get some help and I've heard it helps to have kids in college so you might get even more:smileywink:
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$8 a week?!?!  Wow, that's awesome!?!?  I think this is going to be good for all of you.  :smileyhappy:  Regina is about to get a first hand lesson on how much you've actually been doing to help her over the past few years.  :smileywink:  Joey and Rhiannon will get to stretch out a little and get some peace...this is good.  You're gonna miss that baby, but this is good for all of you.  I'm excited for this new step.  :smileyhappy: