Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance!

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Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance!
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 3:31pm

Whether your going back to work or have responsibilities that mean you need to be away from your baby for a few hours, a powerful and efficient breast pump can make all the difference to help you continue breastfeeding. But double electric pumps like the popular Medela Pump in Style that can make a big difference in helping moms stick with breastfeeding come with a daunting price tag of around $300.

That's one reason why a new regulation, which went into effect August 1, has been put in place requiring insurance companies to offer cover breast pumps and lactation consultants for mothers without co-pays or deductibles. Translation: you can now get a free fancy breast pump! Breastfeeding supplies and support are two of the new preventive care services now available to women thanks to the Affordable Care Act. However, even though the policy seems simplistic it's actually a tough one to navigate. Here's what you need to know about getting a breast pump covered by your insurance.

This is fantastic!  Has anyone called their insurance company yet to see what is/isn't covered?  Tell us your experience!

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