50 Things About You-Stolen Idea

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50 Things About You-Stolen Idea
Mon, 12-06-2004 - 8:17pm



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Ok, I'll try to tackle this!

1. My name is Jamie

2. I live in Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada, where it is almost always windy, right now it is over 90 km/h

3. I have blue eyes, and brown hair

4. My DH is Tony, and he is a member of the RCMP

5. I am a figure skating coach, very part time, in the winter

6. I am a SAHM otherwise

7. My three kids are Benjamin (4), Amelia (22 months) and Rachael my supposed-to-be Oct baby, born Nov 8

8. I have a cat names Pebbles

9. My DH and I met when I was 20 and he was 29, my car broke down on the highway and he stopped in his police cruiser to help me out

10. I knew he was the one I was supposed to spend my life with the instant I met him


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 12:39am

Adri is asleep, for now...I am going to try and do this but I might have to abandon post before I get to 50!!

1) My name is Kalla

2) I live in Chilliwack BC, it's a farming community that smells like cow poop 90% of the time but I love it here.

3) I have my fall color hair right now, dark auburn with red highlights ( summer copper with blond ) I have brown eyes when not wearing colored contacts,lol.

4) My birthday is Dec 31st and will be turning 33.

5) DH and I have been married 9 years now, we met during rescue level scuba diving course in the Summer of 94, engaged that Christmas and married the following July.

6) I am a chef but gave up that industry 6 years ago, I am now a hospital pharmacy tech but am not planning on returning to work anytime soon.

7) My DH has his own business, contract crushing so I have learned how to run a loader, d9 cat and other heavy equipment.

8) I love tattoos and have 3, going for # 4 real soon.

9) Adrianna is my only child after TTC for 8 years, would LOVE to have another but it is not likely.

10) I had a fast and easy labour with Adri, I was induced at 930 am, had my first real contraction at 2pm and had her at 319, no meds cause there was no time!!

11) I have 2 Rottweilers, Punk and Blue, 3 cats, Baby, Cow and Chicken. We sold our horses when I got pg, Ringo and Major, I miss them.

12) I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.

13) I am Mama's baby to this day ( I am the youngest ) I lost my Dad when I was 13.

14) I am a huge hockey fan and am going through withdrawels with the dam strike going on, good thing Adri keeps me busy.

15) My luggage ended up on Air Force 1 along with Bill Clinton ( TRUE STORY!!, mix up at the MGM in Las Vegas!! )

16) I love to play baseball

17) I love to 10 pin bowl, my bowling ball is a Tigger face.

18) I HATE to fly but do with help from Ativan

19) I broke my hip when I was 19 in a car accident, my right femur is put together with a rod and 4 very large screws.

20) before I got prego I was a party animal

21) I love classic cars and have a 67 Nova , I 1/4 mile race

22) My house is decorated for Christmas on the outside and not inside, yet

23) I love to paint my bathrooms, sick I know, I change the colors and themes every January.

24) I have the flu right now, hack hack!

25) I love music of all kinds, just recently started liking country, but fave is hard/alternative rock.


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 2:56am

Great Idea!

  1. My full name is Serena Christine Calkins

  2. I live in Eagle River, Alaska

  3. I am almost 5"11 in height

  4. I am blonde and blue eyed

  5. I graduated with a GED

  6. I wear contacts

  7. I am married to Terry, we were married 5/5/03

  8. I have 1 son named Adrian, born 11/8/04

  9. I have a dog named Jerry Lee Lewis, the smartest dog in the world

  10. I have one brother and one sister. I keep in contact with my sister, but my brother is hard to get ahold of.

  11. I go to Hawaii every year for the sunlight that we lack in Alaska during the winter

  12. I like beer and bonfire

  13. I dress casually, but cute

  14. I love this board

  15. I like picture taking

  16. I was a model

  17. I was born in Arizona

  18. I am a pisces, and very emotinal and sensitive

  19. My mom is the only family member living in Alaska with me

  20. I used to be an insurance agent assistant

  21. I dont hold jobs very well (who would if most of them were cashiering?)

  22. I dont like being told what to do

  23. I have potty mouth

  24. My favorite color is red

  25. I love alternative rock, techno, rock, metal, and oldies music (and others too)

  26. I used to be a raver

  27. I have been robbed at gun point 2 times in my life

  28. I use essential oils for overall health and well being

  29. my favorite TV show is friends

  30. I dont have any friends (besides all of you!! :) )

  31. I am moving into my first house March 2005

  32. My Opa (german for grandpa) recently died, I hardly knew him

  33. I have long toes

  34. I have short fingers

  35. my best feature is my behind (so my DH says)

  36. I love to Karaoke

  37. I cant stand bligerant drunks

  38. I plan on going to college

  39. I have a huge CD collection

  40. I own a 2001 pontiac grand prix GTP superchaged (but dont drive it)

  41. I like to fake n bake

  42. I love to camp

  43. I hate the cold

  44. I am weak (not physically)

  45. I hate chocolate, pie, and cake ( I only like pumpkin pie and cheesecake)

  46. I wish I was a pirate

  47. I dont collect anything

  48. I used to collect tags off of liquor bottles (somtimes they would have a tag around the bottle neck)

  49. I dont do much

  50. I am done with this....


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 10:50am

Here we go...

1. My name is Amber Denise Z.

2. I am 23 years old, and have brown hair and eyes.

3. I started going with my DF when I was 17 and he was 18.

4. I got pregnant in the first month we were together back in 98. He dumped me for another girl.....I finished high school and I became a single parent.

5. I raised my son by myself for 2 1/2 years without child support. And in March of 2002 we made contact again after him never seeing jorden...he lived in Fargo and came every weekend to see us.

6. He came crawling and begging back (who wouldn't he he ;) ) and I took him back. We have been together since. We are engaged....

7. We have been engaged since the fall of 2003.

8. He bought me the ring, and i ruined the surprise. I wanted to go shopping cause we had a bunch of extra money...and he told me not to spend much. And being my nosey self, I had to know why I COULDNT SPEND MONEY, LOL. Needless to say I figured it out.

9. He still made it a surprise...he handed me a gold tipped glass rose and the ring was hidden in the middle of it. I didn't see it at first and couldn't figure out what that clanking sound was, lol.

10. We decided to have another baby on Oct 18th 2003. I quit taking the shot and got on the pill to start my cycle back up. I found out I was preg in Feb.

11. Oct 12th I had Jayden....it was very different to have him there.

12. We have been struggling with the mixed feelings from our past since Jayden has been born. It triggered a bunch of resentment feelings that I have for him for not being there for Jorden the way he has been for Jayden.

13. He does show some favoritism. We may end up going to counseling....

14 I have no plans to get married....we have a rocky relationship at times, and sometimes he is a big turd. LOL I got my ring....that is all I want. Sounds bad, but it is true. We are married enough already....

15. He wears a ring too....why should I be the only one to wear a ring? He is taken too...

16. I have 2 brothers, one passed away when he was 4 months old due to SIDS, the other is 22.

17. I have 2 sisters. 33 and 36. One lives in Sioux Falls and I don't have much contact. The other is nowhere to be found....she moved in with my parents in 2000 and in october of 2000 she got pissed at my parents and moved....we haven't heard from her since. She doesn't even know our mother died....

18. I have 3 nephews and 2 neices. My 2 nieces I have only met 2x in my life. They are not 16 and 17. My sister let her ex MIL adopt them and she won't let our side of the family see them.

19. My brother has no kids yet....thank goodness.

20. I have never been out of the US.

21. I have been to Arizona, North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado. I have lived a sheltered life...

22. I will probably never move out of SD. Maybe after my dad passes, but I need to stay here for him now that my mom is gone.

23. My first son was born Aug. 2nd 1999. He was 5lbs 11oz. 19 inches long...born at 10:19 am

24. It was very traumatic for me and I never wanted to have another baby...needless to say I got over it.

25. Jorden had a knot in his cord that kept making his heart rate drop and he didn't grow much toward the end of my pregnancy.

26. I was induced with Pitocin. I had 5 hours of hell labor w/o drugs. Delivered with an episiotomy and vaccuum. No pain meds for the delivery either.

27. Jayden had a knot in his cord as well. It didn't cause him any problems though.

28. I am a 1 in 100,000 mommies....i guess it is very rare to have more than 1 baby with a knot in their cord.

29. Both of my babies had hair.

30. I am probably done having babies...at least with Russell. I am calling today to find out about a vasectomy for him. But u never know, we could break up and I could have a child with another man....hate to say it, but it could happen.

31. I don't have any contact with my mom's family....they all live far away or I have never really had contact with them before.

32. My mom passed away on August 15, 2004. That has been the hardest thing I have had to go through yet....and has been the cause for most of my PPD since having Jayden. I wish she would have lived just 2 more months to meet him. My parents were married for 27 years. My mom was only 52. She died of heart failure and passed in her sleep. She could have gotten on the transplant list for a new heart....i wish every day that she would have.

33. I have moved 6 times.

34. I have worked at the same job for over 5 years. Since Jorden was 3 months old.

35. I work for the state...taking care of mentally retarded people.

36. I work full time.

37. I would love to be a SAHM.

38. I LOVE e-bay!!!

39. I love to bake, and am ok at cooking regular meals.

40. I am going to start a new hobby - sewing. I am going to make car seat buntings and covers and little kid bath robes with animal heads. I am going to sell them on e-bay.

41. I 'get along' with DF's family. They are a wierd bunch. None of them have the same morals that I do...very strange.

42. I DON'T allow porn in my house. Or DF to watch it. If he wants that crap then he don't need me.

43. I broke up with him over this in Sept. He has decided to get his head out of his butt. As far as I know.

44. I consider going to a strip club cheating...will not tolerate it.

45. I am addicted to diet pepsi and cigarettes. I hate to exercise......

46. I am going to try to quit smoking soon. I can get free patches through the state. I have too much family history of heart disease, cancer, etc. to keep smoking.

47. I have smoked since I was 14. Most of that time 2 packs a day.

48. I don't drink - only on rare occasion. I was an alcoholic when I was a teenager. Alcoholism runs in my family. My parents were alcoholics...

49. I am 5'2" 115 lbs. I have been anorexic...got down to 75 lbs. Don't wanna be there again. Have to fight with this all the time....I have very low self esteem and body image. I got made fun of every day in school. Until I was a Junior and finally stood up for myself. I am an A cup...would LOVE implants if I could afford them....I would go up to a C. Some of my 'mean' nicknames in the past were tater tits (because they were small like Potato Oles), mosquito bites, and there was 1 boy in school that found it necessary to call me ugly every day.

50. Wow, after looking back at all of this, I should be in counseling!! lol Good thing I have a very good sense of humor and obviously my life has made me a strong person. I am almost always upbeat and happy. I think I am a very good friend. I give very good advice and I should take more myself, lol. I absolutely would not change my life for anything. It has made me what I am today. And if things wouldn't have happened the way they did, I wouldn't have my 2 beautiful boys. I am overall happy with my life....although....winning the lottery wouldn't be the WORST thing in the world, lmao!!!


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 11:05am

How fun! Lets see if I can do this...

  1. 1. My name is Marla

  2. 2. I am 33 years old

  3. 3. My birthday is May 9th

  4. I just got smart and hit the numbers button so I don't have to type every friggin number. LOL

  5. DH's name is Thomas and we've been married for 5 years

  6. Our anniversary is March 27th or is that the 26th? Holy crap, I can't remember! How pathetic is that!?? (Note: My neice's birthday is Feb. 26th or 27th and I keep getting them mixed up!) Too lazy to go check. LOL

  7. Been in a major car accident twice in my life and both times walked away pretty much without a scratch. First time was a month before our wedding. I totalled the Blazer and got pretty bad whiplash. The second time, DH rolled our Pathfinder on the highway. Thank God for the ditch full of snow! DH had a few cuts but neither of us was seriously hurt. Thank You! Guardian Angel!!!

  8. I still drive like a speed demon, but not on snow or ice. Then I drive like an old lady!

  9. I drive a Mazda Protege, while DH drives the Tahoe we bought this summer - and he STILL hasn't sold our Pathfinder (not the one we totalled in the second accident)

  10. Ok, enough about driving and cars. I was on a roll. LOL

  11. I have a beautiful baby girl named Emmerson Soleil

  12. She was born on October 6th, 2 1/2 weeks early!

  13. I was so shocked as I was convinced she was going to be late and be born on my mom's birthday!

  14. I think I had one of the fastest labors for a first time mom! About 4-5 hrs total. Emmerson arrived 45 minutes after I got to the hospital!

  15. She looks more like DH's family, but I think she may be getting some of my red hair. It's still hard to tell

  16. Her eyes are really blue and I think they will stay that way, just like DH's eyes.

  17. My eyes are greenish brown. I think that's called hazel.

  18. My hair is more auburn, but in pictures it sometimes looks orange!

  19. I wear glasses. I wish I had contacts, but I'm too chicken to stick things in my eye.

  20. I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. I have a moderate to severe hearing loss.

  21. I hate being in noisy group social settings.

  22. I'm not a snob, antisocial or ignoring you. I just can't hear you!

  23. I don't wear my hearing aids when I want peace and quiet - or

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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 11:07am

  1. My name is Dana

  2. My husband is Jeremy

  3. We got married Justice of the Peace on Feb 1st, 2002
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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 1:47pm

ok lets try...

1. my name is catherine

2. dh is joe

3. we met nov 97.

4. I was a senior in high school


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 1:53pm

okay here goes:

1. My full name is Jessica Nicole Blair.

2. My maiden name is Jessica Parker.

3. My bday is August 23, 1982.

4. I started dating DH the summer before

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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 3:39pm
1. My name is Angel Renee
2. dh's name is Bradley Joseph
3. married on june 8, 2001
4. I have 3 redheaded kids
5. #1 born oct 25, 1996 - boy named Benton James
6. #2 born aug 9, 2001 - girl named Chloe Anne
7. #3 born oct 7, 2004 - girl named Annika Rayne
8. dad had custody of me and my brother
9. mom was alcoholic
10. I was MAJOR daddy's girl!!
11. dad died April 23, 1997 of lung cancer - i had just turned 21
12. mom died April 2000 - possible drug overdose??
13. I'm 28years old but could pass for an 18yo
14. my bday is March 24, 1976
15. was born in Orangeburg SouthCarolina
16. have lived in south carolina, north carolina, georgia, wyoming and missouri
17. my dad worked at the nuclear plants which is why we moved alot.
18. I went to 3 schools in the 4th grade
19. never went to college
20. graduated highschool in 1994
21. was enlisted in the navy my whole senior year of highschool
22. my brother had a pretty wild going away party for me when I was going to navy...my cat went crazy at the party with so many people there I took him to a back room. When I picked him up he totally tore up my hand and arm...and he's declawed. He like attacked me or something. Couldn't leave for navy till my hand healed up.
23. decided not to go to navy...went crying to my recruiter and told him I couldn't do it
24. my dh proposed on my 21st bday
25. didn't get married till after my 25th bday...
26. my 2nd dd was born 2mths after we married
27. all 3 kids are his though...we were only married when the last one was conceived
28. I am a fast food junkie!!! could eat it everyday
29. used to be able to drink a whole bottle of seagrams 7 mixing it with mountain dew
30. now I think I would DIE if I did that
31. lost 25 lbs doing atkins last year
32. almost became somewhat bulimic by throwing up food if it had carbs in it.
33. right now I am unpaid leave
34. I work at our state Insurance department
35. I am the admissions assistant for incoming ins co's
36. i do NOT like my job
37. will only be going back parttime for a while
38. want to find a different job to work parttime permanently
39. my new baby has a heart defect
40. we are going to be filing bankruptcy
41. there was a time when I had 5 payday loans
42. thats one of my most things Im ashamed of
43. if you have ever had one you know what I mean...if you haven't then no matter what DO NOT EVER GET ONE!!!!!
44. I am not good with money
45. my kids are very spoiled
46. we live in a townhouse but are hoping to buy a house when the bankruptcy is over
47. I wish Santa WAS REAL & we didn't have to lie to our kids about it
48. sometimes me and dh don't get along well...he has horrible temper
49. I truly think if I had the money to live without him I would give it a try to let him see what he really has so he could miss it and change (hopefully)
50. can't believe i finished this....... :O)
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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 4:15pm

1. my name is casey
2. my birthday is on june 28th
3. i was born and still live in upstate new york
4. my husband is conor
5. we were married on june 13th (friday the 13th) 2003
6. the ceremony was small, just immediate family, and was performed by his grandfather who is a judge
7. neither of us are religious so we didnt want to get married in a church
8. we have one daughter, cailey (10/15), who was unplanned but a pleasant surprise
9. we moved in together after dating for 4 months, we have been together for over 4 years now
10. we went to high school together - i knew who he was but he didnt know me (i was younger). he then started working for my stepfather after high school. still didnt meet him. finally met him in a restaurant he was working at when i went in with my BOYFRIEND at the time... he ended up paying for our dinner (yes, mine and the current boyfriend- but i think it was more because of the fact that he found out i was his boss' daughter lol)
11. he called me 2 weeks later and we started hanging out. at first he just considered me a "piece of @ss" but fell in love with me after all
12. if you cant already tell, i am madly in love with him and talk about him too much :x
13. i like taking pictures
14. i used to complain to my friends about them playing stupid multiplayer online games and then i started... and didnt stop that one game for over a year
15. i can be very manipulative
16. i was an only child until i was 12. i now have 2 sisters and 2 stepbrothers.
17. my father is my closest relative.
18. my mom and i had a crappy relationship until about 2 years ago when things finally started to improve (AKA- i grew up)
19. i have 2 huge dogs but secretly only like one of them
20. i have 2 cats and again only really like one of them
21. this is why i think i should stop at 1 child :) hehe
22. ever since i became pregnant with cailey ive been a shopaholic
23. i used to smoke cigarettes and other things but quit the second i found out i was pregnant
24. i am an insecure person although i have been getting better lately
25. im very sensitive
26. i graduated high school and got a scholarship to the school i wanted to go to, only to leave there a year later because i HATED it
27. i took a year off between freshman and soph. years of college because i didnt feel ready to go back.
28. everyone said id never go back to school but i did, have a 4.0 gpa, and just got accepted to an extremely competitive criminal justice program where only 35 students a year are accepted (just found that out and im proud!)
29. i used to steal stuff for the hell of it when i was a teenager
30. im afraid of being alone
31. i cant remember a time when i was single for more than a couple weeks (if that)
32. ive had so many jobs that i forget about some of them
33. it took me a long time to grow up!
34. i now work at a dr's office but dont know if ill go back after maternity leave because financially it might not make a difference at all
35. i check my email way too much, and theres never anything good there!
36. i want to have a library someday
37. i read constantly, was reading a book a day toward the end of my pregnancy
38. i had a really easy first pregnancy with no morning sickness, could sleep well the whole time, never had anything to complain about besides heartburn
39. the delivery wasnt so easy - 3rd degree tearing
40. i have a serious issue with abandonment and always think that people are going to leave me (i dont tell people that though)
41. im a compulsive away message checker on aol!
42. i have a lot of OCD personality traits, they come straight from my grandfather who is very neurotic
43. all these flaws im writing about i usually keep under control and people dont know about them (well you all do now!)
44. i cant stand my mother in law, shes been a b**** to me since day one
45. i just used most of these numbers as a confessional! haha
46. i was a lurker mostly on the expecting club
47. my favorite color is blue
48. i love law and order and wish i could be on it someday!
49. none of my friends are married or have kids...
50. so im sure glad i found these message boards!

wow that took too long!