Week of...D E C E M B E R 7th DYKs---

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Week of...D E C E M B E R 7th DYKs---
Sun, 12-06-2009 - 7:10pm

Happy December, ladies!!

What is on your agenda this week?

Have you been keeping a list and checking it twice???



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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 8:48pm


...Carmen, I LOVE the new pics of Layla on your blog?

...Marie, how ya feeling?

...Helen, figure anything out yet?


...Karol, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas card...I signed it just for you, lol?

...Missi, sorry about the train table.


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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 9:31pm


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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 11:34pm

Did you know...

...Kelley, I'm right there with you on being behind on Christmas?

...I need to shake this bah hum bug mood?

...I have Claire's Santa and gift from me, a PS3 game for Max, 4 of the 10 niece and nephew gifts bought and my Mom?

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 7:25am

Christol, you can use a fine point Sharpie marker on the slick photo cards?

I ordered a few and it worked great?

Congrats to Max on the win?

I don't envy you having to buy for all of those people at Christmas. I would be worn out and broke!?

Your week sounds super duper busy and full! Good luck with it all?

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 7:42am


quick post from me since it's Monday, lol!

I have a dentist appt this morning, just a check up but I have a crown that is constantly catching food so I'm sure that needs to be replaced, not looking forward to hearing how much that will cost!

My mom and sister are coming over here to shop today so I'm meeting them for lunch and then probably for dinner with the boys. Should be fun!

Need to get my cards sent out, hopefully that will happen this week. I had plans to do it this weekend but we ended up getting our tree and going furniture shopping, picked out a new living room chair. Can't wait to get it, special order on the fabric so it will be 6-8 weeks and you know how I'm an instant satisfaction girl right???

well off to get Gabe some breakfast, Happy Monday!!!

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 8:57am


...love to catch up on DYK's?

...I think Ebeneezer (sp?)...er...I mean Gerad has pulled out of his Christmas grump?

...unfortunately, it's harder for me to shake?

...I'm finally seeing how Christmas is the most depressing time of year for adults?


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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 9:35am


...go get that Libarian Missi?

...WTH is it to her HOW many books she checks out?

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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 2:13pm


I have been mia lately so I wanted to stop by and say hi!?

And get some feedback.....I need some ideas for Christmas?

I finally told Brianna that Santa wasn't real....she "knew" anyway but I confirmed, and just told her not to tell Taeya, to let her have a few more years?

Taeya has always been the one that I figured would believe forever, rofl?

Anyway.......I got caught a few times by both girls looking up ipod touches (trying to find the best deal and that didn't always allow me to look when they weren't home) so I imagine that both girls figure they are getting them (they are, lol) and that they will figure it is from us.....I don't think Taeya will buy that it is from Santa?

I also donated money to the WWF (for polar bears for Brianna and giraffes for Taeya) which was their other big gift.....they are supposed to get a gift in return (stuffed animal and a book) that was supposed to be from santa, but it won't be here in time?

I bought some clothes online from aeropostale that could have been from santa, but they brought the stinking box RIGHT after the girls got home from school so they know I bought it, lol?

See the trend?

I had a few odds and ends I picked up here and there under the bed and Brianna informed me that Taeya saw them and she advised me to make sure I dind't make those gifts from Santa b/c she told Brianna she would know he isn't real if I say it is from him?

I REALLY want Taeya to have some more santa time...but I have NO idea what to do know to make it special for her?

I used to always hide their gifts at friends houses but they all moved so I haven't been able to hide it so much?

Brian wants to buy them bikes for Christmas, they both need them......but a) I have no where to hide them and b) they already have gotten WAY too much for Christmas so I hate to do that?

What can I do though?

Aside from that, life has been crazy busy.....work has been insane and for some reason, this time of year always has an increase in horrible and sad things going on so it is even harder to be in the Christmas spirit?

HOWEVER, the evil MIL is G-O-N-E.....crazy lady?

She wasn't AS bad as she usually is and I felt like hse was actually TRYING....but she is just so negative and miserable that she can't sustain any change for long and her true colors would show through?

Like when she told Brianna to shove a loaf of bread up her a$$?

And then yelled at her for storming off up to her room for being "disrespectful".....Gawd, she makes me nuts?

In other news....I had/am having a pregnancy scare, lol?

I have all the symptoms of pregnancy (sore breasts, weight gain, n/v, etc) and my last "period" wasn't really a period....it was more a half a day of spotting?

I have merena, but I still get periods......my merena is also past it's prime but I can't get in to get a pap let alone get my IUD replaced.....so I have even went past the european recommendations, lol?

Since Brian was gone that month, that limits things.....so I figured, I was either several weeks along or very early if I am at all?

I did some investigative work by way of ultrasound at work (shh, that is on the dl lol), the first day, a coworker saw what COULD have been a sack sitting right above my IUD......with no visable heart beat (which would have been there starting about 7 weeks or so....so if it is anything, it is very early)?

But, we still aren't sure what it is......I had someone else look the next day, she is a little better with the u/s......she didn't see anything...but we couldn't see my IUD either (not sure why) so still not sure what to think?

So, since there was no visable heart beat, that would mean if I were pregnant, it would be the earlier of the two options....meaning, I am SO early that it is even too early for a postiive hpt at this point?

With both girls, I had symptoms of pregnancy WAY early....in fact, I remember taking HPT's every single morning b/c I "knew" I was, had all the symptoms, but I kept getting negatives (it was before a missed period) for DAYS and I finally had a blood pregnancy test come back positive......with Brianna, I had symptoms for a LONG time before I took a test, I was unsure of how far along I was and when I went to the OB, I was STILL only 5 weeks,whcih was shocking and ment that I had symptoms from the very begining?

I have already made up my mind to NOT take a hpt since I do know that if I am, it is so early....I don't really want to know this early, lol....mostly b/c what I don't know won't hurt me and even if I am, chances of it sticking are slim since I do have the iud, it would be harder to KNOW I am and then have it not happen then to have never known anyway?

I only did the u/s since I was afraid I was further along...and if that was the case, I would need to have the IUD removed?

Aside from that.....my life is boring, rofl?

I am having teacher issues with Brianna's teacher and it is making me uncomfortable?

I am not a huge fan of her's anyway....she does things I don't like....but she is tolerable?

Brianna came home last week crying, saying that the teacher was cussing at them?

She said she made them all go outside and go snowshoeing even though a lot of the kids didn't ahve their snow gear on (didn't know they were doing it that day)........she said htey were all complaining about being cold, that they missed their lunch so they were all hungry, that the teacher pushed some of the kids down in the snow and made them even colder so the teacher got mad and told them they will not have any more extra activities b/c all they do is b!tch and complain about everything?

I guess she yelled this at them...twice......B was upset and saying she didn't want to go back to school?

I guess a few other parents kept their kids home and one other parent had her kid moved to the other class?

So every day B would say she didn't want to go to school.....I think it was made worse then it would have been by her knowing that other parents were keeping their kids home?

I decided to let things blow over, I figured it was a mistake....but B said she swore at them again yesterday?

I emailed a teacher friend who works there who didn't excuse the teachers behavior but thinks I should continue to let things blow over for now....she said a big wig from the disctrict and the P were both in closed door meetings with her all day yesterday and she thinks the situation was made worse by a specific parent (the one who pulled her kid to the other class.....who is a piece of work herself and I have heard her do/say far worse to her kids)?

B admitted this morning that the pushing down was probably mroe playing around on the teachers part but it still seems fairly inappropriate to me?

She is a new to us teacher this year......she is from MN I think.....but she is older/close to retirement and she is just very rough?

Oh well, I better hit the road and get cleaning?





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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 7:58pm

Did you knowWwWwwWwWWWwwww......

...that we made Christol's Monkey bread tonight?

...that it was a huge hit...dispite my "concern" over the evaporated milk part?

....that it truely was delicious?

....Nolan and I ate 1?

....Ben ate 4?

....and DH ate all the rest?

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Thu, 12-10-2009 - 9:59am


It's a snow day! I haven't been out (and don't plan to) to see how bad it really is.

Rhiannon just broke one of my glass ornaments. I don't know why she's always messing with things...she's 9!!!

My friend is bringing over her kids (Rhiannon and Joey's closest friends) in a little while since she has a doctor's appointment. If I was her, I would have rescheduled my appointment. lol

I haven't bought ONE THING for Christmas yet. Last UE payment and child support payment I received all went toward rent and utilities. We barely even have any food around here.

Luckily, I only need to buy for my kids, my mom and grandma. I am planning to make that book wreath that Missi made for my brother and SIL. I am making my nephew a name sign like I made Layla. I don't know if I ever shared it here. I'll have to check to see if I have any pics of it on my computer. I need a glue gun to make that wreath. My mom bought me one. When I went to use it, I realized she got the wrong size glue sticks. Now it's too snowy to go out. Sheesh.

My dad is sending money like he always does. I am praying it gets here soon. I am worried the bank will put a 5 day hold on it.

I just keep trying to be positive but I'm starting to panic.

And then I'm not even sure what I should get the kids. I know that my big gift to Rhiannon and Joey will be Nintendo DS's. We were going through all of their crap in their room.

I started feeling IDIOTIC. Almost everything in there, I bought or Santa brought. Half the stuff they don't even play with. Toys that were NEW last year have lost pieces, etc. I just can't even believe that money wasted on all that stuff.

We already have two totes full of stuff to give away. There is another with preschool toys to save for Layla, like the FP farm.

We haven't even TAKEN our Christmas card photo. I was going to buy the kids something Christmasey to wear and I can't even do that. I guess we'll just have to pull something together. I was thinking of doing the photo today. I guess we will after the other kids leave.

Layla has her Christmas outfit to wear though. It's a cream colored velour one piece with a red bow. It looks like a present. It's so cute.

I am just feeling a little negative lately and I needed to complain. So anyway...

I have one more complaint, then I am done. My friggin washer is still broken!!! Do you realize how stressful that is to me????!!! Especially since my kids barely have any clothes!!!!

Ok, I'm done. lol

Karol, I can't believe you guys put up 6 trees! We had a hard enough time getting our 2 up. lol I loved looking at all your photos on your blog. Everything is so pretty.

Christol, woo on Max's team win! And WTG Claire with the dance! Makes me smile!

Even though I am feeling negative right now, I still love Christmas. It's the whole money thing that gets me. It sucks! Missi, I hope you are feeling better about things now.

I don't want to fake it. I really want to be happy.

I know what you mean about being unprepared. I am kicking myself. Why didn't I start buying a little here and there back in October??!! :(

Your description of Natalie at the Halloween party makes me feel so sad. Remember all of that stuff I went through with Joey when he was in Head Start? When I seriously started to believe he had some kind of mental problems? Turns out it must have been the environment of Head Start. I pulled him out the next year and he did FINE. Anyway, I know how you feel.

I hope you can get the answers and help you guys need. (((Hugs)))

Christol, I am hoping that come January, Claire will get the help she needs.

Christy, hmmmmmmmmmmmm a pregnancy scare???? Keep us posted!

Brianna's teacher sounds wacky. WTH?

Carrie, I'm glad that you opened up about Ben. I know it must be so hard. I hope you never feel like you can't share something here again. We are all here to support each other no matter what. The good and bad. (((Hugs)))

Well, I had better start doing SOMETHING around this house. lol

I hope everyone has a great day.