First Birthday Parties!!

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First Birthday Parties!!
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 1:21pm

Are you planning a first birthday party for baby?  If so, please share your plans with us!  Will you have a specific theme?  Will you be hosting a large gathering? What about food and decorations?

7 Ideas for a Fun, Budget-Friendly First Birthday Party-

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Thu, 02-14-2013 - 1:49pm

well, i have about 10 months before the big birthday with my not sure how were going to do that. but ive done 2 in the past...with my oldest, we had 2-one at her grandma(mil) house and one for the relatives around here a week later. with both, we had a barbeque-hot dogs, chips, hamburgers and of course cake and ice cream. she had her own personal cake both times-and both times, got messy. with my 2nd child-we went to chuck e. cheeses. it was a small get together-i didnt reserve the area or anything. she had her own birthday cake and made an awful mess!! LOL we went to a park with my lil nephew...and my sister just had both her girls first birthdays at home. being that my baby is born in december-i cant have it outside. im thinking of reserving a play area at the mall. i did that last year for my younger dd's 8th birthday-it was reasonable(it was around $100 for an hour in the play area and 2 hours in the conference room for presents, food, etc) and everyone had a good time...
ps weve never had a theme for any of the parties. the girls have always decided what they want on their cake but beyond that, we never had a theme. with my oldest firsts-she had an elmo cake at my mil's, then a simple white cake with purple flowers for the one up here. (her personal cake was chocolate both times). with my youngest, she had a clown doing a cartwheel on her cake. (she had a peanut butter cup cake for her personal one)