Real Tree or Artificial???

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Real Tree or Artificial???
Mon, 12-06-2004 - 7:08pm

Real Tree or Artificial???

  • real tree bought from tree lot
  • real tree we cut down ourselves
  • artificial tree
  • no trees for us :o)
  • other

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Mon, 12-06-2004 - 7:10pm
Personally I like to go "tree hunting" and find the perfect tree each year. But my family has an artificial tree this year. It's just not the same to me :(

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Mon, 12-06-2004 - 7:11pm

haven't decided yet!

my brother's b-day is dec. 15 and we never
got a tree before his b-day so that he
could celebrate his day w/o too much
christmas in the way. i have kindof kept
that in mind. i did get out the fisher-price
little people nativity set for DS though!

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Mon, 12-06-2004 - 7:37pm


I feel the same way you do. Dh finally broke me down and we got an artificial tree this year. I miss having a real tree. It just doesn't feel the same. OR smell the same! lol

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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 12:32am
We have a fake tree, but a real wreath which I hung inside in my foyer so we still have the real tree smell. Hmmm!

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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 12:36am
We have a fake tree but, inscents to burn to make the house smell like we have a real one. It less to clean up when the holiday is over. april
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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 3:00am
I agree with Erika. I miss tree hunting, but I figured it was too hard to maintain since the holidays are hectic anyway. It was a bitch to clean up all the pine needles. Not to mention my mom always had to but that stencil icicle crap on the trees and make me and my sister clean it up out of the lights and ornaments and off the floor. I have a fakie!


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 10:30am

We have an artificial tree, and while it looks really nice, I miss the smell and look of a real tree. My Dad works for the fire department, and poo-poos real trees because of the potential fire hazard:(. I'll just stick with the fake tree, and spare myself the speach from him;).


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 11:01am
Real ones die in a blink around these parts although I LOVE them! We just succumbed to a fake one given to use. Its a monster of a thing 7.5ft tall. Tiff


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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 2:19pm

we got a real tree this year.

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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 3:27pm
We have to have a fake tree, I'm deathly allergic to pine and cedar. When I was a child I ended up in the hospital 3 years in a row at Christmas till they realized what was causing me to stop breathing!